Carport Find: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS 396

1969 Camaros are everywhere and why not? There were 243,000 built, they are arguably the most popular version produced and it was the retro-design that Chevrolet reverted to when they relaunched the 2010 model after a seven-year absence. Located in Ashland City, Tennessee is this 1969 example of an RS/SS model, available here on eBay for a current bid of $6,500, one bid tendered, no reserve.

The first-generation Camaro covers the years ’67 through ’69 and those years represented some of the best performers until a horsepower resurgence occurred in the mid-’90s. This generation was also the first and last of the convertibles for many years to come. The ’69 variant is so popular today that you can practically build a new one from all of the body, suspension, interior and powertrain components that are available from various suppliers.

The seller claims this example to be an SS 396 version with the RS appearance package packing a 396 CI, 325 HP engine that is obviously MIA. I can tell right off that this Camaro housed a small-block engine based on the remaining driver’s side exhaust manifold. The seller claims that he has, “hundreds of parts for this car that are negotiable and available”, no word if that includes the supposed 396 engine. Perhaps this Camaro housed a “rat” at one time but it wasn’t the last engine to sit over the cross member. Sounds like another “put it together” project based on parts that aren’t included in the sale.

While it is as stated as being an RS/SS model, it does appear to have RS equipment though the tail light lenses look incorrect. It’s hard to get a real good read on the body with all of the missing parts and primer. The seller admits that he let it sit for 24 years and rust away; always appreciate the honesty but it is difficult to get endeared to a car that has been treated that way. Long story short, there’s no telling what’s wrong with this Camaro but it stands to reason that it’s extensive.

The interior is a mess. The seller claims that he has five used door panels that are available but they are in various states of poor condition; the hounds-tooth upholstery needs to be replaced as does the headliner. It does have the neatly angled console gauges; no telling if they would work if hooked up to something. What’s visible of the floor via the passenger’s footwell looks shaky. This interior will need a major redo.

I’ll cut to the chase and take a complete pass on this SS. The entire issue around the supposed 396 CI engine is a red flag and the lack of care that’s been bestowed on this example tells me to just move along, there are too many better examples available. What do you think, am I being too harsh or is there something to this Camaro that I have completely missed?

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  1. Classic Steel

    Hmm were so happy you let it ruin and rust.

    “ I have had the car since 1984 and let it sit and rust for the past 24 years, just lost interest. “

    Maybe it could have been used for target practice to add more patina 🙄

    FYI: No original engine or any in car means never original car ever ….

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  2. Calipag

    Something is not correct about this:
    Either the tail lights were replaced at one point or someone turned this into an RS.
    It should not have reverse lights in the tail lights; if a true RS.

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  3. dave


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    • XXXX

      I think it’s already been picked over. Not much left here.

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    This heap is little better than the blue Camaro posted earlier. I doubt if you could put together a decent car together if you had both of them. The blue Camaro was barely a parts car, this is a maybe a bit better than a parts car.

    Move along, nothing to see here.

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    Engine Fire

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  6. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    If those are heater core hoses,they look like they are in correct location. Why drag it under a carport after years of hoping to restore it? Then put best effort forth in a story similar to other ones that did in fact get somewhat decent storage?Best of luck to the new owner😁

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  7. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Air conditioned car, steering wheel or steering column is from a later car.

    This Camaro is relatively near me, it has appeared on Craigslist locally a number of times. Once, about 5 years ago, the seller had the whole front clip loose in the carport, but the dust and spider webs are exactly the same in these photos.

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  8. Guardstang

    Big block cars had black painted tail panels–not that anything else is right on this car

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  9. Jeff

    I think I will offer a few thousand more just for the Super Sport trailer hitch.

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  10. David Fowler

    Would be almost impossible to restore and make money. One locally sold last year for $45,000 that only had 2,500 miles on it. Had the big port 396 and everything was original even the seat covers. AMD in Georgia will build you one as long as you have the cowl VIN#. People watch the auctions and think you can restore a car for $5,000, lol.

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  11. Terry Melvin

    I think the only thing we can be sure about with this rust bucket is, right now it doesn’t run.

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  12. clifton Snider

    I know where 2 are sitting…outside…tried to buy one…they are not where goin fix em…LOL

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  13. GP Member

    Jim ODonnell, You are not being to harsh at all. Say it like it is.GP

  14. Antwon

    Actually that blue one was a deal , X55D80 haters lol

  15. Steve Bowers

    $6800????? Hahahahahahahahahaha…..

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  16. Al B

    another example of someone trying to squeeze gold out of a piece of coal. This car is an absolute disaster and shame on anyne who ends up buying it for inflating the market on scrap metal

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  17. Nathan

    I wonder if it’s an X code car ?

    • Mike Williamson

      I think it’s an RS.
      In this case, RS=Rusty Scrapmetal.

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  18. bosco

    it has small block manifolds?

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