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Cheap Ghia! 1978 Ford Mustang II

While far from the most desirable classic car, this 1978 Ford Mustang II Ghia is listed with a $1,000 Buy-It-Now and bidding just over $600 with the reserve unmet. That tells you this Ghia-trimmed Mustang is likely right around $800 or so to take it home as a tired but deserving project if you’re a fan of perhaps the most unloved Mustang generation. Truth be told, I’m mildly surprised to see such active bidding as it is. Find the Mustang here on eBay where it’s listed as a non-runner needing floor pan repair.

This is a six-cylinder car, so it’s not as if the carcass can be stripped of its 302 for transplanting into another project. Is it the luxurious Ghia appointments that’s driving some strong interest in the Mustang, or is it the mesmerizing appearance of the color-matched basketweave wheels against the tired butterscotch paint? Who knows, but if you’re a Mustang II fanatic with a Ghia in the garage, perhaps there’s some desirable trim you’re after that’s impossible to find.

The interior is somewhat tatty, with perhaps the seats and door panels being the lone exceptions. The Ghia-specific shag carpets are tired, and the wood trim in the dash is quite faded. The seller notes that floor pan repair is needed on the driver’s side and that he’s “…not sure” about the passenger side. That doesn’t bode well, if you ask me, considering how easy it is to confirm whether the floors are soft or not.

It does not run, and the seller doesn’t confirm whether the V6 still turns. Despite the rust in the floors, the body itself is not terrible, appearing to suffer mostly from surface rust. There are no brakes at the moment, so keep that in mind if you’re intending on getting a running start onto a trailer. Overall, cheap projects are getting harder to find, and while I wish this Mustang II Ghia was listed with no reserve, anything under $1K seems like a fair deal all around.


  1. Steve R

    I didn’t know Mustang II parts cars were approaching $1,000. Someone would probably be hard pressed to find that much moneys worth of useable parts on this car.

    Steve R

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  2. Bob C.

    Yes, these certainly were the most unloved and forgotten Mustangs, but exactly what the doctor ordered during the 1973 – 74 oil embargo. They served their purpose.

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  3. Bakyrdhero

    These are growing on me, but not this one.

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    • CanuckCarGuy

      On the other hand it definitely has something growing on it!

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    • Paul

      All mustangs II’s and Pinto’s should just be crushed and buried….don’t even try to recycle any part of them other than then front steering components. They are Junk! There manufacturer wants to forget about them! Why not everyone else? These cars are worthless! I know, I have owned them and driven them (well more pushed them cause they don’t run much)

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  4. Superdessucke

    Charlie’s Angels’ theme song now playing in my head. Same exact car? Maybe!


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  5. Bakyrdhero

    Looks just like it!!

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  6. KevinR

    Will Jaclyn Smith deliver it?

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    • Sandy Claws

      Maybe Jackie Smith circa 1976, today she couldn’t get her walker in the car.

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      • Superdessucke

        Well hopefully she aged better than this!

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      • Ken Jasionowski
      • Miguel

        She still looks great.

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      • Little_Cars Saul Member

        Let us not forget, Jackie Smith was a smart enough business woman to put her name on clothes sold at K-Mart! Remember K-Mart? Today — hate to mention it — the lead photo on Pinterest makes her look a WHOLE lot like Caitlin Jenner. ‘Nuf said.

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      • Mike

        If you’re commenting on the Mustang II used in Charlies Angels, it wasn’t Jackie, it was Farrah. You can actually buy die cast models of it that come with her posed on the hood like the poster.

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  7. angliagt angliagt

    And it comes with the Rust Accent Group!

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  8. Karl

    Everybody seems to hate these cars ,and whenever the internet has one of those “worst cars ever built” lists, the Mustang II shows up. The truth is , Ford sold more of these cars than they did of the previous 3 years. and they were pretty rugged little cars, so “worst car ever” hardly fits the bill . Like Bob C. said, they were just what people were looking for when gas prices were rising . They came with 4 , 6 and 8 cyl s ,coupe or fastback and several trim packages . Like most economy cars of the time they were not meant to be saved , just driven into the ground . Lots ended up as a teenagers first car , or a winter beater. This one is rough, but a perfect parts car for someone.
    My future wife owned one in high school. it was a 1978 Ghia T top fastback , triple black with a 4cyl stick and factory mags. Now that would have been a perfect candidate for a 302 swap !

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    • dweezilaz

      And far more true to the original Mustang’s business model and intent than the 69-73, where Ford lost the plot trying to sell mini T Birds.

      Both the first gen and the II could be had any way the buyer wanted. Even the basic ones were well trimmed.

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  9. Backintheusa

    The 2.8L V6 is a popular engine to transplant into LBC’s. It is the most popular engine transplant for Sunbeam Alpines and a kit is available for that. (The Alpine conversion uses a T5 transmission, but requires the bellhousing from a manual Mustang II V6, which sadly this one won’t have). I know hot rodders like the front suspension, so there is value there. And, if I am not mistaken, it should have an 8″ rear, which is also popular for various conversions and becoming increasingly hard to find. So, there is certainly value in this one. Whether or not that value will meet the seller’s reserve is another story.

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  10. Jimmy

    I grew up with these cars and yes the oil embargo made these one of Fords best selling cars. The feature car is not worth a thousand dollars even if the spare was included.

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  11. Tort Member

    Junk now and junk when new. Know when new first hand.

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  12. Mike

    Ahhh, the Mustang II. They gave us so much yet get no love. I think it’s about time that people realize that if it wasn’t for the Mustang II, there probably wouldn’t be a Mustang today. I’ve never been a big fan of most Mustangs but, call me crazy, I’ve always loved the Mustang II. I think it’s because my dad bought one brand new in 1976 as his go to work car. Candy apple red hatchback/black interior and the mighty 2.3L (?) and 4 speed. It’s the car that taught me how to drive and took me through high school in the mid 80’s. They also gave us the front clip (suspension/steering) that so many drag racers and hot rodders use to this day. No, I don’t think this one is worth more than scrap price. I do think that it’s time that the nice ones get some respect.

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