Hiding In Plain Sight: 1974 Pontiac Trans AM SD455

There is just something exciting and cool about a good roadside find! Not knowing the story or if the owner would be willing to let it go makes it fun to dream of the possibilities. Reader Brian D just… more»

Abandoned Classics On Virginia Farm!

Reader Matt L just emailed us about a Facebook post in a local group that he follows. The group, Abandoned in Virginia, doesn’t necessarily specialize in classic cars rather in abandoned structures, but one of their group members posted… more»

Can You Identify This Mystery Racer?!

Reader Juan K needs your help! He came across this mystery race car and can’t figure out what it is. The photo isn’t the best, but it’s all Juan has, plus it makes it more of a challenge! It’s… more»

Roadside Sighting: Mercedes 190E 2.3-16V Cosworth

From Francis In Douglaston – I grew up in Jamaica Estates Queens, New York and I remember when my friends neighbor brought this exact car home. The owner let us come over to see the car and took the… more»

Jeff in the Junkyard: Classics for Sale

I recently went on a quick expedition to try and track down a 1990 BMW 325ix parts car; sadly, it didn’t yield much fruit. However, I did come across an long-standing salvage yard under new ownership that has cleaned… more»

Junkyard Sighting: 1986 Merkur XR4Ti

To the untrained eye, this might just look like any other late ’80s econocar, but this is actually a limited production performance Ford. Well, technically it’s a Merkur XR4Ti here in North America. Our readers on the other side… more»

Junkyard Find: 1969 Volkswagen Beetle

With over a 21 million Beetles sold, you’d think the junkyards would still be littered with them. When was the last time you saw one though? We hadn’t seen one in a long time so when we spotted this… more»

302 Equipped? 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

Any time you spot a Corvette parked out in the elements, you can’t help but wonder what the story is and how it ended up being left out. Well, Reader Bill B in Central Florida just spotted this 1969… more»

Barn Find Sighting: Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder

As a tow truck driver, Reader Randall L gets to see all kind of interesting vehicles. He recently got a call to move a client’s most recent purchase. When he arrived at the pickup location, he discovered that he… more»

Black Plate Bonneville Stretch Sighting!

From Bluebird – I really enjoy the sightings posts and thought I’d send mine in. I pass this car often and thought that maybe my fellow Barn Finders would like to see pictures of a long car that probably… more»

Junkyard Find: Low-Mile 1982 Honda Civic Hatchback

This generation of Honda Civic may have littered junkyards all across America two decades ago, but they are a rare sight today. Especially, clean low-mileage ones like this! It’s a shame that this car ended up here because once… more»

Roadside Sighting: 1950 Spartan Royal Mansion

It’s fun to hunt for cars on your local craigslist, but sometimes the best finds are discovered along the roadside when you least expect it. Our managing editor, Josh, found this one driving around and we knew we had… more»

Identifying Eddy’s Back Yard Finds

Reader Eddy O needs your help! His Father-in-law has several cars parked in his yard in California. Unfortunately, he passed away last year and know his family is trying to figure out what all he had here. Since Eddy… more»

April Fool’s or Actual Muscle Car Stash?

There’s a junkyard that’s near me up in Walpole, Mass., called Goldie’s that has a good track record of bringing in neglected classics. I wrote about them a few years ago when I still had the ability (re: pre-children)… more»

Mystery Buick Dynaflow Roadside Sighting

Reader Art P recently spotted an interesting find parked along the side of the road near Thatcher Park in New York. He decided he had to stop and get some photos of it to share with the BF community!… more»

Tennessee Roadside Sighting!

We love a good roadside sighting! There’s just something exciting about seeing a collection of classics parked out in the open that’s probably never been posted online and that you might not ever get to see in person. So,… more»