Classic Mopar: 1972 Plymouth Barracuda!

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When you think of the classic muscle car wars of yesteryear, the Plymouth Barracuda was quietly right up there with the best of the best. Originally supposed to be named “Panda,” the Barracuda was manufactured between the years 1964-1974 and debuted as a fastback utilizing the Valiant’s wheelbase, hood, bezels, windshield, and quarter panels to name a few. This hybrid approach reduced costs and time in order to get them out into the auto world quickly. This 1972 is labeled as the third and final generation of Barracudas before falling victim to the 1973 energy crisis. Any generation of Barracuda is sought after and collectible, especially these 1970-1974 E-body versions. You can check out more pictures here on eBay, it’s located in Pompano Beach, Florida, and has a current bid of $24,300.

The seller states that the one and only reason they are parting ways with this incredible piece of American brawn is due to losing their storage space and not having anywhere else for it to go. This dream car of theirs could be the dream car of yours. It is in fact a project to undertake, requiring a choice between giving attention to its’ non-working big block, or re-installing its’ original 340 that comes with the sale and is ready to run.  The other major area of concern is this car does not have a transmission for that 340. Once those two major hurdles are addressed, this “Cuda” could be tearing up the streets, as much of the car is in pretty good condition, and has a host of favorable features.

On the good side, this 1972 has crystal clear glass, tight operational doors, all original trim in good shape, new Rallye wheels and tires, power disc brakes, and an MSD ignition. The body also appears straight with minimal rust and the exterior appears original. The bad side seems to primarily be the engine and transmission aspects listed above, however, a good deal of upholstery work will be needed. This was certainly someone’s project that was given attention, and now it simply needs to transition to another to finish it. If planning on re-installing the 4-barrel 340, which surely is the favorable option, you’ll be pumping out 240hp and 290lb-ft of torque. This was the most powerful option available for the 1972 model, as the 383, 426, and 440 options did not pass the new tighter emissions standards.

Of all of the pony car sales for 1972, the Barracuda sold the least. This was not a good look for the time, but it only adds to its’ desirability among car buffs alike today. Low buyer interest, sales, and production make these Barracuda’s a rare commodity. These cars truly set an example of what a Mopar should be, regardless of the looming emissions challenges, and elimination of the more powerful engine options. Could you be the next individual to give this fish its’ bite back?

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  1. Tom

    where is the transmission???

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    • BernieCuda

      This is the most reasonable looking resto-project I have seen in some time. Engine bay…no problem. Interior actually looks alright. Time to buy flowers for my wife and put on the nice guy :0)……
      Currently at $24,300, that means add another 10K.

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    • Chris

      727 cores are a dime-a-dozen, unless you’re worried about restoring with all the original parts, it doesn’t matter that much. If this were my car, which sadly, it won’t be, I’d install a manual trans of some variety since it needs all the work anyway. I foolishly sold a ’70 big block 4-speed Barracuda (not ‘Cuda) too cheap (in hindsight) many years ago.

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      • Chris

        Wait, I just read the ad, apparently it was originally a 4-speed car. Yes, then in that case, it would be even better to have the original, but much better to just install a manual back again!

        Also, I’m unclear from the ad whether it’s the original 340. If it’s not, then non-matching trans really doesn’t matter at all.

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  2. Melton Mooney

    Looks like original black with black/white interior, 340, 4 speed. It has a 8k tach, which I don’t think is right for 72. Originally a well optioned car, except maybe no power steer, no air.

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  3. Howie

    A dealer with over 100 vehicles for sale.

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  4. bone

    Urban legend about the “Panda” name , it was talked about by the higher ups at the time, but nothing was ever set in stone .Much like the suggested names for the Edsel it was just a suggestion.

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  5. greg

    Park it on the street and storage problem is solved.

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