Canadian Variant: 1967 Dodge Monaco Convertible

This ad lists a true barn find 1967 Dodge Monaco convertible for $1,650 CDN or just $1,250 US. Located in Leamington, Ontario and listed here on Kijiji. The seller has only provided two pictures and a simple description, both indicating a project that’s not for the faint of heart. Another big disadvantage is a loss of the title. While the age of the car may not make it a problem for some states and provinces, it can be a big bureaucratic nightmare in others. That reason alone may relegate it to being a parts car.

With only two pictures, some Barn Find readers may pass and move on to the next post, but I think it warrants a further look. Based upon the side trim I believe this car to be misrepresented and is actually a Monaco 500, the premium model in a full-size Dodge. What is significant about this car is the Monaco 500 convertible was never produced in the US, only in Canada for some unknown reason.  Actual production numbers are hard to determine but some internet sources give numbers of less than 500 produced. With the unfavorable Canadian climate, most of these cars would have lived in, a 50-year-old survivor makes it a rare Mopar. Rare yes, but not  Hemi-Cuda valuable. Full-size Chrysler products or C bodies haven’t experienced the rapid price increases seen in the midsize lines.

Most of these cars gave up their big block power plants to Challengers and Chargers years ago. This one is listed as having a 318. Normally this would be the first year of the venerable LA318. However Canadian cars hung on to the poly or poly-spherical head 318 for an extra year or 1967. Some call this a big block 318 and consider it to have more performance potential. Regardless, no information is given on the engine. After sitting 25 years in a damp barn it could very well be stuck.

Although no pictures are given, the interior is missing the seats. I can think of no reason for this other than rodent damage resulting from long term storage. The proper back seat is likely a convertible only item and probably a little difficult to find. From what we can see, the rest of the car is complete other than the seats.

The seller is upfront about rust around the rear leaf mounts. These Chrysler products also have a tendency to rust at the front subframe torsion bar attachment points. It is hard to see from the pictures just how the car sits. The tattered top didn’t help the rusty floors even in storage. Surprisingly, the car looks reasonably straight although the thick trim is probably hiding advanced rust in the quarters.

This car would have been quite a highway cruiser when new. Mr. Brady had a similar 68 Polara convertible in the pilot episode of the Brady Bunch. As it sits now, I don’t think it is economically feasible to put this car on the road. It is mostly complete but the value lies in the parts. As a 1968 Monaco 500 owner, I can testify the aluminum side trim is basically unobtainable. From what can be seen, the trim looks quite usable. If I wasn’t married, I may just be making shipping arrangements to bring this one home. It may seem like a lot for trim, but the cost to obtain Chrysler restoration products seem to be much more expensive than Ford or GM similar products.

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  1. Bill Shields

    It is a rare bird. I grew up here in Ontario and this makes the second one I’ve seen or heard of in my life.

  2. Will Fox

    Not enough of it left to warrant further consideration, IMHO. If you want one bad enough search in the U.S. for a Polara 500 cvt. & be just as happy. If the subframe on this is rotted, you’re SOL. Besides; who wants the headaches that go along with a car from Canada & no title? I sure don’t!

  3. glen

    A lost vehicle permit in Ontario costs $32.00 to replace, that’s reasonable.

  4. Roy Williams

    What does the trunk look like? Does it have rust. I have a Monaco it’s not rusted just under the trunk where the unlock latch is it’ll b nice off you could send pics thanks

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