Chicken Coop Find: 1968 Pontiac Firebird

UPDATE – This one got bid up to $5,000 back in September, but has now been relisted here on eBay. They didn’t include any more photos or info though so will it go any higher?

FROM 9/23/18 – The seller of this 1968 Pontiac Firebird purchased it a quarter century ago with the intent to restore it. Since then, it has sat in a chicken coop. It is now for sale here on eBay with a current bid of $3,250. Located in Jackson, New Jersey, the car is ready for a new owner to tackle the project.

The interior photos are on the dark side, but it appears to be in pretty good shape. There is no transmission, but the owner states he has the original 350 cubic inch engine “scattered in here somewhere” which isn’t very promising. The ad also indicates there is a 400 c.i.d. from a Pontiac Catalina, but the seller doesn’t say if it is included with the sale.

The body will be the biggest part of this project. The seller says that the car needs a floor pan and patch panel in the trunk. You can tell this car suffers from some rust issues. A thorough inspection should tell the whole story. So what do you think? Is this car worth saving? Hopefully, the car will get to see a restoration after 25+ years of waiting.

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  1. Dean

    Well, you know what rhymes with coop…forewarned is forearmed

    • Billy 007

      Yes, and I bet there is a lot of it in this car. Wear gloves and a mask for sure! PU! Can’t ya just smell the dung? Lots a of germs from rodent crap, but bird (chicken) crap is worse. Ever deal with histoplasmosis kiddies? I hope it is worth it boys, think twice.

  2. grant

    As acidic as chicken manure is I can only cringe.

  3. Kenneth Carney

    Ooh-ooh that smell. Can’t ya’ smell that
    smell? Ooh ooh that smell…don’t think
    Lynard Skynard wrote that tune about
    this poor car, but it just fits the situation
    this poor car was found in. Bought a ’52
    Chevy in a similar state. Took quite a while for the car to air out enpugh to
    stsrt working on it. Hope someone
    gives this car a good home, it sure
    needs it.

  4. RoughDiamond Member

    Well if the “fanatics” who looked at it did not jump on it that should tell us something.

  5. Redwagon

    On the positive side the reserve has been met so the seller is realistic about value.

  6. Scott Landers

    Chemical dip the body and lose the smell and see what’s left.

  7. Old SKOOL

    SERIOUSLY IF that Pile of Coop POOP was FREE ….. I WOULDN’T WASTE my time going after it!!!!
    Just Saying…..

  8. Nostromo

    Jackson, New Jersey; out near Great Adventure. This Firebird looks crumpled and as though someone forget to put it out for recycling. Have never cared for convertibles; as I see it, the soft-top ruins the vehicle’s lines.

  9. Madmatt

    If this was a Camaro,sadly there would have been more
    buyers.I like the Firebirds much better,but this will
    cost quite a bit..just to pressure wash inside and out,
    my water bill,is high enough already..!!.Looks like it may have
    been hit in the rear,as the right quarter panel has damage/rust.
    This could be a beautiful bird again,but it will take a lot of “elbow”
    grease,and a nice full piggy bank,not to mention a case of Clorox
    wipes and a case of Lysol spray…lol..

  10. Little Cars

    Been there, done that, have the masks for and olfactory memory of guano to prove it. Procured an MG Midget out of a chicken building (bigger than a coop) and this is how it was found when the owner sent me advance photos. Very odd wear pattern on the paint from 30 years of fowl droppings not to mention the occasional goat. I do like the Firebird find, though!

  11. Ulrich

    It had a hard hit from the rear

  12. Rich Reidenbaker

    Well I checked out the car in person. It is in very poor condition, interior is not great and rust inside. There is not a usable panel on the car or one that doesn’t need significant work. It is a labor of love for someone but definitely not a good investment.
    Nice sellers but unrealistic on the price. Asking $6000

  13. stillrunners

    All I see is the arm chair builders talking crap again. Looks like it’s been in a nice storage shed and not a chicken coupe…haha.

  14. theGasHole

    It’s in Jackson, NJ….not far from the ocean. Chicken poop concerns aside, it’s a 68 Pontiac….the rust repairs will bleed your 401k to death.

  15. Little Cars

    Relisted because of deadbeat buyer. Looks like it has a tilt wheel and with three pedals this is very interesting. I get a kick out of the seller saying there is a “ripple” in the rear quarter which just happens to be this car’s SECOND rear quarter since birth. That is quite a CRUNCH! Looks like later 15″ Pontiac Rally wheels as well. Still, I like the low reserve and wish I was closer.

  16. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    So THIS is what y’all mean when you talk about The Screaming Chicken on the hood of a Firebird???

  17. Dan

    Sold for $5k this time around.

  18. Mike

    Okay,…let me get this right. A Firebird, covered in chicken crap, inside a chicken coop,…. There’s a joke in there, somewhere. I just can’t see it, at the moment. PASS

  19. Steve A

    Maybe it’s getting better with age.🤣

  20. bog

    An Army buddy had an actual new (and handsome) ’68 ‘Bird in this red with white convertible top that he brought over to Germany with him. Was a nice enough car, though not nearly as nice as another high school buddies 1st gen GOAT in same color scheme. Buddy in Germany took his off-road down embankment & flipped it with 3 other guys inside. Amazingly all walked away, AND wrecked car looked better than this ! He took his insurance money and bought a new Lotus Europa in BRG. Quite impossible to flip those, I’d think….

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