Chrome Bumper MGB for $285!

There’s not a lot of information to go on for this barn find 1974 MGB, which the seller claims has just been winched out of a lock-up somewhere near Detroit. It doesn’t appear that the storage unit was anything approaching tidy, and the MGB looks downright filthy. The floors are gone, but hey – it’s just $285 and it’s going to the crusher if you don’t act fast! Chrome bumper MGBs are still sought after today, and this one could offer a serious parts haul for anyone restoring one. Find it here on craigslist with no title and the option to submit a best offer.

Image courtesy of Moss Motors

I don’t even know what to say about a cheap project like this, especially with just the one photo to go on. But for that kind of money, I’m not going to hassle anyone about more pictures. The floor is gone, and the seller notes the interior could potentially offer up the dashboard as a good spare, but doesn’t say much else about the cabin. On the outside, the bumpers, taillight lenses, fenders, hood, doors, grill and more are all potentially good parts, and right there is more than $285 in original equipment. The temptation to submit an offer of $200 or below is there – would you?


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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Or you could sit in your chair and order any parts you may need from Moss or Victoria British, done deal. And that’s coming from a guy who has rescued so many unloved cars like this one.

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  2. Fred W

    Hose it off and flip it for $650.

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  3. kevin

    The OD trans alone is worth double the asking price.

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  4. Howard A Member

    Didn’t ’74’s have amber turn signals? I agree, the O/D is worth that.

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  5. Haig Haleblian

    Last year I pulled a 86 944 Turbo out of a Chicago alley garage for free. No suspension or drive train sitting on jack stands made for an interesting pickup. Rock solid body. Put it on ebay for a grand with no play. Then started at $10 with the same results. Car had some great options so parted it out and have done a lot better than $10. Issue came with getting rid of the shell. Metal recycler wanted the car cut into three sections. Boneyard wanted the title and $80. Convinced the boneyard to take it for nothing.

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  6. Haig Haleblian

    If I was retired I would do it again. But I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.

  7. Classic Steel

    Someone bring those folks who buy storage lockers buy and get 800 in storage reality war fashion 😉😜

    No telling the size of vermin pulling out with the car. It could be great with engine parts or one heap of covered rust 🤔

    Please take a picture if bought so the suspense will end 😜

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  8. Little_Cars

    OD transmissions working or not is worth $700 all day long. Friend sold one purchased for $250 off local Craigslist and the next week it sat for less than ten minutes at the British Car Show before being carted off for $800.

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  9. Gaspumpchas

    Partz is partz. Good luck to the new owner. If I was into Brit-tish cars and close enough to pick it up myself I’d grab it, part it and put the rest in a garbage bag. Opportunity for someone!!!

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  10. Wayne

    Yup, just another parts car. A money maker to strip and sell the parts.
    With rotted floors not worth repairing. And no, you just can’t swap bumpers with a rubber bumper car. Much work needed to make the job look good. (Go ahead, ask me how I know!)

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  11. ILoveCarz

    OK, Wayne, how?

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  12. Rob

    Easily $1000 profit there, but know going in from someone who’s done it that parting out a car via eBay and Craigslist is no fun. Lots of time involved in pulling parts, cleaning up a bit, taking pictures, writing the ads, responding to questions, boxing, figuring out postage, and trips to UPS or the post office.

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    • Haig Haleblian

      spot on Rob

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  13. Wayne

    ILoveCarz, I saw a chrome bumper MGB in the junk yard with perfect chrome bumpers. I had an ugly rubber bumper car at home. Cool, I will just swap these on to my car and it will then be pretty! About a week later (two weekends and every evening until about 11:00 pm) The car then had chrome bumpers. The worst is the rear bumper (you also need a hacksaw to do the front) as the little “pedestals” that are under the tail lamps on chrome bumper cars, don’t exist on rubber bumper cars. One of the MG supply houses (I think Moss) had these listed for an MGB GT application. They don’t even come close to fitting. I ended up building them from scratch and I am not a metal or body guy. I got lucky and they came out great and I received many positive comments. BUT NEVER AGAIN! If I ever have a rubber bumper MGB again (not very likely as I have the roadster still and a 1971 GT) I would pull off the ugly bumpers and replace them with the fiberglass Sebring replicas.

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  14. Dennis Marth

    I’m in the process of finishing a resto mod on my 1963 MGB. This is my fifth, and final such venture. I wouldn’t touch that with a 3 meter cattle prod. For those who say there’s xxxx dollars in “profit” to be had there, go for it. Of course there are saleable parts. But profit comes after all the costs are reckoned.

    No thanks.

  15. Gaspumpchas

    Dennis, love the commentary. Profit comes after all the costs are reckoned. We need to put this profound statement on a sign to hang up in our shops!!! Thanks.

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  16. Paul T Root

    last I saw an overdrive on ebay (haven’t looked in a long time), they are going for at least $800. That’s one part.

  17. Little_Cars

    What kills profit is pulling an empty trailer ten hours away driving a V8 gas hog truck. Meals, maybe hotel stay. Blow a tire. I’m a fairly busy man with a new baby to take care of. Parting this MGB for a quick profit would be no great burden if it was an hour away. This MG is one of those parts cars that I would have already snapped up if it was. Due to it’s derelict state the list wouldn’t be long so parts would come off over the course of a single weekend. Gearbox would sell locally so no shipping. I go to the post office regularly anyway. As far as online marketplaces…they are all “up” on my computer at home 24/7 and with my cell phone while the baby is asleep the photos would be a snap. The bumpers, glass and transmission would be gone/sold before the thing is dragged into my shop.

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