Gift From Charlie Sheen: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396

This Corvette Bronze 1968 Camaro SS 396 has belonged to the same owner for the past 21-years and came into his possession as a gift from actor Charlie Sheen. He has pampered and loved the Camaro, but is now in a position where he has to part with it. That must be a tough decision to make, so if you would like to park it in your garage, you will find the Camaro located in Topanga, California. It has been listed for sale here on eBay, and with bidding now sitting at $22,851, the reserve has been met.

The Camaro is a pretty stunning looking car, and it is said to be rust-free. It has had some issues in the past, but it appears that these were all addressed to a very high standard back in 2006. It was at this point that the car received a repaint, and this has held up extremely well over the years. The panels look to be as straight as an arrow, and it’s hard to find anything about the cars to be critical of. The trim, glass, and the 15″ Rallye wheels all look to be perfect, and there’s little doubt that this is a car that will attract plenty of attention wherever it goes.

This is a numbers-matching car, so under the hood is the L35, 396ci V8, which is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission and a Posi rear end. The Camaro also scores power steering and power brakes. With 325hp on tap, performance is all that you would expect from this classic. As well as the body and paint receiving some TLC, the drive-train has come in for the same sort of attention. Both the engine and transmission received a rebuild not long after the owner took possession of the car, and they remain in good health today. The engine wears a set of Hooker headers, which feed the gases through 3″ pipes to Flowmaster mufflers. However, the original exhaust manifolds are included with the car. It has also been fitted with an HEI ignition for improved reliability. Recent work includes a tune-up and service, a multitude of new suspension components (shock, springs, bushes, tie-rod ends, etc.), and a new brake booster. It’s no surprise to learn that the car runs and drives nicely. The owner does say that while the tires look good, they are 15-years-old. Replacing these would probably be a fairly wise move.

The interior presentation of the Camaro is also pretty impressive and has been aided by the installation of a new dash pad, new front seat covers, a new headliner, and new correct-pile carpet under the current owner’s stewardship. The remaining interior trim looks good, and it features the console with gauges, along with a Tic-Toc-Tach. If I am going to find fault with the interior, then it actually revolves around the console. I don’t think that this is the original one that was fitted to the car. There is some evidence that it may have started life finished in red but has had a change of color at some point. There is evidence of this along some of its lower edges, along with one spot on the passenger side where there is a slight scratch.

I’m sure that I’m not alone in wishing that I knew a celebrity who would be willing to gift me a car like this 1968 Camaro. It isn’t clear whether the owner holds documentation to verify this, but it does make for a great story nonetheless. I get the impression from the listing that the owner is not that keen to part with the car, and I really don’t blame him for that. Anyway, whether or not it was a gift from a celebrity, I still wouldn’t mind having this Camaro parked in my driveway.


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  1. Miguel

    Does anybody know how people get away with making fake plates, like the ones on this car, and driving around with them?

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    • MH

      I dont know that they are fake. I do know that if you have old plates and that car has been off the road for so long they can reissue them to a different car.that may not be true in all states but some yes.

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      • RayT Member

        Real California “black plates” had three letters, three numbers. The numerical prefix came with the later white plates, as I recall.

        I don’t live there any more so can’t say for sure, but I heard CA offers a “personalized” black plate now, no doubt for a hefty additional fee. This looks like one. Or maybe the owner simply repainted his white plates…

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      • Miguel

        MH, the 5 series plate came from DMV as white.

        Also the shape of the letters and numbers are different than what DMV issues.

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      • Miguel

        Ray, you will notice on the new black plates the letters and numbers are a much smaller size than the ones that were issued in 1963.

        You can see on this plate, they are a very large size almost not fitting on the plate.

        I don’t see how the police in the area don’t stop this car every time it goes out onto the street.

    • Justin

      These are California’s 60s “heritage” special design license plates and have been available since 2014 with either sequential or personalized configurations.

      Nothing shady about putting a black plate on a car in California nowadays.

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      • Mountainwoodie

        Those in the “know” value original plates in Cali. :)

        These are definitely not original plates issued in 1968. The blue and white plates were issued after the oem black and yellow ceased being issued for automobiles in 1969. Commercial vehicles up to 1972 were issued either either black and yellow or blue and yellow plates issued originally. You can go to the swap meet or Ebay and purchase year of manufacture plates as long as they have been “cleared” by the DMV, ie, not issued to another car and put them on your old car. I bought a set of cleared blue and yellow for my ’72 C-10. My late lamented ’70 Porsche had its original blue and yellow plates still with it. Started with a B.

        It used to help in identifying an original California sold vehicle not so much anymore. The new black and yellow plates have too many numbers and letters easily differentiated from the pre- 1969 plates.

        I dont know what these plates are. I suppose the repro black and yellow sequencing having some meaning to the seller.

        Nice car though “)

      • Miguel

        Mountain, the plates on this car came from DMV white. Somewhere along the line somebody had them reproduced in this color. The letters don’t look right to me as coming from DMV.

        All plates these days must be reflective, which is why the new black plates don’t look the same as the old ones.

    • Nate

      Really, what is the fascination with Black CA Plates?? I really don’t get it. Can somebody please enlighten me?

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      • Jack M.

        Some people have custom liscence plates made to use at car shows. This could be the case here. Nice Camaro. The seller can keep the dam plates. They are no use to me here in Toronto.

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      • Redwagon

        My understanding…….in Cali plates are issued to the car and stay with the car as long as it is registered in California. Black plates are old and have been replaced once or twice already with newer versions. So if you have a black plate car it has been in California for decades, not brought from a salty environment like Michigan or Illinois or subjected to floods and high water.

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      • Miguel

        Jack, the plates have the month and year stickers on them so I would think he is using them on the street. I doubt he has another set of plates.

        If you are going to make a customs set of plates for use at car shows, why use the real numbers you have?

      • Miguel

        Nate. The original black plates show the car has always been a California car, which to a lot of people means it is in pretty good condition.

        Also if the car has been registered consistently for all those years, it is a good bet the car was taken care of for those years, so chances are you would be getting a pretty decent car.

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    • That Guy

      There are companies which will make license plates “for show and display only” and that’s likely what these are. That’s not illegal in itself. Using them on the road is though. You’re right, these are not legal and the owner could be cited for driving with them. Now how likely that is to actually happen, I don’t know.

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      • Miguel

        Any cop that knows what color the plate should be will stop him. It is all about money collection in California.

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    • Bill

      I remember when the prisoners had to make license plates, San Quinton special perhaps

      • Terry J

        Maybe Charlie made them himself. :-) Terry J

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  2. Tony Primo

    Big block and four speed, what’s not to like? You can’t drive licence plates!

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    • Bill

      But it doesn’t have air conditioning….
      Bill in Florida

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  3. Neil G

    Hooker headers? Seems a natural choice for Charlie Sheen…

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    • Haig Haleblian

      Excellente’ Neil. You get today’s Phrase that pays award!

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    The current owner had the car repainted, the motor and trans rebuilt and refreshed the interior. That would to indicate to me that Charlie gave it up in pretty poor shape. Kudos to the owner for bringing this Camaro up to a fairly high standard. He should be well rewarded for all he’s done to it and he probably will be judging by the bidding so far.

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    • Miguel

      I don’t know Ford. A lot can happen over 17 years.

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      • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

        Adam’s write up states the current owner had had the car for 21 years, that would be 1998. “Both the engine and transmission received a rebuild not long after the owner took possession of the car” and the car was repainted in 2006. “installation of a new dash pad, new front seat covers, a new headliner, and new correct-pile carpet under the current owner’s stewardship.” All this work was done post-Cocaine Charlie. So it seems the current owner basically restored the whole car after he acquired it. It was probably a decent car in ’98, maybe in original condition that was showing it’s age and needing an engine/trans rebuild.

        Maybe the current owner was able to afford the restoration because he found a kilo or two of coke under the seat that Charlie forgot about?

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    • Djjerme

      If you got it from Charlie Sheen, I’d think you’d want an interior refresh done immediately. Or just never accidentally turn a black light on in there..

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  5. Superdessucke

    Did it come with the rare RPO NS6 coke dispenser?

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    Wondering what one would have to do to receive a gift like this from Charlie?

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  7. TimM

    What a beautiful car and the reserve is met!! Someone that doesn’t want $50K for a rusted shell!!! Well then again it isn’t a mopar that has sat in a swamp for the past 40 years!!!

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    • Djjerme

      ..or a 356.

  8. grant

    There’s a 1 of 6 Fiberfab Centurion body for sale in Portland Oregon, but hey another Camaro is cool, too…

  9. Eric


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  10. Troy s

    Just goes to show how drugs can ruin anyone’s life, rich or poor..famous or completely obscure. I hate drugs, as many here do as well, for personal reasons. That out of the way, this a great looking Camaro SS 396.
    I’m glad it’s not red anymore, see that shade a million times over, and those valve covers look pretty good too. Yeah, with all that torque I’d get rid of the fifteen year old tires pronto. Nice ride.

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  11. John Oliveri

    Maybe Charlie left one of his Hookers in the back seat to go along with the Headers

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    • mike

      headers are hookers. different certification

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  12. George Mattar

    This is a site about cars, not license plates. You guys waste more time back and forth about stupid black plates. The original black plates were not issued after 1969. End of story. Nice car. Charlie was drunk when he gave this away.

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  13. Bill

    My 1970 high school car was a Burgandy 67 hardtop with the white nose stripe, three speed six banger, I wanted the 68 green Pontiac Firebird, 400 4-speed with the hood tach, dad said I would wrap the V8 around a tree>> The Used Car Exchange only wanted like 1600 bucks for the firebird, if we only knew.
    Ps: hooker headers were Boss back then, Headman headers brand wasn’t “cool”.

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  14. jim

    Not a 68 Steering Wheel

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I was wondering what happened to steering wheel from my ’81 Camaro. Could have been off a Vega too.
      Whichever, it uglifies and otherwise very nice car.

  15. Jim

    Broach marks on the engine pad of the block do not look right. possible restamp

  16. CJinSD

    Why have most of the bids been cancelled with an hour to go? I wish I knew, as I might have bought it.

  17. Bill

    It’s a tough market out there, best of luck finding the right one.

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