California Hot Rod? 1932 Ford 5-Window

This cool old hot rod is looking for a new owner and would make a great project for someone. It is said to be a real Henry Ford 1932 5-window coupe. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $13,600. Located in Upland, California, the ad states that this car was purchased from the second owner who owned it since 1955. These cars are getting harder and harder to find every day and the prices keep climbing. How high do you think this one will go?

The floor pans are obviously gone but this will allow for an easy channel job. There is no photo of the engine or transmission and based on the information in the ad, it appears there isn’t one. But, this is still a great start to an awesome hot rod project. It will take a skilled fabricator to strengthen the body and insure its integrity, but it should be a lot of fun.

The gas tank is still located under the trunk in between the frame rails, but that is easily remedied. The roof has a screen-cover, which would probably look much better if removed. If this was your project how would you build it? Chop the top? Channel the body? Fenders? Big engine with a blower? Let us know your dreams.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    No telling how high it will go but you just don’t find these very often in this condition. Looks like a ’33 or ’34 pickup dash. Comments on that? Had one of these and a 33 truck but don’t remember details on the truck dashes. Nice start to a project.

  2. Skorzeny

    Chopping the top was one of the worst fads ever. Hopefully that won’t happen here…

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    • jon

      Chopping tops is not a fad. It will happen as long as the hotrod hobby continues.

  3. ctmphrs

    Channeling is the worst fad ever. Fortunately it wasn’t that common in cali.

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  4. Joe Haska

    Just the fact that you would call chopped tops and channeling a fad ,tells me very simpley, you have no idea what you are talking about ! I am sure you are probably not 50 years old ,so you get a pass, but keep your opinions to yourself , unless you know first hand what your talking about. Those were not fads ,they were a build style for a specific type of Hot Rod.

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    • Dusty Stalz

      I’m 42 and have been around street rods all my life. I was brought home from the hospital in my dads 31 Plymouth coupe lol. That being said I’ve seen a LOT of different cars and I wouldn’t cut this one up either. Everyone is entitled to their opinion here. If you don’t like it, don’t try to belittle anyone, just move on and have a nice day.

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      • Dave

        Please don’t try to justify an ignorant comment.

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    • ctmphrs

      I am way older than 50, and I have been around real hot rods all my life. Channeling was a disgusting [to me] fad mostly in the east until the rat rod craze.

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      • Dave

        So am I. Channeling is THE FIRST thing you do.

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  5. moosie moosie

    I’d find some fenders & running boards, do up the interior a bit, a Mexican / Indian blanket for the seats would be fine. A built Flat motor with a bit of snot, a 4 speed, primer dark grey the body restore Henrys roof panel & drive it and enjoy it for miles and (my own) smiles.

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  6. bobhess bobhess Member

    I’m with moosie. As for chopping the top, the ’33/’34 in the background had about 2″ too much cut out for my taste so I agree with everyone who said anything about chopping the top. (that’s as wishy washy as I can get without BS’ing everybody about this stuff)

  7. Jeff

    Chopping and channeling a fad lmao. The pro’s doing it are/were, artists!!!! Back in the day when we bought these for 50.00 we were trying to mimic the pros and simply trying to “find ourselves “ a fad is bellbottoms !!!!! Lol lol cool car, best of luck to the new owner and imo hope he doesn’t cut it up.

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  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Car found and flipped for more money…..sadly what’s happening…….

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  9. TimM

    It’s hard to say what to do with a survivor car like this!! Honestly I couldn’t do a chop to one in this good condition!! If it were a rusty crusty stripped car I would definitely chop the top two of three inches!! I wouldn’t channel it though cause I like the hi-boy look so much better!!

  10. Big_backyard

    With regards to channeling and chopping a top, it was not a fad but initially done out of necessity by dry lakes racers in the late 1940’s to improve the aerodynamics on their race cars. They would channel their car so that it sat lower and created less wind resistance, and chop the top for the same reason.

    Because most dry lakes racers back then would race on the weekend and then drive the same car during the week, the same look was picked up by would be racers and the next generation of hot rodders.

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  11. Joe Haska

    Big _backyard, Thanks for saying polietly ,what I was trying to say , not so polietly. I am 76 years old and when people make statements about things they never saw or experienced ( traditional hot rods) I get a little upset.

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