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Charity Drive: 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Sedan

We see a few classic cars that have been donated to various charities by generous owners, and this 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Sedan is a perfect example. The owner purchased the vehicle when it was 2-years-old, and has recently donated it to a local charity to help raise funds in these challenging times. It is a tidy survivor that comes loaded with some excellent options. The charity is now offering it for sale here on Craigslist. It is located in Fallbrook, California, and has an asking price of $11,900. I have to give a shout out to Barn Finder Pat L for spotting the Lincoln for us.

The Lincoln is finished in Medium Blue with a vinyl landau-style top. Making the car more appealing is the addition of a fixed factory moonroof, which was a new feature for the 1978 model year. It is hard to find much to be critical of with the Continental because it presents in above-average condition. The paint holds a good shine, while the vinyl top is free from rips or splits. The paint has a few minor chips, but there’s nothing that requires immediate attention. The story with the vinyl top is similar. It has no significant problems but would benefit from some careful cleaning. The trim and chrome sparkles in the sun and the tinted glass is free from flaws. The overall impression is that this is a classic that has been well cared for. This is further reinforced by the inclusion of a host of original paperwork with the car. This includes the Owner’s Manual, the original Window Sticker, and various other documents.

The donating owner was a non-smoker, and the care he has lavished on the Lincoln is apparent when you look at the interior condition. It presents beautifully, with no issues apparent on the upholstery or plastic. The carpet shade is relatively light, and this type of carpet can be prone to dirt stains. That isn’t the case with this car, as the carpet presents as well as the rest of the trim. Being a Lincoln, there is no shortage of comfort features to make life on the road a pleasant experience. You find air conditioning, power windows, a power driver’s seat, cruise, a tilt wheel, an AM/FM radio/8-track player, and a factory-fitted CB radio.

The 1978 model year was a significant one for the Continental, as it marked the final year that the company offered the 460ci V8. That’s what we find occupying this engine bay. In Lincoln tradition, the vehicle also features a 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. With 210hp available under the right boot, performance could be classed as adequate but not startling. The fact that this is a classic that tips the scales at a hefty 4,958lbs means that the ¼-mile ET of 18.6 seconds is hardly surprising. The car does come with a current California smog check, and the owner indicates that the vehicle is a clean driver. This augers well on the mechanical front, while the engine bay’s generally clean presentation further creates confidence. The odometer is showing 43,000 miles, and the seller does indicate that these are original.

This 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Sedan isn’t perfect, but it does appear to be a car that has been treated with care and respect. It seems to be the sort of car that could be made to sparkle with little effort, which could make this the kind of classic that would benefit from a bit of winter tinkering in a home workshop. The price appears to be very competitive, given some of the optional extras that have been fitted. That means that if you fancy the whole idea of traveling life’s highways in splendid isolation, this might be a classic that is worth a closer look.


  1. Avatar photo Todd Zuercher

    Looks like an honest, well-presented car that would be a fun cruiser!

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  2. Avatar photo kiteflier

    Had one just like it. Like sitting on your living room sofa and nobody pulls out in front of that battering ram front end.

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  3. Avatar photo Dusty Rider

    At over 100mph, the hood ornament whistles.

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  4. Avatar photo Johnny

    Nice looking car. Reasonablely priced . Would much rather have this for the price,. Then any mustang–comaro–old bronco –charger .Way over priced rusted down vehicle any day.

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  5. Avatar photo Large Marge

    The fixed glass moon roof debuted in 77 not 78. For that money the car should be perfect.

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  6. Avatar photo jwzg

    I could land an F/A-18 on this thing.

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  7. Avatar photo ran when parked

    definitely agree with Johnny on that
    beautiful car

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  8. Avatar photo banjo

    Johnny and Moyra Rose only paid $4500 for theirs…..

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  9. Avatar photo David Miraglia

    always wanted a classic late 1970’s Town car and this unlike the Ferrari is in my present price range.

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  10. Avatar photo Howebrad460 Member

    Just recently added this lincoln to my fleet. 75 with 35k miles on it. The price for this blue lincoln is consistent with its condition. As you mentioned 78 is the last year for the 460. I will say the dash and instruments doesn’t look as nice as the setup in my 75, but that’s just my personal opinion. Had I not just bought this white one I’d be after this blue one. GLWTA

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  11. Avatar photo Howebrad460 Member

    Rear photo

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  12. Avatar photo David

    Nice ride, how many miles? where is it and what is the price?

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    • Avatar photo NHDave

      The answers to all three of your questions are in the write-up.

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  13. Avatar photo Jasper

    I know these are “boxy” but I’ve always liked that every design feature has similarly radiused corners. The side glass, wheel arches, and fender/quarter tips.

    I remember taking a trip to Kings Island with my friend and his dad back in like’80 or so. He had one of these with that moonroof, but his was a cordovan color with the turbine wheels. Whatever Journey album with Wheel In The Sky was playing on the 8-track until his dad put in his Lou Rawls!

    Howebrad, I agree on the dash. My ‘71 probably had the same set up as yours and their comprehensiveness went down as the decade carried on deeper into the malaise.

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  14. Avatar photo Bob Mck

    So wish I had room for this. I would bring her home.

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  15. Avatar photo K. R. V.

    I can tell everyone, these are fantastic gas burners! But if you want to transport 4 grown adults is as much comfort and smooth a ride as possible, this is it, the 78, Town Car, last year of the 460! My Dad bought a new Lincoln every 2-3 years in the 70’s, starting in 71, all coupes, 73, 75, then a beautiful baby blue in an out an on top Town Car, loaded with the softest baby blue leather seats, armrests an door panels near their arm rests. Fabulous for the time quadrophonic 8 track AM/FM, excellent an very quiet climate control. Bought at Tasca Ford Lincoln Mercury, in at the time Seekonk,MA. Where they had an amazing body shop, that specialized in what they called, “blueprinting the car”, where they would loosen all the bolted on body panels and doors, then realigned and closed the gaps up evenly, plus went through every nut a bolt, to be sure everything was torque down to spec. They even balanced after adding the best Micheline Radial tires available, in the largest size, on a machine they used on the corporate owners Drag Racing Fleet, that spun the tires up to 125 mph! Dad had that done to the last two Lincoln’s. That in every instance he passed the car down to the sales manager for the family’s trucking company, that happened to be his brother in law, my uncle. All except the Town Car, that ended up in my hands after Dad was forced to retire, due to the teamsters putting us out of business! Dad needed a new pickup, for his new “Handyman Business “, so I bought him a new Dodge Ram D100, then he gave me the Town Car! The other three ran for well over 200,000 miles looking like brand new for uncle Lois. The Town car ran trouble free for me till 180,000, when I gave it back to my Dad after he retired for good, then gave me the Dodge Ram.

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