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Carport Find: 1969 Dodge Super Bee

1969 Dodge Super Bee

My father used to tell me stories about his Super Bee. He loved that thing, but he admitted that it wasn’t really that great of a car. It was full of character though and I have a feeling that is why so many people want them so badly today. Few marques spur the kind of passion needed to restore a rusty relic like this, but Mopars have a dedicated enough following to get the job done. This one is rough but fairly complete. Apparently, it was won in a poker game by one of the previous owners and was handed down to his son. It’s been off the road since 1980 though so that all happened long ago. The car is located in West Jacksonville, Florida and is listed here on craigslist for $8,500.

383 Magnum

Here’s one of the reasons these cars had so much character. All Super Bees were powered by big blocks and they all put out impressive power. Sure, a Hemi would be more valuable, but if you want something you can drive after restoring, a 383 isn’t anything to scoff at. This one is attached to a console shift automatic and is said to turn freely. The seller mentions that it doesn’t run though and they think that the problem could be a timing chain. Either way, you will probably want to budget for a full rebuild.

Buckets And Console

There’s a shot of the factory bucket seats and center console. As much as I like benches with four-speeds, this was a combination that many people wanted when new and I’m sure that many still want it today. The Super Bee was Dodge’s answer to the Road Runner, but it was also known to have a few more “luxuries” than Plymouth’s bare-bones street racer.

Super Bee Stinger

This one is going to need a lot of sheet metal replaced before it’s going to do any street racing, but luckily everything is available from multiple sources. This car originally wore a nice cooper colored paint and a black vinyl top so it should look stunning after a full restoration. The job won’t be cheap or easy, but I think the current values of these cars more than justifies the work. What do you think?


  1. MH

    Well your not getting much for $8500. Maybe 2K at most. It needs everything.

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  2. Bob's your uncle

    $8500 is a good starting point for negotiation on a real super bee. It really does look like it’s never been apart and that’s always a good thing to see. Could still have a build sheet in it too if the mice didn’t get to it.

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  3. Mike D

    this was a classy car when new , as with what the others said, you’ll need deep pockets to get this one ready I noted the rusty roofline . I’ve seen worse being brought back to life hope somebody saves this one

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  4. JW

    I’m sure in the Mopar world this Bee will find a nest to call home.

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  5. dalesdeadbug

    I literally just sold a Super Bee today and they arent too far off on their price. Mine was a bench seat car with the original engine. Perhaps a little less rust and the optional side scoops. sold mine for $8000

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Thanks for coughing up the price Dale. It is so nice to have some facts. It seems that prices have gone the way of being PC. Rarely get mentioned. Thanks again, 8 K should get you a nice toy! Mike.

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  6. pontiactivisit

    I like these. This one would interest me if it was closer and I had two nickels. Lol. Way better than a lake erie car.

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  7. Ed P

    There is plenty of rust to fix, but I’ve seen worse. The original copper and black vinyl roof would look great.

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  8. Walter Joy

    Ah….Rough Mopars for a lot of money. I’ve seen worse go for more.

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  9. G.P. Member

    Looks like a plain Coronet to me, Mine had a Bee in the grill, one on the trunk lid, one on the dash, and strips around the rear quarters with a Bee in the middle. Why would they all be gone?

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  10. pontiactivisit

    If you zoom in on the grill you can see where the emblem used to be. As for the stripes, iirc, they were optional or could be deleted anyways. I remember a by blue 440 6pack car laying in a farmers junk pile when I was a kid. The farmers son in law had been killed in it when he tore the car in half hitting a maple tree. It was a non stripe car. Remember seeing it and multiple other old mopars and gm stuff get sent to the crushed when the old man died. Even a dark green 68 hemi charger. All stuff his boys destroyed twenty year’s prior.

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