Cheap 1965 International Travelall D-1000

As if I needed another reason to move to the southwest US, finding solid vehicles like this 1965 International Travelall D-1000 just put it over the top. It isn’t rust-free but compared to what a swiss-cheese-mobile it would be in the upper-Midwest or Northeast, this thing is rock solid. It can be found here on eBay in El Paso, Texas and the seller is asking a mere $2,900 or offer! I know! Let’s check it out.

Ok, so the right-front fender is crunched a bit but it could be worse and a person may be able to find one with the gas filler door somewhere in a junkyard. If not, it’s no big deal. For me, this would be a truck, or wagon, to get working perfectly and drive it as it looks now. Maybe paint the wheels and add new tires, and other rubber bits that are surely burnt from the desert sun, and just drive it. Although, restoring it to look like this wouldn’t be half bad either.

Ok, you’ll need a couple of bumpers, too. The to-do list is adding up and the hard part may be trying to find the driver’s side rear quarter glass, which they say is cracked, along with a cracked driver’s side rear passenger window, and a totally missing driver’s door window! You’ll want to get that first. As always, if all else fails, try El Paso gets just under 10-inches of rain a year so it isn’t a lot, but still, you don’t want to not have a window in the driver’s door. It’s great for drive-thrus but not so great for critters, both animal and human, getting inside.

This is why you want a driver’s door window, the floor appears to be wet in the photo above. Luckily, the floors are pretty solid and the seller has included a couple of underside photos, including this one that shows some rust that’ll have to be fixed. From looking at that underside photo it looks like this Travelall has a central vacuum system, is that a flexible exhaust pipe under there? You aren’t seeing things, that is indeed a third pedal in the photo above, this I-H has a 4-speed manual transmission. I like it even more now.

The back seat looks pretty good, relatively, but some seat covers would do wonders. The interior is simple and un-padded enough that once the front seat is fixed and the rest of it is cleaned up, it’ll look great. Once you’re ready, you can find new flooring material, both rubber and carpet.

The engine is International’s 304 cubic-inch V8 and the seller says that it runs good, idles smoothly, shifts into gears properly, the brakes work after a couple of pumps, and the clutch works great. If I had a spot for this 19-foot-long Travelall I’d snap it up in a heartbeat. This is one that I’m going to regret not getting. Have any of you owned one?

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  1. Speedo

    I have put many miles on a ’63 Travelall in a previous life. I took scouts on some serious off road adventures. In first gear it would go anywhere I pointed it. It had a seriously long throw gear shift. It also had rubber floor mats so after an excursion through the mud, I just hosed it out.

  2. Fred W

    The two side windows are easy, any glass shop can cut them out of laminated glass. The curved quarter glass is probably Unobtanium.

    • Ferenczy

      Rohners in Wilmar Mn has at least one in their international section

  3. Chris H

    That window is going to be a problem, but not a deal breaker. Great price on a running Travelall ! Row-your-own too! Should be a fun project

  4. nlpnt

    I think of these old truck-based wagons as see-through SUVs – no headrests, non-tinted glass, if you’re behind one in traffic in a normal-height car you can look straight through it and see traffic ahead.

  5. Tom c

    Considering a new Chevy suburban is 80 grand this could be a very good deal.

  6. Howard A Member

    “Brakes work after a couple pumps”? Yee-haa,,,might want to address that, old single line brakes aren’t very forgiving. Years ago, it was no big deal to “pump the brakes”, but today, many don’t understand the concept of that ( like pumping the gas on a carburetor) and could have dire results. These were great trucks, probably some of the last decent IH trucks made. The police in Milwaukee used these when I was a kid, as cruiser/ambulance before paramedics. In an emergency, you’d call the police, and they would transport you to the hospital. Survival was iffy, at best. Being the only real alternative to a Suburban, there weren’t many choices for a big wagon that could pull an Airstream. We almost never saw a Dodge. I know it looks rough now, but I think it could be fixed up pretty nice. Be dependable as an IH semi too.

  7. luke arnott Member

    I had a ’68,with a 392.great fun!

  8. Mark N

    I own one as we speak, its an awesome old rig. It was pretty much a time capsule with 54000 miles on it when I got it. I own the same year 3/4 ton pickup as well. It is a disease.

  9. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    My choices to learn how to drive a manual were an Opel Kadett and one of these. Within a few weeks of getting my drivers license, a 67 I-H Travelall sat in the wholesale lot of the local Chevy dealer. I remember sitting in the front seat and marveling about how much of a greenhouse these beasts possessed. Never took it out for a spin, but had I bought it with my Dad’s money, I’m sure I would have had years of use from it and maybe even still owned it today! The color was a medium jade green metallic with a white painted roof. Alas, the Opel made a good test vehicle but couldn’t stand the rigors of my aggressive shifting style. Plus it had no built-in utility whatsoever.

  10. Bob C.

    These were all over the place when I was growing up. A little dated looking for the time, but Internationals certainly ruled.

  11. chrlsful Member

    tail gated is cool (luv to convert to lift gate).
    So is 4 not 3 dor. (too much glass 4 me – haul not ‘taxi’).

    Y all ways called bineder or binder? Some farm reference? This so for all IH rd vehicles or crop tractors? How bout over the rd semi s too?

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