Cheap Classic: 1973 Volkswagen Beetle


I still maintain that it’s possible to own and drive a classic car for less than $5,000, and I like writing up these finds most of all! This Beetle is located in (of course) La Verne, California and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding starts at $1,500 and the buy it now is $2,895.


The wheels on this Beetle are period (I think) and the car itself looks very solid. The seller tells us it is a daily driver, always a good sign, and that it runs well. While it has a few dents, the body in general looks good. I wish there were pictures of the floor pans to see if there’s any rust, bu perhaps you can contact the seller if you are interested.


I certainly would suggest returning the rims to silver–I think the outer edges were originally polished aluminium. Some feel that the Super Beetle is the best of all Beetles; some feel that original configuration is the best. What do you think? I know I like this one, dents and all. Of course, parts aren’t a problem, so if you wanted to restore the car to original, I suppose you could.


Unfortunately, we don’t see any pictures of the engine compartment, but we do get the interior. The dash looks good, as it should after a claimed 62,112 miles. That’s a Montenoy steering wheel that’s a nice touch, and I find the interior charming. To tell the truth. I’ve never driven a Beetle, and I’m looking forward to the first time I do. It won’t be this one, but maybe it will be for you?



  1. Paul

    I had a Super Beetle, yellow, and all stock. It was a fun car, however, not so much in the winter in the northeast US. An ice scraper was not far from a respectable reach to be used on the inside of the car windows… And don’t use the windshield washer very much if you expect your spare to have more air in it than your flat does. All in all a great find and a great value.

    • Bingo

      My brothers 1970 bug had a gas heater. It actually had a standing pilot and ran on gasoline.

      Maybe not safe but not much about the bug was safe.

  2. Plz don't call it a windscreen


    The most unusual thing, to me, about driving one of these is the windshield: your face is extremely close to the glass. A quick tap on the brakes and you front passenger will have a nose print on the inside glass.

    • JMC

      Yep,had a ’71,the battery froze up,it was below zero,I hopped in,hit the key,just a grunt from the motor,I impulsively punched that windshield which was right in front of me,it spidered all the way across….now I had to buy a battery AND a

      • Clay Byant

        Next time when you have a cold battery pull the headlights on for 35-40 seconds before anything else. You will be starting your car from a warm battery then. Might and might not work……………..

  3. Fred W.

    I had a Corvair and my brother in law at the time had a “Thing” with a gas heater. Never felt unsafe and could cook the interior in the high school parking lot with the engine off. If you’ve never driven a bug, need to at least once, you will want one.

    • Bobby J

      I agree 100% Fred. Learned how to drive a manual on my dad’s 77 super beetle. I loved them (and have always had one until 2 years ago) ever since. Once you drive one, you WILL want one lol. I plan on having one by January of next year.

  4. Rico

    This is a Super Beetle as it has a curved windshield.

    • 68 custom

      and a dash board!

  5. David Frank David Frank Member

    The first supers had flat windshields but went to curved windshields. The original beetle has torsion bars. The Super has more modern suspension with struts and coil springs. A super beetle is 2 inches longer between the A pillar and nose to accommodate the new setup. When you test drive the two models, you can really tell the difference. The super has a lot more modern feel and steering is much more precise. The super also has a tighter turning radius. Also, in the super there’s room for the spare to lie flat, giving one a lot more some under the lid.

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  6. GlenK

    One can get virtually any part for the VW from either a VW specialist like CIP1 to NAPA so as a classic/vintage daily driver you can’t go wrong. With a little extra cash a Super can be made to handle fairly well. Disc brakes can be had easily as well. This makes the car much more modern without losing its charm. For those in hot temperatures might find it a bit much, this one actually has pop-open rear windows which makes for better ventilation. But, its big plus is that it is simple to work on unlike many other cars.

  7. Dave

    Original rims (standard and sport) were always painted silver on 1970 and up VW’s, never black, chrome or body color. Covers were available in brushed or polished that simulated the wheels underneath, but visual depth or dimension of the wheel was lost when using them. For me, nothing looks better on a VW than the original factory painted wheel.

  8. Jaime

    I found a 1970 VW Beetle through Barn Finds last December. (I followed a link for one Beetle which led me to eBay which led me to my car which was being sold at the same place as the one featured on Barn Finds.) I paid a lot more, but it’s in beautiful condition, and I love it. I’m learning to drive manual on it. I’m not great at it, but I’m slowly getting better. it’s becoming my weekend driver. I’m 39 now, and I hope to take care of it and keep it for a lifetime. The car is older than me, and I’m amazed at how many people stop me to talk to me about their memories of owning a Bug or their friend’s Bug. I’m glad my Bug can bring happiness to other people.

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    • 68 custom

      the four speed in those 68 and later bugs is got to be the easiest transmission to shift, once I got moving I would rarely have to use the clutch to change gears. nice super, and a good deal!

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