Campmobile: 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia

All Packed Up

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This summer we have a family reunion to attend. The problem is, they are camping and we don’t really want to sleep on the ground. We could rent a camper, but I think this would be a better option! This Vanagon is all setup for camping fun and it’s only been lightly used (63k miles) with two previous owners. It’s not perfect, but it’s perfect for if you want to take it into the great outdoors. It’s located in Ronks, Pennsylvania and is listed here on eBay where bidding ends Friday. That doesn’t give me much time to convince my wife though…

Clean Interior

This isn’t your typical lived-in-down-by-the-river hippie van. The interior is clean and I wouldn’t be afraid to sleep in there. Everything is claimed to be original inside and out. Even the little curtains are claimed to be original! This was the full Camper version of the Vanagon so besides the fold down bed and swivel tables, there’s a fridge, stove, and even a sink!

Air Cooled

In 1983 Volkswagen switched to water-cooled power, so this is the last of the air-cooled campers. They had some teething issues with the new engines, so this could be the best best of the 80’s vans. It may not have the power of a modern RV, but it should be a more economical and easier to maneuver too. The seller has already done the work needed to make sure it’s ready for your next summer adventure.

1982 VW Campnobile

That awning isn’t a factory installed item, but it’s a nice touch. The popup roof is original though and makes it possible to stand inside while you’re cooking or doing dishes. Then at night, it turns into a comfy bed for two! Four people can comfortably travel and camp in this van all while being on a budget. I’m afraid it’s out of my budget for now, but the thought is a fun one. Anyone here have any fond memories of Vanagon camping?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. bradshaw

    we went from Dallas to Niagara Falls….to Blue Ridge…to Disney World via state parks…to Washington D.C. … Dinosaur Valley… many great trips with the little kids.

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  2. Kent Pearson

    To paraphrase Archie Bunker, I’d want a terlet in a camper. So I’m looking to find a cheap but well equipped Class A motor home to live in for a couple of years and tour America. I also plan to take a look at some placees in Mexico where I might live. So I’m talking a house on wheels but even in a weekender I’d want my own toilet and a few other comforts. Otherwise it’s cheaper to get a motel.

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  3. Kent Pearson

    Riding out a rainy spell in one of these is not a fun time. With just a few sqare feet of headroom.

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  4. grant

    15 k for an old camper though…..

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  5. rancher

    I don’t think these VW campers are going for that much money on I’m driving an aircooled squareback so I hang out on the Type 3 Forum there & don’t follow the buses/vans/Eurovans/Vanagons etc. at all. Check similar Westfalias/Campers in the Classifieds & Craigslist.

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  6. Bob Hess

    Went through two of these traveling cross country, towing race cars, and using them for a third bedroom. The ’84 Special Edition with the water cooled engine, propane stove and refer, a/c, cruise etc. was a real workhorse. With just two of us and a small dog we used the upper bed as primary as we usually had the area behind the couch full of long range travel stuff or race tires, tools, etc. Loved being able to travel out west at 80mph all day. Even managed those numbers towing the open trailer with the Porsche 914 race car on it. Lotta fun! The addition of a semi large porta pot behind the passenger seat made for comfort and a bar while camping…

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  7. kenny

    These are so incredibly over valued it is not even funny. No heater. Not enough power to keep up with modern automobiles, or even cars that came out during it’s time. Poor reliability. LOUD. I would offer 3 grand. MAX.

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  8. jimbosidecar

    Something fishy with the auction. Bid up to $15K buy all low number bidders. It’s really worth about 1/3 of that.

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  9. Roger

    Westies have a HUGE cult following and these have been bringing STUPID money for years now. No comment on as to whether I actually think it’s worth that much, but I have no problem believing it’s going for this much for real. If anyone is ever bored or want to check out something different there are probably at least 1000 videos on YouTube about people going on the road and living in a Westie. Just search ” Westphalia ” and you will find plenty. Some of these dudes have smoking hot girlfriends with them for the adventure, sometimes it kinda makes you scratch your head lol. Not sure if I could ever go this small ( especially with a chic with you ) but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do for A BIT.

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    • kenny

      The air cooled Vanagon simply should not be seen the same as the still not fantastic, but much better WBX motor one, though. This one is priced like a later much better model. The rust is unacceptable for this price point as well.

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  10. Doug M. (West Coast)Member

    What’s not to like about hangin out in a small VW bus that you can poke along and enjoy the scenery, then park and sleep overnight?? My two son’s each have one, and I have camped in them both. Their kids love them and head to the woods at the drop of a hat. I think it is just a matter of mindset. If you compare it to tent camping, you are really living in style!!

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