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Tastefully Modern: 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

In the 1950s, Chevrolet (along with most U.S. auto manufacturers) sold only one size of car. By 1964, Chevy was peddling four varieties, two of which were compacts. The newest face in the crowd came that year in the form of the Chevelle, a mid-size offering that was similar in dimensions to the Tri-Five machines of 1955-57. The new Chevelle quickly became popular and sold a third of a million copies in its first year. This ’64 Malibu is proof that four doors can be cool – it’s a restomod that combines the best of what was old with what is new. Located in Sumpter Township, Michigan, this beautiful Bowtie is available here on Barn Finds Classifieds for $35,000 OBO.

Chevelle – whose name is something of a merger between Chevrolet and Gazelle – may have been the company’s response to the 1962 Ford Fairlane, which was sandwiched between the Falcon and Galaxie in the size department. GM came up with a line of intermediates for 1964, which (besides the Chevelle) included the Pontiac Tempest, Buick Special, and Oldsmobile Cutlass. About 68,000 Chevelle Malibus were produced in ’64 with four doors, half having V8 engines and the other half an inline-6. The VIN provided by the seller indicates this car had the eight-cylinder, a 283 of 327 cubic inch motor.

The seller focuses on the modifications made to this Chevelle rather than its history. A restoration has likely taken place and it looks as though the job was done well. But the car has been enhanced mechanically and there are a lot of things that would be considered upgrades to how the car was built. These would include a 305 V8 which has a nice amount of bling, front disc brakes, suspension changes,  a new 700R automatic transmission, and new tires on Rally wheels. Plus a lot more.

If you like red paint, this one is quite tidy and the use of black on the door pillars sets everything off nicely. The interior is beige and looks sweet, though bucket seats vs. a front bench would have been a nice touch since the transmission shifter is floor-mounted. But, after all, it’s a family car, right? We’re told the Chevy has 20,000 miles, which might be since the transformation of this Chevy took place. I like this Malibu and it goes to show that four doors can be boss!


  1. EMo

    35K with two doors too many? Hard pass

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  2. Big Art

    Really , No comments about the ugly 4 Door … NO way it’s worth what they are asking.

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    • Bick Banter

      “Limousine,” as the Germans would call it!

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      • Paul

        Or a “crew cab” as the guys from Road Kill call their ’66 Chevelle.

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  3. Phipps

    Doing the door trim and b-pillar in matte black definitely camouflages somehwat that it is a 4 door. Never seen that treatment on a Rod.

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  4. Troy

    That is a nice clean car, I don’t even mind that its a 4 door, its more than I can afford to drop on a hot rod right now it looks to be a fun cruiser.

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  5. Nice Chevelle

    Wow my 64 Malibu vert must be worth 100 k now

    A nice looking car though

    I hope he gets full price

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  6. Jasper

    For that kind of money it better still have the aliens in the trunk!

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  7. jwzg

    No A/C or modern engine management (FI, cruise, etc.)? I’m not seeing the value here.

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  8. Bob S

    I personally think the price is a little steep, but not because it’s a four door. If I saw this at my local cars and coffee, I’d pass right by all the 2 doors to check this out. There’s a 70 nova 4 door running around my neighborhood with a 327/4 speed, super clean, and not over the top. Face it, we’ve kinda ran out of 2 doors, so we have to work with what we have, and I embrace it with open arms!!

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  9. Robert Proulx

    As much as i like coupes this one as a 4 door is very nice, ok its not an oem vintage but i.m.o. its been tastefully done, i like it and the 5.0 engine should give it a fair amount of scoot because of the light weight. 35 g’s is way high but i dig if the present owner wants to recoup the investment

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  10. Davey Boy

    I’m sorry but 4 doors and only 5 pictures. What are you supposed to make of that? Very nice car but for that kind of money it should have at least a better ad so we can see what it’s all about. Air conditioning and an LS motor may have brought this kind of money but as it sits it’s just not worth quite that much. IMO. Again it’s a very nice car. Just not quite enough. Hope he gets close.

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  11. rustylink

    they have priced it as a 2 door 283/327 car when it’s none of those. Pass.

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  12. Johan

    $35K for a 4 door ‘64?? You have to be kidding me…

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  13. Dave

    64&65,my favorite years for the Chevelle/Malibu,had one,327 4 speed. To many doors on this one,but still a good looking car!

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  14. CCFisher

    Ignoring the fanciful price, it’s a pity someone went to the trouble of creating a clean, mild resto-mod Chevelle, only to ruin it with a 305. All that bling on a 305 is nothing but lipstick on a pig.

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  15. duke

    is everyone so desperate to relive the old car days that they’re trying to make a 4-door cool-they N E V E R were, and N E V E R will be—-its only two doors that were the real deal back when—
    sorry to bring you into reality.

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    • TimS

      Four door cars of many decades are disappearing and people have memories of good times with Mom and Dad (who may be gone too) that probably weren’t made in a 427 Camaro. So sorry if your reality was different. Maybe your dad only drove 4 speed big block convertibles with factory A/C. Good on him if he did. But I bet he’s an outlier.

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  16. Tom C

    My uncle was a Chevy dealer and in 1964 he had 2 demo’s: His wife drove a blue Impala 4 door hardtop and he drove an Impala 4 dr wagon. Both of them had 409’s. At age 15, I thought they were pretty cool.

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  17. Phillip Jr

    Open ur closed 2 door only mind!!!

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  18. Barry

    Wow, 4 doors with a 305. I’m just salivating….not! It’s seriously worth closer to 8K than 35K?

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  19. David D.

    Jeez, a 305?! I would gladly drop a “tweaked” 283 in & go.

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