Chalon Bodied 1970 Porsche 914-6

When the Porsche 914 debuted in 1969 it was a vast departure from anything Porsche. The unique styling and mid-engine drive train got the attention of many. The 914 has an interesting history starting as a joint venture between VW and Porsche, the base engine was a 1.7 flat four derived from Volkswagen. While the base 914 is rather common, the Porsche powered 914-6 models are rare and highly sought after. Check out this unique 1970 Porsche 914-6 with a Chalon body kit here on eBay in Springfield, VT with bidding at $2,025 at the time of writing.

The Chalon conversion was a body kit only and offered no performance gains. This was a somewhat popular kit and fit and finish varied based on the quality of the installation. Several things make this car unique, one being the Chalon kit, another being that is a 914-6 and not the standard 914. Although it is missing the engine and transmission, this could still make a good starting point for a 914-6 restoration. The fact that this is an early 914-6 and the bodywork has period striping and Chalon logos, it is possible this is an early Chalon conversion possibly used for advertising reasons. This is purely speculation on my part.

This car was recently found in southern California and does not have a title and comes with a Vermont bill of sale. The 914-6 has several unique features not found on the base model, one being 5 lug wheels that are seen here. Other specific features retained in this car are the brakes, dash, steering column, axles, hubs, and oil tank. These parts are important when bringing the car back to 914-6 standards obliviously.

Its good to see the interior is relatively intact, the early 914-6 seats appear in good shape. From the interior shot, we can see the ignition switch to the left of the steering column, which is unique to the 914-6 model. The most valuable part of this car is missing which is the Porsche 2.0 flat-six that was sourced from the 911T. Prices of complete 914-6s range from 60k on up to over 120k depending on year and condition. If this car sells for the right price, the buyer could source a correct drive train and have a 914-6 driver with a unique look.

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    A 914-6 with the 5 lug hubs and the ignition key on the dash pretty much says there isn’t much “6” left in it. Rusty instrument bezels sort of tells you that all is not good down below. Whole lot of nothing here.

    • Mike

      It’s still a 6. I guess someone could buy an ok 70-71 car for the parts and then start hunting down all the 6-only stuff. This is miles ahead of the one offered last year:

    • Bullethead

      Ummm, the ignition location and 5-lug wheels plus 911 suspension bits are visible confirmation it IS a 6er. I agree this one is roached and the Chalon kit (though snazzier than stock styling) needs to go, but titles are easy enough to get, and someone will spring for it. Not anyone with common sense, but, you know.

      There are no realistic resto costs with this one.

  2. Maestro1 Member

    Well. As bobhess points out, well done, this is a major project. But very interesting. Taking a shot at restoration numbers you are North of $50,000.00 not doing your own work and ending up with a unique jewel. The
    car has little upside potential so the thing to do is keep it as a sexy driver.

  3. CJinSD

    A.) Here we have an Original Porsche 914-6 as found in the Mojave Desert in Southern California.

    B.) This unit does not have a title and is being sold as-is, where-is and comes with a Vermont Bill of Sale only.

    C.)Buy with confidence!

    Choose A, B or C. D has not been omitted by accident.

  4. TRPIV

    Chalon might be German for “Roach”, if not… It should be in this case. At 4k already? Without a title? No thanks.

  5. djjerme

    Be a good Hill climb or Autocross car starting point. These can be very fast on tight courses, and you don’t need a title for a race car, unless you’re running street rallies, but even then I think you can get an exception.

  6. Bill McCoskey

    It should be noted that the rear fiberglass bumper assembly does not appear to be included. As a Chalon part, this is likely to be difficult to find, and may require borrowing another Chalon bumper to take a mold from. The real challenge may be to find a Chalon equipped car OWNER willing to allow his bumper to be removed, copied, and re-installed.

    Also appears to be missing one of the amber front turn signal lamps [the right inner one] and the left one appears to be incorrect [it’s a flat lens in a curved mounting hole]. Looking at regular 914-6 front lenses, these appear to be different from the standard lenses.

    I will say that the Chalon body kit is, in my opinion, a definite improvement over the factory body, especially the ribbed fake intake louvers in the sail panel.

  7. Chuck F 55chevy

    At $10k now, someone, err a couple people want this, I don’t blame them. If I had the funds and needed another project this would work. I’d take the kit off if I could, and put it on the 914 in my yard, and then restore the 914-6. They’re not making anymore ya know. I think some people who bad mouth some of the finds on here are just trying to keep interested buyers away, and they really want a find like the one they degrading.


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