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Cheap 1969 Jaguar XKE Roadster


We always prefer the Series 1 XKE to the later version, but we would never turn down a SII roadster if the price was right. It is hard to determine from the photos how good of a bargain this 1969 Jaguar E-Type really is, but it looks very promising. Hector V. gets credit for the find and he even went to take a look so we’re sure he can provide us with more insight. The seller is asking $16k for this one here on craigslist out of West Palm Beach, Florida. They also make mention of a S1 coupe and a XK120.


The seller does not give any hints of the car’s condition other than the fact that is is red and includes a removable hardtop. Our main concerns here would be rust and maintenance records. Florida humidity may have caused havoc with the underside and that engine can be a pain to get right if the previous owners did not take good care of it properly. It may need some work, but then again $16k doesn’t get you much these days.


The Series II XKE came a long in response to US safety requirements so they lost the closed headlights and gained raised bumpers. Inside they lost the shiny toggle switches that we all love, but they also acquired a collapsible steering column that we should all love even more. This could be quite a bargain for one of the most beautiful cars ever built and we can’t think of many things we would rather do more than donning a pair of leather driving gloves and taking this one out on a warm summer evening…

UPDATE: Here are a few more photos that Hector snapped. Thanks Hector!

 1969 Jaguar E-type SII Values
#4: $30,300   #3: $45,600   #2: $66,000   #1: $90,100
From Hagerty’s Price Guide


  1. tomeokc

    No such thing as a cheap Jaguar -)

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  2. Scheese

    That will go quickly good buy or not.

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  3. paul

    Well what do you know something in my backyard, well an hour away. I will have to see if I can free myself up for a peek.

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  4. jim

    from the service manual under clutch replacement ” remove engine from car “, start of section which i reread every time i start to lust after one of these. but a great find

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    • Scheese

      You have to pull the motor for most Euro sports cars to get to the clutch. Don’t let that hold you back. The bonnet can be taken off easily and it can be tilted way forward for all other serious access. You can drop the motor out the bottom and pull the car away. The clutches are strong and do not need to be replaced often. These Jags are pretty much bullet proof if you have a good mechanic that understands how to maintain them. Modifications are usually where the problems lie. Jump in the deep end and enjoy the drive. Life is short.

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      • Scheese

        I forgot to say DO NOT BUY THIS CAR! Buy one that has been well maintained and needs nothing when you buy it. If you start with a $16k E that should be selling for $50k then you will be pulling a second mortgage on your house in no time.
        Good luck

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      • paul

        For the most part when you see these E types painted a non original color as this one is, you really need to do your homework & check for rust, cars of this era that sat on ships from the other side of the pond had major rust problems, add to the fact that this is a humid climate & you get the idea. Not that this wouldn’t be a good project, but be prepared to buy a new tub, everything from the cowl back is available new & dipped in an epoxy primer to prevent rust, ( better then new ).

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      • jim

        thanks, but i have helped replace a clutch ( not mine) in a xke as well a other cars etc over the years. none was as hard as the jag and yes we knew what we were doing and had a garage and tools. i still lust after one but i am not even taking a xke for a drive let alone buying. thanks jim

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    • Dolphin Member

      You’re right about E-type clutch replacement, but I have personally replaced clutches in numerous sportscars without removing the engine (Austin Healey 3000, MGA, Sprite, 240Z, Alfa GTV6, Ferrari 330GTC, etc). I think with a little patience and muscle the clutch on most vintage sportscars could be got at with the engine in place.

      The E-type is truly a “complex” vehicle, and is not for the faint-of-heart.

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  5. jake

    Good price….but right off the bat, why is the passenger seat so far reclined?? Front drivers side chrome missing around headlight. Gotta know these if you are willing to play, but a correct driver is worth the admission….if the clutch job scares you, then you need to stay away….An E Type is a fine tuned animal waiting to be released, and best know the service schedule, if followed-a very rewarding ride. I would rather find a diamond in the rough than a trailer queen.

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  6. Bob Ford

    I have access to a silver 1970 type2 with 18K original miles. The car has a new repaint in a beautiful silver, and is otherwise original. Slight wear (surface cracks) in seats, otherwise clean. The asking price of $45K is very reasonable for one of the finest examples of an original unrestored E-type you will find. Email me if interested, serious buyers only.

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    • jake

      Bob, it is not unrestored if it has been repainted!!!

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      • Bob

        Jake, EVERYTHING else about the car is original, unmolested and factory. It is unrestored. No body work was done, no trim replaced, nothing except silver paint. Original window felts, and most factory rubber parts too. I call that unrestored. You can pick it apart, but there’s not a better E-type value on the market today. This is a creampuff.

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  7. Horse Radish

    About that “$16k doesn’t get you much” ..
    Can you do me a favor, Jesse, don’t go there.
    Gullwing motors (aka Peter Kumar) is an overpriced junk peddler.
    All their cars need to find a dedicated loving soul that revives these carcuses and at their asking prices , you would think that it includes the restoration.
    So, please, spare us that agony, times 100.
    I feel so bad for the cars, especially that he drags them to NY to slowly wither away.
    He has a West coast counter part now, some M.O.,
    Alex Manos, calls himself “Beverly Hills Car Club”, which isn’t within 15 miles of Beverly Hills….
    Bottom line is, that I am hoping people pay more to the private individuals before they turn up in either of those guys’ inventory…..

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    • paul

      I will never buy from any dealer either for an exotic toy or my every day drivers.

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      • Horse Radish

        I agree. Ditto.
        Buying and selling for a profit (usually without improving the car one bit)
        Especially those two guys are just screaming ‘GREED’ all over.

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  8. Larry

    oh yeah, owned a 70 XKE Roadster, or rather it owned me. Replace clutch? Remove bonnet, remove console and shifter, remove seats, remove engine and transmission. Cost? Try $1000 in 1976. GOD only knows how much today. Need new brake pads? Drop entire rear end, and while at it replace shocks etc. A maintenance nightmare.

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