California Barn Find? 1932 Ford Sedan

The 1932 Ford is one of the most desired cars in the hot rod community. While this car is not a five-window coupe or a two-door roadster, it’s still original ’32 Henry Ford steel. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $4,000 and is located in Buffalo, New York. The ad states it is a California barn find. Hopefully, the seller has some photos of the car or documentation to prove its provenance.

The ’32 Ford is easily recognizable from its distinctive grille shell. I’m not sure if those headlights are original, they look a little big to me. Leave a comment if you can tell whether they are factory 1932 or not.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information in the ad. You can see some rust in the close photos, but it doesn’t look too far gone. Obviously, the floorboards are shot, but there’s enough left of the seat frame and supports to work with.

Overall, this looks like a pretty original car. What would you do with it if it was yours? Even though this is a four-door, they can still make really cool hot rods. Would you turn it into a rat rod, hot rod or restore it?

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  1. bobhess Member

    If I’d had one of these instead of my 5 window while I was in high school I could have picked up a bunch more girls….. Would make a great cruiser.

  2. geomechs Member

    This one looks like a B. Obviously the engine and transmission are missing. Original wheels as well. A 4-door is something that you don’t find a lot of anymore. I wouldn’t turn this one down if it headed my way. I’d run 16 inch wheels and a flathead V8 but it would otherwise be stock, right down to the mechanical brakes. A lot of fun getting this on the road, and driving the finished product…

  3. bobhess Member

    Floor boards aren’t rusted, they are gone. They are removable so you can get to the drive shaft tube and bell housing bolts. look at the little tabs in the section by the seat front and you can see where the bolts go. Since I was drag racing mine I put 1/8th diamond plate steel in there. Only thing I’d do different from geomechs is a 4 inch dropped axle and put the late ’40s brakes on it.

  4. Gaspumpchas

    Clyde Barrow would love this 32!!!


  5. Beatnik Bedouin

    I’m pretty sure that the headlights are correct for a Deuce, Montana.

    I’m with bobhess on this one. Dropped axle and juice brakes, along with a nice 3/8×3/8 Flathead under the hood and maybe a Columbia out back?

    • Dave

      How about Cadillac power, LaSalle gears, and a Halibrand quick change out back?

      • Gaspumpchas

        dave- I like it–not much more traditional (I REFUSE TO USE THE WORN OUT TERM OLD SCHOOL)….That would be sweet. Good luck to the new owner!!!



    • Pjohannsen

      The headlamps may be commercial(truck) units. That was a popular swap.

  6. bobhess Member

    If any of us found a Columbia these days we could could sell it and buy another ’32 like this one already restored. Haven’t see one for eons, but would like to. Halibrand good alternative.

  7. Poris1

    Hot Rod/Restomod for sure. I love to look at restored vehicles and equipment but I like to drive what I own and modern engine and drive train makes more sense. Besides I always wanted a deuce hot rod.

  8. Rex Rice

    Nice car. Those aren’t the original wheels and the lovely ’32 bumpers are missing. May as well hotrod it.

  9. Dale Watson

    I would love to find one like this , I would flat head it rebuild Mec. Brakes, and just cruise .

  10. Wrong Way Member

    Resto mod, for sure! Surprisingly good condition for the body! Keep everything as close to original as possible put a nice shiny coat of black paint on it gut the inside and bring it up to date!

  11. ctmphrs Member

    Why would anybody spend any more time on mechanical brakes than it takes to throw them in the scrap can.

  12. Alexander

    With that huge sideview mirror, this must have been some hauler, maybe running a teardrop travel trailer behind it in Cali-forn-I A.. But if it was a Model B, the 4 banger wouldn’t get you to your next adventure very quickly. Headlights look right, we’re so conditioned to see decades-old sealed beam units that it is easy to forget how big they were. The headlight bar without a V8 in the middle tells us this is a B.

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