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Carport Find: 1951 Cadillac Sixty-Two Sedan

This 1951 Cadillac Sixty-Two isn’t exactly a barn find, it’s more like a carport find and it has been parked, according to the seller, for a very long time. But, he was able to get it out, started, cleaned up a bit, and take it for a brief drive, so that’s a good story all the way around. Let’s take a closer look, this fine, old Caddy is located in Fair Oaks, California and is available, here on Facebook Marketplace for $14,300.

One of the first things about this car that I noticed is the 1951 CA “black tag”. Apparently, it’s a historical arrangement where one can register their car with a tag from its year of birth and then update it with modern stamps/stickers and that’s the case here. The stamps read March and 2014 so this sedan has been sitting for only seven years. That’s long enough for the fuel to go bad and have rodents attempt to rewire your car but not so long that the engine can’t be easily brought back to life and that appears to be the case here. The engine is a 160 gross HP, 331 CI, V8 connected to GM’s Hydramatic, automatic transmission. While it’s in good enough shape for a once around the block test drive, potential owners may want to give consideration to limiting their motoring distance until they can give this Cadillac a thorough mechanical shake-down.

Most of this Cadillac’s images show it wearing its barn found persona but the above image reveals a hint of the black lacquer finishes’ condition. What can be seen in detail, looks pretty good as do the chrome-plated bits like the massive grille and bumpers. All of this Cadillac extensive trim still appears to still be in place too. Note the spotlights, both sides! You have to wonder about those wide-whites, my guess is that they didn’t come from Coker, they’ve probably been holding up this Caddy’s four corners for a long time.  One of the most distinctive features of this vintage Cadillac, as well as other sedans of the day, is the three-piece backlight. While hardly considered modern or panoramic, and the result of the glass bending capability of the day, it’s still a cool styling feature.

Beige! That’s the color of the interior and all we know about it. There are no included images or description of its condition. That being the case, I took the liberty of including a beige back seat image from the 1951 Cadillac sales brochure. Regardless of this car’s interior condition, you can be assured it’s a roomy environment with lots of knee room.

This Cadillac checks two boxes, one it’s complete and intact, and two, it runs! It’s listed as a 60K mile example though there is no documentation attesting to that reading. But if that’s the case, this Sixty-Two sedan should have quite a bit of life to it, in spite of its advancing 70 years of age. I’d like to see this sedan cleaned up, serviced, and enjoyed as is, how about you?


  1. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    What an absolute Tank! With a lot of Style….

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  2. Terrry

    I’d daily-drive this especially if I also owned a KC-35 tanker, because oh-my-gosh these cars drank gas! Single digits per mile! When gas was 20 cents a gallon, who cared? Still and all, at least I’d clean it up, bring it up to snuff mechanically and take it on a drive or two each week..

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  3. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    $14k is California money. This is a sub-$10k car everywhere else. A nice one, but well bought if negotiated down to, say, $8,995.

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    • ChingaTrailer

      You reflect a community misperception – old/interesting cars tend to be cheaper in California, prices are lower because they are so plentiful, relatively speaking of course!

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    • Jp

      I recently sold one in similar condition in Kansas for 14k even.

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  4. oldsoldie

    These cars were NOT gas guzzlers! A properly tuned Caddy like this could expect 15 to 17 MPG and get as high as 20 on the highway. Now the later models, I can’t say. I imagine the 56 and later models with a 4 barrel would probably suck it up lol These babies were made to roll and do it in style. Stopping it once it was up to 75 was a bit of a different thing lol

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    • Lance Conkright

      I had a 1957 Cadillac convertible. I had transmission trouble and it would not go into high gear. I drove it home to the Chicago area from North Carolina pulling a Uhaul and got 17 miles per gallon.

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    • 1-mac

      Well you are right abut gas mileage. CAddy’s of that era were surprisingly good. Today’s gasoline is another issue. Formulated for fuel injected cars, not ones with carburetors. Today’s gasoline usually has ethanol, costs mileage. Low octane does also hurt mileage in older cars. And today’s gas causes many cars to run 15-30 degrees hotter than normal. All will effect mileage negatively.

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  5. Bob Mck Member

    Why does everyone think that old cars were gas guzzlers? My Ford Raptor averages 9.2 MPG around town. It sucks, but I love driving it, so I don’t care.

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  6. Bob C.

    Pedestrians crossing the street must have been quite fearful seeing this coming towards them.

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  7. Kurt Member

    It resembles the sedans mortuaries used to ferry the family to the bone yard.

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    • Rodney - GSM

      Yes, if the Grim Reaper had a daily driver it most likely would be this car.

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  8. RGSmith1 Member

    The original 5mph (25mph) crash bumpers!

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  9. Thomas Crum

    I have the ideal vehicle for thevery large family. Low mileage GMC/MCI transit bus. The interior is still like brand new. Every one of the 46 seats is just like new. Only used for less than two years. Was in service in Stockton, Ca. Went up Pacific Ave. to Hammer Lane and then down Interstate 5 for 12 miles to the county hospital and thenback to Pacific Ave again. Got to know a nephew of the driver.. They confirmed it by checking records andfinding the number of this bus. Stockton recives grants for new busess annually due to the state wanting the air to remain extra clean inthisvalley area. We test drove the bus after letting it sit many years. Ran it for over anhour and found all features working. We did not test the AC, want to check for mildue first. $5,500.00. No past due fees, we are current. 1994 GMC/MCI fiberglass body bus.

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  10. BigDoc BigDoc98783

    And absolute tank but my gosh I’d love to have it.

  11. Thomas Crum

    The interior picture of a model 61 Cadillac, not a 62 series. Many of the 61 series were produced with a three speed manual transmission. I like the 1963 Cadillac withthe really big front and rear bumper “bullets”. I remember passing on a 1953 Cadillac 60 series with factory AC. Still angry with my self.

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  12. KC John Member

    Love it. Do a sympathetic restoration and enjoy the heck out of it. Imagine enjoying Power Tour in this thing. I’m in agreement on the 14k ask. One has to weigh what else that kind of money buys. Glad she’s still out there making memories though

  13. Thomas Crum

    When I turned 16 I wanted a small Chev. conv. Dad said “NO” no junk inthe drivway. I got a 1951 Chrysler Imperial sedan. A very well taken care of car. Had the fluid drive with a clutch. Drove this car for two years then got a 1954 Lincoln. After college then I bought a Chev. conv. 1961 Chev. II conv. I am stilll a big car driver and now have several Lincolns. Ihave owned over 40 of them over the years.

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  14. Thomas Crum

    Where this Cadillac is located is very close to me. This area is just before you get intothe foot hills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains andwhereyou will haverainandsnow and salt put down. It is possible this car only saw snow when it was at the Detroit Cadillac plant onMichigan Ave. near Dearborn, Mi. Where I grew up and close to Smokey Robinson. Not sure why but my 1951 Imperial was a totally rust free car back then.

  15. BR

    I remember riding in a few of these. It was like sitting in an overstuffed chair in a quiet room. Also drove one as an ambulance but not quite the same.

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  16. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Check out that back seat, that’s a very comfy living room sofa. With a car like this you have a chauffeur drive while you ride in style in the back seat like the man who has it all. Gas, who cares about that? You burn $50 in cigars everyday. And send the driver to the station for those minor details. People are the same today, just have different ways of showing off their affluent lifestyles.
    God bless America

  17. Thomas Neil Crum

    The Cadillac 61 series was the same as the small Buick, Special and the small Oldsmobile. These were low price Cadillacs and often were std. shift. If you bought the Buick Super youhad a bigger car thenthe Cadillac 61 series this year. The 62 series is the same wheelbase as the Buick Super and Roadmaster, (129 inches). Cadillac 60 series, the Fleetwood had a 133 inch wheelbase. The Fleetwood had a much higher and luxuriousinterior and little chrome fake vents along the rear quarter panels and always power windows.

  18. Thomas Crum

    If someone wants fresh pictures of this 1951 Cadillac I often drive close to here it is and could get pictures that will be totally fresh. I am curious myself what the interior is really like. Want to open the doors and take pictues of the doorpanels and the seas and the dash and carpet.

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  19. Dave

    Nobody else said it, but this looks a lot like the car that Biff’s gang threw Marty into its trunk.

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  20. Thomas Crum

    The picture showing a rear seat is from the Cadillac brochure and is certainly not ofthis car. That interiorpicture is a series 61 Cadillac, (smaller than the 62 series).

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