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Chula Vista Salvage Yard Liquidation

Chula Vista Salvage Yard

It isn’t often that a whole salvage yard comes up for sale, especially one with everything from American muscle to European classics and just about everything in between. This salvage yard is in Chula Vista, California and the owner has decided to sell off the whole collection. This fantastic find is listed here on craigslist. Thanks to reader Kyle K for sharing it with us.

Chula Vista Salvage Yard American Cars

There are over 140 cars for sale at this salvage yard, plus a large selection of motorcycles. Many of these cars are in really rough condition and not worth saving, but there are a few gems and a lot of decent parts. We can’t even begin to name all the different cars that we’ve spotted in the photos. A few of the more notable marques we found include Mercedes, Jaguar, Volkswagen, and Nash.

Chula Vista Salvage Yard Volvo Pv

This collection contains a broad mix of makes and models. While there aren’t many of significant value, there are plenty that would be worth checking out. There are several Volvos, including this one which looks to be very solid and complete. It looks like a PV444. but it has a one-piece windshield and a home brew grill so we are not completely sure. There are also several Nashes that appear to be in excellent condition and could be worth picking up. We wish we lived nearby because it would be fun to make a visit just to stroll the lot. Who knows, there may even be a few gems hiding in there that are not visible in the photos.

Chula Vista Salvage Yard Nash

If any of you live in the Chula Vista area and could stop by and check these cars out, we would love to hear about it. Be sure to give the owner a call before stopping by and don’t forget your camera.


  1. Avatar photo Anonymous

    how do we get in on this and buy some pf these cars ?

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  2. Avatar photo Jeff

    The CL post has been flagged- boo! Did you screen cap it?

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  3. Avatar photo l8apexer

    The car in question is a Volvo PV544….that grille is horrible!

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  4. Avatar photo John

    How do I find this place? I’m right here in Chula Vista! The link to the CL AD was flagged. Is there any other contact info?

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  5. Avatar photo Barn Finds

    Looks like it was flagged right after we posted it. I will try to find the contact info.

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  6. Avatar photo ronny

    i really wish i could go see that!…that damn nash is mint!

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  7. Avatar photo Somer

    Call one of the other yards there.I googled three.

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  8. Avatar photo Corey

    I could really spend a lot of money in a very stupid fashion at this place. That Olds on pg. 14 of the photo album, the Buick on pg. 15 with the period Nixon bumpersticker, the Dart on pg. 12, the half restored Olds on pg. 10….

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  9. Avatar photo Barn Finds

    We did some digging and came up with a screenshot of the ad. Refer to the top of this page for the link.

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  10. Avatar photo Pete

    Yes I would like info on this auction. Thanks

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  11. Avatar photo Barn Finds
  12. Avatar photo Pete

    I found it. Awaiting to call the guy back after lunch.

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  13. Avatar photo European

    to help with those wanting to see the photos on photo buckethttp://s589.photobucket.com/albums/ss335/CREATURE58/For%20Sale/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ24

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  14. Avatar photo bdk

    Looks like the wrecking yard is on or near 1531 Faivre Street is anyone wants to google the satellite photos of the place.

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  15. Avatar photo ano nymous

    West Coast Genral Auto Repair1656 Silvas Street, Chula Vista, CA 91911-4622(619) 425-6392 ?ÇÄ

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  16. Avatar photo LL

    Googled it and it looks like 2523 Favre St to me. Towing yard. Probably not one title in the entire lot but lots of interesting vehicles.

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  17. Avatar photo Pete

    Actually spoke to one of the owners today. AllVehicles that he wants to sell will sold With a Lien sale title. Totally legit. I bought my last truck that way.No issues

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  18. Avatar photo LL

    Great to know Pete. I guess the car magazines had me convinced California had declared war on people trying to title hot rods and old cars. It is amazing to an East Coaster that those cars could be so close to the ocean and survive the salt air so well. Judging by the lack of modern accessories (Dubs, gold wires, aftermarket chrome, etc.) it seems those cars have been there a while. I hope those great cars go to good homes and I especially hope that someone scores a nice split window from those three rows of VW’s on the left. Happy Hunting

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  19. Avatar photo Pete

    Trust me that is nothing. There are tons more. Afa as the climate. I don’t know whatAnyone is talking about. It’s pure hell here.

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  20. Avatar photo Josh Cantor

    I have a replacement grill available for the Volvo 544 if anyone is interested in picking up that car (I have both the interior part and the chrome surround). (858) 204-8304. cantorhome@cox.net

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  21. Avatar photo mikey

    Pete,If you go or have been………any old Lotus, Alfa or Boss 302’s? I’m in Point Loma.

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  22. Avatar photo Pete

    I might go Friday. I doubt any Boss 302’s

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  23. Avatar photo Mitchell Lehrman

    I’ll take the grey 64 Riviera and the white 63 Riviera.

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  24. Avatar photo Gil's Classic Cars on Facebook

    I have seen them in person ! Most have been sitting so long that you would be lucky to use them as parts cars ! Rust holes in roofs, hoods, doors, trunk lids , etc. Best of luck if you buy one. Talk to Wes and tell him Gil sent you if you go. ” Like ” my page on Facebook Gil’s Classic Cars !

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  25. Avatar photo TPI

    If anyone buys that 64 T’Bird. I have lots of T’Bird parts for 1958-1966. I have hoods, fenders, deck lids, dash parts, interiors, seats, windshields, and a lot of misc. I have a red 64 and a white 61 T’Bird. ATTN: Tom inmanelec@ncn.net

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  26. Avatar photo Dave

    You can only get in by calling the owner if your gonna buy a particular vehicle….

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  27. Avatar photo Christopher Silva

    I remember before katrina storm hit us in new orleans i had a friend big george (he probably dead now he had a big stroke left partially paralized) but anyway i used to go the junkyard so many cars n parts n walk out with my arms full back in those days i had my 84 crown vic i would grab this n that n go home ! I found a 4 deep dish hubcaps size 15 n fit perfect on my ford! It came from 76 cadillac eldorado but it looks nice memories that dont go away as i look into BF website as they walk thru those junkyards brings memories down in new orleans. Yup good old days!

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  28. Avatar photo TimM

    Looks like some nice restorable cars in this yard!!!

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