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Buy Or Die: 1972 Jensen Interceptor

Since we featured an Italian touring car yesterday, we thought it was only fitting to have a British one today. This 1972 Jensen Interceptor also offers V8 power tucked into a body designed in Italy. It can also provide high speed travel for four people, but with less mechanical drama. This one can be found in Fort Worth, Texas and is listed for sale here on eBay for $6,500 or best offer.

According to the seller, the original owner drove the car for many years until their death when it was stuck under a carport in Arizona. The desert sun baked the interior and paint, but the dry air kept the corrosion at bay. There is a little surface rust here and there which the owners son attempted to stop with some rattle-can primer.

The power-plant in this car should seem less intimating than that of the Maser because it is an American V8. A Chrysler sourced 440 to be exact. The seller claims that they had it running well about six years back before they put it back into storage. They had gone through the brakes, exhaust, and fuel system. They had big plans to redo the upholstery and paint, but never got that far.

These cars were high quality cruisers and that glass hatch in the back even made them functional haulers. This one does look solid compared to other Interceptor projects we have featured in the past. Bringing her back to life will not be cheap, but we think she deserves a better fate than getting parted out. That’s right, the seller claims that if it doesn’t sell, they will pull the drive train out and scrap the rest. Nothing like a threat to get us bidding!


  1. Thomas Spencer

    Wheeler Dealers did a restoration on one of these in season 2, all of the body parts are still being manufactured, and the bespoke company that does it even has all of the original build records, so one could find out exactly how their car was equipped when built.

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  2. paul

    The car looks to be intact with all chrome bits looking OK, so why not but the price is a little steep, for all the work that has to go into it.

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  3. Dolphin Member

    I had a British friend years ago who lusted after one of these because over there they were known as the “Gentleman’s express”, I guess because men of ‘means and influence’ often drove them, and I think I remember him saying that the ladies fancied them too. I don’t know whether that’s all accurate, but back when most ordinary people had a small Ford or a Mini these were right up there with Jaguar for size and prestige, but even more distinctive with the big American V8 and that fishbowl rear window.

    I think with the OHV V8 and other easily serviced US components and the distinctive design, I would sooner give up the exotic Italian DOHC engine and expensive service bills for the Maser Q-porte that was just featured, and go with this Gentleman’s express instead.

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  4. Rancho Bella

    I can go down to the parts store (NAPA) and buy just about everything for the drive train. I can’t imagine how much these weigh. But, with a big lump of cast iron in front and a big lump of glass in back might be close to 50/50 :)

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  5. Richmond Nunn

    I always lusted after the mark 3’s. Even considered trading in my E-type for one. Wider track and no wheels to tune every year or so. Looked like an easier car to keep! But, I stuck with the Jaguar. The roadster version of the Mk3 was the REAL cat’s meow in that day! At least I thought so!

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  6. stigshift

    Recommissioning aside, you’ll spend another $6500 plus just to have the interior redone properly. Plus another big wallop on good paint, etc. I suspect it would be fairly easy to get upside down in this car. But WAY too nice for parts car duty. I’ve always wanted one of these, especially an FF.

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    • paul

      I suppose your right you could probably buy one in decent shape for between 12/15000 which is about what you would spend on the restore even if you got it for 2 grand.

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  7. Robert J

    I enjoyed Jedremy Clarkson’s comment about the Chrysler big block in these; That they are incredibly good at taking large amounts of fuel and converting it into noise.

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  8. swm

    Marked as sold at $ 5,800

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  9. Okiedude

    Should be priced like yesterdays Maserati, you’ll spend a small fortune restoring this car.

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  10. FRED


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  11. Nige

    Same color combination as my car was originally. Oatmeal with Dark Brown interior. They only made 12 cars in that color combination.

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  12. John

    Definitively Buy. This is what is currently looks like. Yes, I’ll probably be underwater, but a one owner, all original Interceptor just doesn’t deserve to be parted out….

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