Cheapest Jaguar XK120 On The Market?

Barn Finds reader Doc just sent in this Jaguar with the title “maybe the cheapest XK120 in the world”. The $12k asking price may not seem cheap to most people, but a quick search reveals that this particular project may actually be the most affordable one on the market right now. Roadsters go for a lot more, but these coupes still bring decent money with values ranging from $50k for a  driver all the way up to $150k for a perfect example. This one is located in Shutesbury, MA and is listed here on craigslist. Thanks for the tip Doc!

Some claim that the Jaguar E-Type is the most beautiful car ever built, but I’d argue that the XK120 is actually more visually appealing. It may not have the extreme curves or proportions, but there’s no arguing that these machines are easy on the eyes. These have always been one of my favorite British sports cars and prices indicate that many people feel the same way. You are going to have to love these cars a lot to take on a project like this.

The body looks rough at first glance, but closer inspection reveals that it’s not actually that bad. The car was taken apart decades ago, but the owner didn’t get any further than painting the frame. The current seller claims that most everything is there to put it back together and they have an engine from a Mark VII and a correct XK120 head. The transmission and rear end are also claimed to be correct. Still, it’s going to be a lot of work to restore everything and put it all back together.

At the end of the seller’s craigslist ad they mention that they have a huge inventory of Jaguar parts and that they could include all the parts needed to finish the job. That may be the way to go if they are realistic with their prices. Just make sure you know what you are getting into before spending your retirement fund on this one. They are painfully beautiful, but also painfully expensive. With that said, we really hope this beautiful coupe is put back onto the road very soon!

Can you find a similar project for less? Post it in the comments below if you can…

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  1. Maestro1 Member

    It’s a monster job. If you are on the Left Coast, buy the car, get all the parts you can and call Kurt Tanner Motors in Santa Ana California and let him do the job. Restore to driver, not concours. Assume $50,000.00 will get you there. If nto, discuss it with Kurt who is a good person and see what can be done. I hate to see these beauties die.

  2. Ikey Heyman Member

    Everyone talks about how expensive it is to maintain one of these. I’ve owned this one for over 60 years. I sat down one night at the kitchen table with a tall glass of bourbon and a calculator to figure out my ownership cost to date, and it came out to exactly $0.00.

    • KawiVulc

      Wish I could say I still have some of my cars but, sadly, I’ve not a one. Good for you! Oddly, somehow my small comic collection made it into the stuff my folks held for me after I went into the service (Sgt. Rock… none of that guys in tights crap). Rather have the cars, though…

  3. TriPowerVette

    Our uncle Clark lived in Hollywood and had an on-again, off-again girlfriend / neighbor. They were both in their mid 40’s and successful.

    He had a MG-TF that he used to park on the sidewalk outside of the apartment building he owned.

    “Aunt” Arlene was a court reporter, and owned a 140 roadster. It was white with a black interior / top, and everyone wanted it / her.

    Gosh, she looked great pulling up to the house, with that platinum blonde hair blowing in the wind!

    The woman was beautiful, too.

  4. JagManBill

    I know it wouldn’t be correct, but serious temptation would be here to resto-rod this. Stay with the Jag engine but an AJ16, 5 spd, Ford 8″ rear w/disks, XJ6 S3 front suspension, Halibrand wheels, raven Black interior/exterior paint; dark cinnamon leather interior

  5. Coventrycat

    No resto mods on anything earlier than Series 3 XJ’ can bodge those all you like.

    • JagManBill

      I said it wouldn’t be correct….just tempting…. :)

      • Ross W. Lovell

        Greetings All,

        JagManBill, I know how you feel…….

        The next long term project after my SS1 might be a MKIX turned into a coupe. It means moving the firewall scuttle back and taking a few inches out of the frame and body.

        Problem is……….I might use the V12. Just have to rethink that hood. I want to retain it all but access sucks with the six and it wouldn’t be any better with the 12. Problem is the reaching down.

        AJ6 engine, breathed upon correctly us very potent.

  6. Tricky

    If I had the money, and the time…. Love the Ol’ Jags – along with the early Aston’s. probably the most beautiful cars ever built!!

  7. John Elmgreen

    Car deleted from Craigslist as at 13 Nov 18. Would have liked to have got the numbers.

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