Christmas Story Connection: 1970 Alfa Romeo GTV

This is either extremely timely or one of the more desperate attempts to cash in on the holiday season: the seller claims this 1970 Alfa Romeo GTV belonged to none other than Darren McGavin, the famous face behind Old Man Parker in the movie now playing on at least three major cable television stations in a near-constant loop: A Christmas Story. You can find Mr. McGavin’s former pride and joy here on eBay for $15,000. 

Thanks to Barn Finds reader John for the find. The seller contends that the recorded mileage of 16,000 is genuine, as service records indicate its last service was around 13,000. Now, that’s not exactly an ironclad way of assessing mileage, but those old door jamb oil change stickers do provide some clues when paperwork is non-existent. The seller says he purchased the car directly from McGavin, who passed away in 2006, and that they retain documents confirming his ownership.

The GTV has been off the road for some time likely both in the seller’s possession and McGavin’s. The California blue plates offer some validation of this, but the mention of “…rust in the typical places” makes me wonder if the Alfa was parked years before McGavin’s passing. The seller notes it was purchased new in Germany while McGavin was involved with a project there, and was spec’d with fuel injection to make importation less of a hassle when he returned.

I don’t think this car’s ownership history adds much to the Alfa’s pedigree, as McGavin wasn’t a perennial box office smash like other actors. Still, the story alone is worth the cost of admission if you get to tell people you’re driving the car that belonged to the dad that cherished a leg lamp and who never could quite wrangle his neighbors’ bloodhounds!


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  1. Chevelle guy

    it’s a major award …

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  2. John K

    Darren is known for his role in A Christmas Story. I think this interior had a role in the Night Stalker.

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  3. Mountainwoodie

    Darren McGavin was in many other movies and TV series from the forties onward. He was Sinatras drug dealer in The Man With A Golden Arm. If you watched TV in the Sixties he seemed to be everywhere. The plates on the Alpha are from 1970. Too bad the car hasnt been better taken care of. Dont know that McGavin’s ownership adds much value but its interesting. Always wanted on of these models.

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  4. RoughDiamond

    Value added by previous owner, doubtful, but value detracted by roof caved in by vandals a bit and needs to be pushed out, positively.

  5. Scott Tait

    This ones is in a lot better shape than the white & rust copart special we seen the other day

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  6. Pete

    His address is a strip mall….a very old strip mall

  7. Jetfire88

    McGavin was an Oldsmobile Man in Christmas Story, just sayin’…

  8. Dale Davis Member

    Saw this for sale on craigslist and had an interest in the car since it was basically next door. That was at $7500 and no mention of the actor stuff. Guy said that Alex of BH car club bought most of the 10 alfas he had but passed on this one. Alex and his crew are sharp so I passed as well.

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    • Corbin Miller

      I viewed the car as it is shown here; with only 16k miles I really considered it but the restoration seemed daunting. I’m shocked to see it halved, still worth considering.

  9. Pete J

    I checked out the address on google it’s nice house off Sunset Blvd in a small enclavek sold in October in $2.995MM……

  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Wow….kinda ruff for a movie star car that hasn’t been blown up…….

  11. Wrong Way

    I don’t care who owned this car! I look at it as a Alpha! It’s overly priced by several thousand dollars! This guy is a dreamer!

    • t-BONE BOB

      It’s ALFA

  12. Geoff

    “Fr-ah-gee-lay… huh, must be Italian.”

  13. t-bone Bob

    Some potential here.

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