Cheap Classic: 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

As we have shown in the past, it is possible to have a running classic for less than $5,000. Probably not a perfect one, mind you, but for those of us whose dreams are bigger than our bank accounts and are willing to work a little, great cars are still out there! So if you didn’t jump on Jesse’s Dart (and you really should have at $4,000!) or my Heralds, here’s another opportunity for you. This 1980 Z28 is listed for sale here on eBay with a buy it now of $2,500 but bidding has yet to top $1,000! The car is sadly being sold due to illness and the owner’s inability to finish the project. It’s waiting for you in Roxboro, North Carolina.

Now wait a minute, Jamie (you say), is this the same car? Different location, different hood, different wheels? Well, it is, and the car comes with both the extra wheels and extra hood. If you read the dates in European order, it looks like this picture dates from last July, and it wouldn’t take a lot to jump to the conclusion that this is shortly after the seller purchased the car from the original owner. Look in the background and I think you see the building the car is in front of in the first picture.

Apparently someone really wanted to make sure you knew it was a Z28! The seller has sourced what I think is an original hood for the car and started on the mechanical restoration. More about that in a minute.

There’s just this one picture of the underside, but it tells a lot. The seller speaks of the car needing floor pans, sills and body mounts. That’s a lot if you aren’t handy with a welder and cutting equipment. I have to applaud the seller’s honesty, though; and it’s apparent they really wanted to restore this car.

Parts of the interior don’t look bad. However, you’ll need to do some serious dash work, including the metal support (but a replacement comes with the car).

Now, on to the best part. This Z28 runs and drives! The seller has already installed a new master cylinder, alternator and some other brake components. So you can drive the car while searching for either a body donor or the patch panels needed to fix this one. No, at the moment it’s not gorgeous, but it is distinctive in this day of jelly mold cars. What do you think about this cheap classic?

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  1. JamestownMike

    I’d RUN from that one! Rusty AND crusty!!

  2. grant

    It doesn’t seem that cheap, really. It’s at $1250 as I write this and that seems like about all the money for it. How often does the dash support rust out? This is a radiator cap restoration. Take the radiator cap off, and put it on another car. Then drive that one away.

    • JCWJr Member

      Then replace the radiator cap.

    • Jack


    • Derald Rine

      I got my 80 z from nc, lucky it had oil leaks which kept the under carriage from rust

  3. BB

    Car looks like it was in a lake and pulled out. Would not touch this one.

  4. gene

    Had no idea that new master cylinders come in that “rusty” color.

  5. MikeK

    Ended w/ a 2k high bid. Didn’t meet reserve.

  6. Larry

    That floor pan doesn’t say North Carolina. Camero’s get much of their structural strength from the floors in their semi-unibody (firewall aft) construction. Bidding didn’t meet reserve at 2K? What’s this guy looking for?


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