Claimed 22K Miles: 1972 Corvette


Odometers are funny things. Sometimes, they are accurate trackers of the mileage traveled by the car in question. Other times, it is a broken, weary mechanism that hasn’t tracked mileage accurately in years. I’m not sure where this 1972 Corvette here on eBay resides on the accuracy scale, but you’ll have to be the judge as to whether the 22K claimed miles is accurate. 


This picture gives this Corvette some odd proportions – doesn’t it look like it’s sinking in the middle? Eye trickery aside, the Corvette isn’t stock despite the low mileage. It wears aftermarket wheels and side-exit exhaust, but the seller claims nothing else has been altered. In fact, he calls it a garage queen, despite the dust on the paint.


The seller says this is his dad’s T-Top-equipped Corvette, which has resided in this very garage for years. No word is given on why it went into long-term storage, nor whether it was started regularly in the 10 years it hasn’t been running. The Corvette is a two-owner car, and has been with the current seller’s family since 1980.


Overall, there’s not enough visual evidence for me to firmly say this is the low-mileage car it’s advertised as. I suspect if it were on the original wheels and the sidepipes weren’t present, it would be easier to visualize this Corvette as a stock, preserved example. Regardless, there’s one bid at $17,500 and the reserve remains unmet. Does anyone see firm proof this Vette has under 30,000 miles?


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  1. Ron

    The seller advises the pipes and wheels are aftermarket, installed by original purchaser. These were both very common ‘enhancements’ in 1972. I see nothing wrong with the interior. These were prone to looking shabby with very little use. I can believe his 22k claim.

  2. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Looks like a great opportunity for a Vette lover to bid on. I have no toruble believing the 22K miles as being original.

  3. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    trouble-no edit option given

  4. Scott

    But at the end of the day, it’s still a 72 vette.

  5. Jeff V

    2nd year of emissions-hit engine. Affected hp rating, still a nice chrome bumper vette. An L82 engine would have been better.

    • moosie Craig

      L82 not available until ’73. ’72 was the last year for LT1 tho.

  6. Art Fink

    Paint looks good, interior looks good, could be legit. I can’t understand people, spend a couple bucks to wash it, fire it up, make it driveable and presentable. It would surely add value to the deal.

  7. Mark S Member

    Art Fink you are right drain the tank blow out the line with a compressor, change the oil, new battery and hit the key. There should be no reason for it not to start. As for the wheels I’d want to hunt down a set of original rally wheels, the exhaust I’d leave. Nice find.

  8. Pookie Jamie P

    Very nice find. Do the essentials, turn the key and go.

  9. Rock On Member

    Mark S. – hunting down original rally wheels is not much of a hunt. They can be found used everywhere. Summit Racing as well as many other suppliers, sell new reproduction rally wheels. This is usually cheaper in the long run after you sand blast and repaint a set of used wheels.

  10. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Air car to boot. I like it.

  11. JW454

    I’d have to change the wheels and remove the side exhaust. Would have like to see an under hood picture. considering the other changes who knows what may have been changed under there.

  12. Rick


  13. RandyS


  14. Dennis F

    Unless there’s a paper trail, i.e. service records that include date and mileage, the odometer reading is worthless. 1972 Corvette’s had an odometer that only went to 100,000 miles before rolling back to zero. My 73 has well over 200,000 miles and reads 76,848. Buyer beware.

  15. Mark S Member

    A scope down one or two spark plug holes will answer a lot. Lots of cross hatch marks from honing would indicate low mileage. Original riveted ball joints with no play in them is another indication. OEM brake pad with little wear or OEM brake rotors that measure to a near new spec another indication. The amount of backlash in the timing chain, ( should be no more than 2 or 3 crankshaft degree’s another indication. ) I think you get my point there are lots of other ways to prove a mileage claim. A thorough inspection by a licensed mechanic should be able to yield these results one way or the other.

  16. Vintageracer

    Low mileage or not the current bid at $17,600 is a TON of money for a L48 base engine automatic transmission 1972 T-Top Corvette that still needs wheels, tires, exhaust and bunch of other work with a reserve price has STILL not been met.

    The reserve price on this car should have already been met long before $17K!

  17. Dale Leier

    Considering the decent condition, just one question needs to be answered: Why does it have such little mileage? Did the owner move overseas and forget about it?

  18. roundhouse

    These are not quite turn the key and go. The rear wheel bearings and multiple u-joints are problems on these, along with leaking pistons on the brake calipers. Spend a couple of thou to make these right, then turn the key and go.

  19. Ck

    I’m a sucker for these vettes , can’t help it I love em . Not to sure aboot the milage though but it looks like its in good condition .I love the AluMiniUm slots and the side pipes and I don’t care if they are aftermarket, I’d leave em on. But for me the automatic trans is a deal breaker . Im a firm believer that if your going to buy a vette of this vintage or older ,its gotta have a stick.But thats just me.

  20. Doug Towsley

    Need a proper First Person inspection but LOOKS legit to me. Not unusual for people to baby their dream car and when life changes it sits and sits in the garage while telling themselves “Some day”. While I agree it WOULD be better to clean it up, service it, and enhance the sale. The reality is MOST people dont have the skills or care. I have seen a LOT of estate sales where people tossed valuable collectibles becuase they were ignorant, stupid and self absorbed and simply could not be bothered. Something like this is likely “Just an old car”. And Always great to find and save them when that happens.
    In many parts of the US this is a true time capsule and is very valuable. Easy to get more power and performance. I LIKE the period side pipes and mags. Of course I would want to keep in storage the correct factory parts if i ever sold it. But to me this is one of my ideal years. plus in my area this would not require DEQ/EPA testing so you could modify to your hearts content. Pull the original drivetrain and swap in something else and have fun. Or restore but dont alter anything you cant put back to stock. A car like this will always climb in value.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Say Doug, I was going to give you a thumbs down but it did not load. The thumbs down would have been just a joke, as I enjoy your posts, I am happy to see the thumbs down feature back. We all have are own thoughts on how rigs should be done. I do agree with this post as well. Take care, Mike.

      • Doug Towsley

        okay mike? Not sure why I would get a thumbs down as a joke? But thanks for generally liking my posts? Im not too worried about the ratings one way or another.
        Would be nice to see WHO is up/down voting you. I am on a veterans and military site and you get notified about up/down posts and you can see who did it. Also view their profile.
        On a motorcycle forum Im also on, Points are important for your credibility and there is a more diverse set of choices. General commentary, Tech topics, Builds, and a wanted/for Sale classifieds section. I am more comfortable doing a deal with a long time member with a good reputation. (Buells) Plus its one of the most civil forums I have ever been on. Genuine and helpful, supportive community. A-Holes not tolerated. Now, theres other forums chock full of blowhards, malcontents, trolls and narcissists with Sociopathic tendency’s.
        Which sums up AccessNorton, Jockey Journal, and a John Deere Forum.
        But maybe im Pot/kettle but as my pal Hal says, “Norton people are like Studeabaker people. Only weirder!”

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Sorry Doug, no offence meant, I am only on two Forums. Old Willys and a Corvette one on occasion. Both are pretty laid back. I have to agree I do not care who likes my post or not. It does not effect me as it does yours scooter site. Glad to hear Buells is a nice site. I do have a couple Harleys but no Forum I go to. They are old enough that I can putz with them with out much help. Keep on with the postings, very informative. Thanks, Mike

  21. charlie Member

    A few years ago I borrowed one for a week while my Saab was having parts finding issues (try to find front coil springs for a ’93 Saab) and it cured me of wanting one of this series with T tops. One thunder storm and 2″ of water in the footwells, take out carpet, vacuum out water, hang out carpet to dry, towel dry the footwells. LOUD, hard ride, and not that fast. Not much clearance so unpaved road was really risky, and slow, but it did get a lot of attention from the teenagers at the gas pumps, which it visited often. And it was a stick.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Sorry Charlie, I disagree. Your Saab was broke so you took the Stingray for a ride. Two inches of water in the footwells? Did you have the T-tops on? A two inch rain is flood stuff. They can be loud, hard ride and fast. Not sure what you are comparing her to as far as fast goes. Not really built for an off road trip on a unpaved road. Stingrays are not Saab stuff, motor on! I will enjoy my 1972 until I check out. Just finished a door handle repair tonight. Going to burn some rubber tomorrow!

  22. Rolf Poncho

    Nice car I like

  23. David Montanbeau

    22 mpg with my winter car.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Love it Dave!!!!!!!!

  24. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Reserve not met. $17,600.00. Two bids.

  25. charlie Member

    T tops were on, rain just poured in, sudden thunderstorm, owner warned me and told me in advance how to dry it out. I owned a ’54, long sold, and that was a dog, but for 1954 American car, it was pretty special. But my ’60 Jag XK 150 was about the most exciting car I have ever owned. Rust killed it. College roommate’s ’62 Corvette was spectacular, he would drift it around Interstate exit ramps on bias tires.
    Fortunately, different strokes for different folks, so we can all find a car or two that we like, no matter what anyone else thinks. I love my ’93 Allante, and not many other people do, so they are affordable.

    • Jeff V

      The ’93 Allante was the only year they put the Northstar V8 in. It is a collectable, imo!

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I am with you Charlie, I like the Allante looks. Was surprised to hear from Jeff V it was a one year only motor, a hot motor from I have been told.

  26. charlie Member

    It also has some sort of fancy electronically controlled rear suspension, which, according to the codes, is working. It absorbs bumps well, and corners flat. They put the Northstar in in ’93, it has a good reputation for power, and a bad one for major issues, so far, mine is fine although a prior owner may have had them. The earlier ones had less powerful engines, stiffer suspension, and Recaro seats and were more towards “sports” than “luxury” although I suspect no one ever seriously raced one. It was grossly overpriced when new, like the Cimarron, but at today’s prices it is a bargain, you get a powerful, attractive 2 seater for which you can get most mechanical parts from NAPA or a GM dealer, and body/interior parts from 3 sources who break up the beyond repair ones, and stock the parts.

    • Jeff V

      It was GM’s answer to compete with Mercedes SL class, they lost!

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