Cheap RV! 1974 Winnebago

In the world of recreational vehicles, the name “Winnebago” is often interchangeable with “RV” as “Coke” is interchangeable to many for “Soda Pop.” Winnebago Industries, based on Forest City, Iowa, has been building recreational vehicles for years and recently also got into the motorboat business through an acquisition. Most of their RVs are distinguished by their size/length and creature comforts. This Winnebago from 1974, mostly likely an Indian or Brave model, is strictly for parts and is being sold as such. It’s sitting outside in the wide-open spaces in Rathdrum, Idaho and available here on Facebook Marketplace for $300. Come and get it!

Winnebago the company was named after Winnebago County where it’s located. In turn, the county got its designation from the Native American tribe who have historically lived in the area. During the ‘70s and ‘80s, Winnebago branded their products using Native American terms, such as the Indian, Chieftain, and the Brave. We don’t know exactly which one the seller’s RV is, but a safe bet is that it’s a Brave. Whatever it is, it will not come with a title.

There isn’t much information about this RV to comment on other than you can’t bring your family and move into it. He’s asking practically nothing for the Winnie, so whatever you can glean AFTER you haul it away could put you ahead of the curve. The outside is beat up, but not necessarily at a loss for body parts if you need them. We’re told the interior is trash, so don’t expect much there. The last photo here MIGHT be an example of what the insides could have looked like back in better days. The 360 V-8 (Chrysler?) was running up until recently, so that could be worth picking. But the automatic transmission has already flown the coop (TorqueFlite?).


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  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    “Clark,that there’s an ARRRRVEEEEE”.

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    • Dave

      Nah, needs Barf, Lone Star, and Princess Vespa.

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      • Francisco

        Where’s Pizza the Hut?

  2. JimmyJ

    If it was free it would still be overpriced!

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    • stu

      Anything under $0 is too much….

  3. Breaking B

    Feeling like someone might get it to break bad. 😂

    Maybe someone can save the RV to see national treasures 👍

  4. Big_Fun Member

    I had one of these a a child; built by Tonka. This one is on ebay with no reserve. It may be the better buy….

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      Plus you won’t need any shots.

  5. Ian C

    I love the old “dinosaur” RV’s. I even had a 1972 Champion 24′ at one point.(approx 2004-2006) It isn’t that difficult to update these to modern interiors and amenities on the inside. Then you keep the brick styling for a bit of nostalgia. I wish these would hit the roads more often!

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  6. john

    The ‘new little house’ that folks desiring to join the minimalist style of living crave.. Yes, this too can sit deep in your drive and still adhere to county rules. Give it a wash and wax, hook up to a good extension cord, and never drive it again….

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    • stu

      Are you looking at the same thing all of us are?

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      • Dickie F.

        I agree Stu, I am trying to find the time to rebuild a running 70 Winnebago Indian.
        The previous and original 1st owner, when he sees the working progress R V. says to me ” that there arvee is just useful enough to permanently park on a plot at the beach”.
        He is referring to the age and fuel consumption.

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      • Stu

        If you can get this unit to work and clean it up…should be good. Too much work for me

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  7. Richard Isenberg

    I’m looking for a mother in law suite. I figured this will work. I can drag it to PA and set it out behind the shed. Plant a couple shrubs around it run a heavy duty cord out with a heater. She really deserves something this nice for all she has done. Maybe at some point put a little skirting around it. Ya know really go above and beyond. I’m gonna give them 500 because I really need to do this

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    • Steve Clinton

      Better bring a trailer! (OOPS, wrong site!)

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    • stu

      Richard Isenberg….
      Tell you what, I want to make sure your mother in law gets this deserved getaway….give me $600 and I will tow it to you. You can have her outside the day I arrive and tell her surprise! You will be remembered in her eyes forever!!!
      Lucky you….

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      • Richard Isenberg

        Thanks Stu. It was a good laugh. We all need some good humor and be good to one another

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      • stu

        Richard Isenberg….
        In todays times, people forget what matters. A good laugh is what we all need…..

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  8. Steve Clinton

    Park it in Arkansas, put it on blocks, voila, instant condo!

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  9. Arthur Brown

    What would Walter White do?

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  10. Jerry Member

    More like a expensive boat anchor.

  11. 3Deuces

    Mobile meth lab, anyone?

  12. Howie Mueler

    Cheap RV, like a cheap Ferrari?

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  13. Joseph

    I know of mechanics who are on the lookout for salvage motor homes like this one to obtain 440 Chrylser blocks for rebuilding. There are a lot of old motor homes like this out there and they go cheaply.

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  14. John Member

    Backin the day of our RV travels we seen a lot of these old MH in roll-overs,
    they distinagrated, the peoples belongings all over the terrain, they were wood framed, we had a MH W/360, not bad engine, but the frame was a beefed up 1 ton, baddd-d-d-d, no turning radius, wouldn’t handle right.

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