Cheap Driver: 1941 Plymouth 4 Door Sedan

If you’re looking for an inexpensive old driver, this Plymouth listed on craigslist for $6,800 could be the one. It appears to be completely original except for perhaps the color. There’s no information provided on its mechanical state except that it runs.

The interior needs work, but it’s serviceable. The seats might not be too bad under those old seat covers. Those door panels appear to have been recovered in vinyl and will need to be redone along with the headliner at some time.

Things certainly look tidy around the engine. It appears there’s been some work done here.

This could be a great driver that one could restore over time. You never know what you’ll find when you inspect a car in person. This Plymouth looks hopeful and might really be rust free because it’s a California car. The upholstery might be OK under those old seat covers, at least in the back. There’s no word on the brakes, so perhaps the brake system was redone as well. That paint color will surely make it more difficult to sell so with cash in hand you might even get a good deal. For those of us who like old 4 door sedans, this could be a nice driver.


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  1. Dave Wright

    Looks like it should be painted olive drab with a flag and a star or two on it in the bumper. Lots of these were military staff cars.

    • Ed P

      I had the same thought

  2. jaygryph

    Man I wish my 39 desoto had been as nice as that car. Mine looked great from 10 ft away but the interior was rough and the body had a lot of rot and bondo. It sure drove nice though. Didn’t corner worth a crap with those narrow bias ply tires on it, but in a straight line it was a pleasure to drive. This one would clean up pretty nice I think.

  3. Cassidy

    I like it, even the color is easy on the eyes. Looks like it was left out in the rain at least once, judging by the water stain on the front seat. A picture of the front floor would have been nice

  4. Ed P

    So far this looks like a good project car. The interior needs work but is still useable. Check the brakes, tires, change all fluids and go have fun.

  5. JimL

    I actually like the color. Wouldn’t mind having it.

  6. Chuck Farley

    For whatever reason (nothing I can specifically point out) this one screams “ARMY STAFF CAR/MOTOR POOL CAR

  7. Mark S Member

    What a sweet old four door, I’ve always thought that if your going to drive a four door at least make it a suicide fast back and it will have all kinds of cool. I might be a bit biased as I’m a big fan of anything Mopar from the 30’s cars on up I’m also a fan of the flat head engine and their proven durability/ reliability. I think that this might actually be a correct colour on this car personally is rather it sea foam green with a dark jade green top and fenders. I’d also be partial to a char coal gray on black interior. JMHO. In many ways it is very similar to my 51 dodge well at least mechanically. If I had money and space I’d be bidding on this one.

  8. James Scott

    Saw the title and thought immediately of my barnfind last summer. Ain’t nothing wrong with the car in this article. Here is my barnfind

  9. Howard A Member

    I agree, pretty nice project. Gonna take some doin’. Interior is usually last, like my Packard, got it running nice, looking nice, but never did get to the interior, about the same as this. I hope someone keeps this car as it was intended. Clutch pedal halfway to the floor, lot of play, could indicate a clutch soon.( that’s a lot of adjustment) “Double nickel” is about all you’d get with this setup. Any faster, the ol’ flathead starts to hammer. O/D would help. These were city cars, mostly, but a few, I’m sure, went from one side to the other in cars like this. My old man had a similar Dodge as his 1st car after the war. Cool find.

  10. Ck

    I’m, not big on four doors ,but the suicide doors on this one make the car .Don’t think its worth the $6800.00 bucks that their asking though.But still a verry kool car.

  11. Blyndgesser

    A nice shape in robin’s-egg blue, with probably a better suspension than its contemporaries, and a surprisingly decent flathead six. An excellent first classic.

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  12. jcs

    Although, compared to many CL listings, the seller did a good job with the PICS, the actual description is typical CL for it’s brevity. Although he starts out with “Runs”, line 4 states “Clean Title, Non Op”. Could be that Howard is on the right track about the clutch (although the clutch pedal could just have a weak return spring). Depending on what Non-Op means, could be a decent deal.

    • Steve

      jcs: non-op refers to the CA RMV/DMV. Fees are waived or substantially reduced on a car that is not being operated. You’ll see this term a lot on CA vehicles that have been in storage.

  13. geomechs geomechs Member

    These cars were classy. I’ve always preferred the ‘Mom-N-Pop’ cars over the higher end ones because they depict the typical American way of life a lot better than the Buicks and Cadillacs. Don’t get me wrong; the higher end cars were part of society as well but take a street scene in an average town in ’41 (even ’61 for that matter) and you’re far more likely to see Plymouths, Fords and Chevies than anything else. My grandfather was a successful rancher who hailed from the Four Corners before heading for the Big Sky, and the Chinook Belt in 1910. Before the war he drove mostly Fords (one Durant and a Graham too) and was happy with them. When my uncle got the Plymouth/Chrysler dealership after the war, Grandpa bought a Plymouth. He would eventually graduate to Chryslers but decided to wait ‘Until some of those extra horses died’ Close quote. This car would be a welcome addition to my collection. It would be a driver-restoration job to be enjoyed.

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  14. John Valandingham

    I had a cherry 1941 Plymouth Coupe and when I was in Vietnam the NJ cops made my father get rid of it because the plates were expired. I wish I had it back.

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