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Classic British: 1960 Triumph TR3

1960 Triumph TR3

This TR3 listed on craigslist in Philadelphia needs an interior and bodywork, but it is rust free and runs and drives. It was stored for 30 years in Arizona so it was dry and avoided decades of wear and abuse. $10,500 might seem a bit much, but if it is as well sorted and rust free as claimed, it might just be worth it, don’t you think?

If the rest of the car is as rust free as the pictures they provided, then it just might actually be a great solid car to start with.


The interior needs, well, an interior, but the engine looks unmolested. If the car is as advertised, it could be a driver while you finish up the paint and interior work. I had a ’57 in the 1960s that had very little interior and the light blue body showed lots of scratches and dings, but it was a great fun car. I look forward to hearing what you think about it!


  1. Charles Gould

    Curious that it is advertised on Philly Craigslist, but heading says “Arizona”. Red flag for scammers. Be careful!
    Also, while these are rising rapidly, 10.5 K is a whole lot of money for this example in this sad condition.

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  2. jimbosidecar

    I agree, for that kind of money I would think you could fine one in better condition. At least you could the last time I looked.

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  3. ClassicCarFan

    I also agree with the other two comments…. this would indeed be a good start point for a project but it seems a little over-priced to me? Aside from the totally missing interior trim and seats, there are a lot of other detail trim items missing (hub caps, air filters, etc). They may all be in a box somewhere that comes with the car? but you’d think if that was the case the seller would have mentioned it.

    From my own experiences restoring my TR4 just about anything you’d need to complete this car is available either tracking down good used items on Fleabay or new from a range of specialist suppliers – The support for these old Triumph TRs is excellent – but the cost adds up very quickly.

    As your write-up says, it’s not so much of case of a “new interior kit” more a case of a “new interior”. And while I believe that this car may well have fired up with a good charged battery and clean fuel, plugs etc – if it has been standing idle for 30 years you’re going to have to invest some time and money going through it mechanically if you ever want it to be reliable and usable on any regular basis. Not hard to do, it’s a very simple ruggedly engineered car, but there will be some expense involved. If the body is truly solid that is a bonus but there is still the paint job…

    On the plus side, I think prices for really good original or nicely restored TR3s are generally on the climb so you may have a relatively valuable car by the time you’re finished but I’m still not sure it would be worth more than you invested in sorting it all out?

    If I were being really cynical….I’d say buy it, stick it in a warm air conditioned garage for another 10 -15 years and see if prices continue to rise ! but really I’d rather see someone buy it and get it up and running.

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  4. Healeydays

    My guess is he meant to list in Phoenix which on Craigslist is the next city on the pulldown from Philly…

    I sent the guy a note

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  5. Tom

    Hello folks – This is my car and it is NOT a scam by any stretch! I was asked to sell two TR3’s for the owners whose mother owned the cars and passed away. The car is indeed missing some parts but it is a running driving car and it is very solid and without the rust that plagues most of these cars. As with anything – you can find them cheaper and you can find them more costly. I am wanting to sell the car so as with most things for sale – offers are most welcome. This is a very honest and solid old Triumph and has the title still from 1969 to show it has not had 20 different owners over the years. If you have any questions please ask. Thanks!

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    • Charles Gould

      Hello Tom,
      Thank you for commenting and clarifying.that this is a legitimate listing. I (and others) really appreciate it. My concern was that the ad appeared on the Philly Craigslist but your ad said Arizona. Perhaps the listing was made in error but you may wish to clarify which city the car is currently located in.

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  6. Tom

    I sold the TR3 this past weekend and I thank you all for your comments! I love this site!

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