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Cheap Fishbowl On Wheels: 1977 AMC Pacer Wagon

Although appearing in the same color blue as the prop car from the movie “Wayne’s World”, this is actually a different model of pacer. With slightly longer proportions than a standard model, this Pacer Wagon is a tough sell with a not so good reputation, and  outdated styling holding it back. Not the most desirable car ever made, this pacer is offered at $1,400 and is negotiable. Find it here on craigslist out of Ridgeland, South Carolina. Thanks Pat L for the interesting submission!

With some minor rust present under the hood, this reasonably clean engine and bay aren’t the worst to look at. Claimed to be the original drivetrain to this chassis, this drivetrain is in “functional condition”. Despite being in “functional condition”, the gas tank has been cleaned, and is waiting to be installed. So unfortunately you cannot experience the functionality of the drivetrain. With several new parts, and maintenance items installed, you almost feel a sense of reliability. Personally I would rip out the stock engine for something else. Either a Mexican market AMC big 6 cylinder, or perhaps a V8 from other origins.

Peeking inside of this “Fishbowl on wheels” shows an interior that isn’t too bad off. The driver seat is ripped, and the passenger door panel is missing. The interior is a harmonious shade of blue, with no real discoloration. The back seat and the remainder of the interior are in nice shape, leaving only a little work to be dealt with on the interior of this AMC.

With some surface rust, and a few dents and dings, this pacer is old enough to be a specimen that is in above average condition. Rot appears to be minimal, with only a small area developing on the hatch. The paint is mostly there, although dry with a matte like finish. For those of you that want something old and small, this Pacer wagon may do the trick. I would opt for flames on the hood Like “Wayne’s World” but I can see where someone may choose a different route with this Pacer. Could you muster the courage to bring this Pacer wagon home?


  1. Larry K


  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    I like the Dodge van in the background, especially if it has a pickup bed.

  3. Darrun

    AMC actually put a 304 V8 in the Pacer Wagon in 78, so a swap could be easily done.

  4. DrinkinGasoline

    The only reason that I am chiming in on this find is because I owned a 75 Pacer DL 258 I6. It was my Father’s and after many years of moth balls….I put it back on the road. Maroon over Maroon, and after a simple head gasket replacement…..that “Fish Bowl”…..”Greenhouse”……”House of Glass”…was on the road long after many of my friends “rides” had been long relegated to the bone yard…

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Makes a good case for why he chose to own a DeSoto (which I still own) over the more popular mainstream, cheaper offerings of the time.

  5. DAN


  6. Bingo

    Brian you’re funny with the line “outdated styling”. I think it was outdated as it was rolling off the line.

    • SSPBill

      In deed. I’m partial the this gem, “experience the functionality of the drivetrain…” That would have been brilliant in a print ad.

      Seriously, quite a bit of innovative tech in these. Just in a package few wanted to buy.

  7. smittydog

    AMC… Their designers had a 3 martini lunch.

  8. Skloon

    This is the same car I drove home from my high school grad, less fake wood, I was voted the least impaired drove about 140km the wrong way and got stuck in the mud too, but nope not for me

    • john C

      Yeah,…… but I bet you were making good time traveling…

  9. chad

    ’87 – ’94 (4L) engine I6, frnt discs, a door and seat skins & go with it!
    Wagon’s even beddah than the coupe…

  10. BRAKTRCR Member

    I’m sure I will be corrected, but I remember these were originally supposed to have the Wankel engine. After everyone bailed on that engine, they put the 258 6 in it. I remember the 2 rear cylinders were way underneath the windshield line.
    More importantly, does this car have the factory licorice dispenser?

  11. Dave W

    Looks like both door panels are missing. The plastic they were made of was pretty fragile. I had a 76 Pacer in 84 and both inside door panels fell apart. Good luck finding new ones.

  12. Navadisha

    We put a junkyard V8 in one of these in High School quite easily. Can confirm, shenanigans ensued. Burnouts everyday till the driveshaft dropped.

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