Cheap Exotic? 2005 Maserati Quattoporte

This 2005 Maserati Quattroporte is much newer than what we usually show here at Barn Finds. It’s twenty years newer than the previous newest Quattroporte that we’ve shown in the past but I have a feeling that Maserati ownership years are sort of like dog years, each one equals several normal years. This one can be found here on craigslist in the Roanoke, Virginia area and the seller is asking $6,500 or best offer. Thanks to Jay L. for sending in this exotic tip!

It’s more than a little unusual to be talking about a car this new here on Barn Finds, the home of mostly dusty and/or forgotten vintage and classic vehicles of all kinds. Well, using that model, this four-door exotic appears to be somewhat forgotten and dusty and it’s certainly in a dark, gloomy warehouse type of space. Let’s just think of it as sort of a Twilight Zone seeing-into-the-future type of barn find, one that’ll almost always take more than just a screwdriver and pliers to fix.

It’s hard to tell now since the fifth-generation Quattroporte has only been available since 2003, but I have a feeling that this will be somewhat of a timeless design, one that will look fresh in the coming decades when it will really be in its “classic” era, as opposed to now when it’s just an incredibly scary used car. The $6,500 or best offer asking price for a car that was over six figures when new just 15-16 years ago, that’s a scary thing, or it is to me. The seller says that the windshield has a crack and it sounds like the main issue is that the often historically-troublesome transmission needs a pump, from what the dealership told them.

We only get eleven photos total in this listing and if I’m not mistaken, both craigslist and eBay allow for a couple of dozen photos for the same amount of money, so it’s always mind-boggling to me when a seller doesn’t just go nuts with photos. And speaking of photos, you’ve already noticed that these won’t be in the 2021 Barn Finds Photos Hall of Fame. They’re really tough – blurry, dark with streaks of light here and there, and just generally aren’t really worthy of a Maserati, even a $6,500 one. That being said, this car does look great overall both inside and out. We don’t see the back seat which is unfortunate as they’re really nice in a Quattroporte.

But, we do get an engine photo and this is one fantastic engine. It’s a Ferrari F136 4.2L V8 with just under 400 horsepower and it’s a work of art – visual art, visceral art, aural art, and just the engine alone you would think would be worth the seller’s asking price. The only big issue that they mention is the transmission pump so I’m assuming that the engine is fine. This is not a car for the fainthearted, but for those of you who have the skills to do your own work, would you ever consider such a complicated project as a late-model Maserati?


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  1. alphasud Member

    I worked on a customer’s 05 Quattroporte several years ago and you do not want one with the F1 transaxle. Either the pump fails or you need a clutch replacement both are extremely expensive. From memory you need a 2008 or newer to get the ZF transaxle which a much better unit. I looked into buying a later one but regular consumables like brakes are ridiculous and at the time there were very little options besides factory to make ownership feasible for someone who knows there way around cars. Also with the F1 transaxle driving it in automatic mode is like fingers on a chalkboard. The shifts are so delayed you become self conscious of them. Keep her in manual and let the Ferrari breathe and the car is sublime.

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  2. JCA

    Sounds like it needs a manual swap

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    • Skorzeny

      You know it. Ok, this was available with a manual, right? (I see now it only has the semi-automatic)
      Ok, this needs a tranny swap of some sort. 0-60 is 4.9 and the 1/4 is 13.8.
      Curse on you Maserati.

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      • alphasud Member

        I’m not sure if the euro market offered a manual. The F1 transaxle is a automated manual though. If you were creative you might be able to convert like you can to the BMW SMG gearboxes. But then custom linkage and pedals and then working out the electronics no seeing a transmission. Just buy a newer one with the ZF.

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  3. JoeNYWF64

    I don’t think this is exotic looking at all! Looks contemporary cookie cutter 4 door to me, complete with a silly toy trunk lid that has to extend down the bumper to get anything inside, & requisite grey “color”.
    If i change the emblems to Buick, i bet a lot of people would think it WAS a Buick – hell it even has portholes in the fenders.
    & from the back, it has tail lites similar to a 2008 Malibu!

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    • JCA

      You wouldn’t even need sight to tell the difference, just hearing it is enough

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      • Will Irby

        I agree! A friend of mine has a couple of Maserati Gran Turismos (a 2010 and a 2019, the last iteration with the Ferrari engine) in his collection, and he is kind enough to let me drive them to keep them exercised. I don’t know if there is any other engine that has a sweeter song.

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    • Martin Horrocks

      You´ve never seen one!

      These are still one of the most impressive sights on the road, much nicer than the 6th generation QP.

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  4. EPO3

    Dump motor Dump the tranny and put a LS and tremec 5 speed in it good to go

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    • JCA

      Let me know when you are dumping the engine, I’ll haul it away for free

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  5. Husky

    A 318 Poly Swap and you’re back on the road….

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  6. jwzg

    What do cheap exotics, unicorns, dragons and the Flying Spaghetti Monster have in common?

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  7. Gerard Frederick

    Only for those with deep pockets. There maybe just one problem now, but what lurks in the future, you don´t want to be stuck with. There simply is nothing more costly than a cheap italian exotic. They are like a wooden boat — never ending Fix Its..

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  8. Daniel Gavin

    $$$$$$$!!!!!……Run away from this one.

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  9. Ryan Gilmore

    I worked for Maserati NA when these were introduced. Gorgeous car with 50/50 weight distribution, great handling and an engine to die for (durable too). Transmission, interior pieces and HVAC performance was not good. These issues were for the most remedied with the 2008 model. Buy a 2008 or newer and you will lose none of the experience.

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  10. 1Ronald

    Used to be that over 70,000 is when things started happening. Someone has gotten a good life out of it. But those photos are amazing. Luxury for those who deserve it. That inside shot with exotic woods everywhere and the outside except for the rainy day color is without parallel. Only boring people buy that color, which is a no color, car. I dare you–look at those photos and say you don’t want it? This listing’s made my day. Simply gorgeous. Thanks, Barn Finds.

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  11. Mitchell Gildea Member

    It’s cheap until parts start breaking

  12. Martin Horrocks

    At $6500 it is a $15000 parts yield.

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    • CJinSD

      It’s a $15K parts yield assuming anyone else is bothering to keep them on the road. Look at what people are paying for 2011 BMW 740iLs. We are closing in on peak disposable Veblen luxury.

  13. Howie Mueler

    Craig’s List is 100% free, no fees.

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    • JCA

      It’s $5 to list a car on Craigslist

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      • Howie Mueler

        Thank you, never knew that cause i never listed a car there.

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      • DN

        Yes! They had to start charging a nominal fee in an attempt to cut down on all of the fraudulent ads

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  14. t-bone bob

    wow. nice car, but scary with transmission issues

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