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Clean 1971 Plymouth Cuda 383 4-Speed!

The ’70-’71 Plymouth Cuda is about as iconic a muscle car as you can get. It has the right look, came in bright colors, and could be optioned with a big block V8, you can’t get much more muscle car than that! Over the years, we’ve seen Mopar prices climb, especially for Cudas. This bright red 1971 Plymouth Cuda is packing a 383 V8 and a 4-speed, so it should have plenty of power to be fun and it appears to be in good overall shape. If you’d love to have this Mopar, you can find it here on eBay in Wheat Ridge, Colorado with a current bid of $57k, but you’ll want to act fast as it only has a day to go!

In the seller’s ad, they initially stated that it features its original engine and transmission, but after a closer inspection, they discovered that the transmission isn’t the original. Kudos to them for being honest though. The trim tag decodes this as being a heavy-duty 4-speed manual car, so having a replacement shouldn’t be much of an issue.

The trim tag also decodes the engine as being the 300 horsepower 383, which the seller states is original to the car. We aren’t given much information beyond that, but the engine looks tidy. The odometer is showing 90k miles and while that isn’t all that high, these cars were often driven hard, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the engine was rebuilt at some time in its life. It would be hard to tell visually if it has or not, but all that really matters is how it runs.

Inside, we find a fairly clean interior. The carpets need to be vacuumed, but beyond that, it appears to be ready for use! The seller pulled the back seat out and provided a photo of the floor, which looks dirty but solid. They claim the rest of the floor is just as solid, which seems believable given how the rest of the car looks overall.

It’s hard to say what this Cuda will end up getting bid to. The reserve hasn’t been met yet, but hopefully, it isn’t much higher than the current bid, as bidding is already approaching #2 values. It does appear to be an exceptional example though, so it’s just a matter of whether it’s the right color for your tastes! What do you think? Is this Mopar calling your name or do you prefer your Cudas in one of the high-intensity colors?


  1. Steve R

    Face it, hard to find desirable cars are expensive. Many cars that cost significantly less are either plentiful or few people want them. That’s how it works.

    Steve R

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    • TimS Member

      We know they’re expensive. It’s OK to wish they weren’t, especially when one isn’t in the business of making money off these desirable cars.

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    • Steve R

      If you dislike the old cars why do you turn around in the next sentence and pretend you love them. This site seems like it’s more of an avenue for you to push your tired social commentary rather than your enjoyment of classic cars. You’ve been doing the same thing on this site for years with all of your different user names. Don’t you have better things to do?

      Steve R

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    • Stu

      You like it….You don’t like it…It is a desirable car to who is willing to pay and there is nothing wrong with that. Move on and keep it clean….

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  2. Stephen Miklos

    I notice that Mopars are getting very expensive. On another site I found a 2017 Dodge Challenge Hellcat in Hemi orange with 723 miles. Garage kept well care for price $52,000. If I had a choice… I would buy the Hellcat. I would worried about driving the Cuda that someone would hit it. The Challenge parts are easy to get. And can enjoy driving it everyday. Since this Covid 19 hit prices have gone up in our hobby. It’s a shame that many cars are out of reach today. 😕🐻🇺🇸

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    • JoeNYWF64

      If you bring a 3rd & 4th friend along, they will not like the legroom in the back seat in a new Chally, especially if the driver &/or passenger are tall. & also they won’t like the claustrophobicness of the new one, especially the ridiculously tiny rear side windows that don’t open – & the new one is not a hard top either! I did not even bother to road test 1 at a dealer when i peered inside. Must have at least 30% less glass area than the ’71.
      Also, classic car insurance on the ’71 will be a lot less $ than insurance for the the new one. & the ’71 will only appreciate in value & you can tinker with & work on it, unlike the new one.
      Plus u will see several new Challys everyday just like yours – at least i do. Interior looks better on the ’71 – especially if its 1 of the wild colors – like orange inside.

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  3. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    What a lovely thing.

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  4. i8afish

    I love the shifter without the center console. Makes these cars look that much more aggressive. Great car!

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  5. Troy s

    These kind of cars haven’t been inexpensive since the early nineties, even the late eighties saw an increasing intere$t in the top notch muscle cars. New cars back then were nowhere near as expensive either, compared to the last ten or even twenty years.
    I hear about guys on the job paying over fifty thou for a loaded full size pick up! Registration fees, payments, its crazy.
    Nice ‘Cuda here, the middle child 383 will surely bring much smiles and plenty of tire smoke. Or just baby it around at shows or something…..Not!

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    • Angrymike

      $50,000, isn’t a loaded pickup, the loaded ones are in the $70,000 range now. I can’t imagine someone paying $40,000 less than my house is worth, but ppl do it. It’s crazy to me !

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  6. piston poney

    i would rather have the challenger in the background ngl, even tho the cuda is worth more and is faster amusing they have the same motor, just like them more

  7. Desert Rat

    This is my favorite year cuda, it’s a same they dropped the cool styling (fender gills) after just one year. I’m not a mopar guy but still I would love to have this in my driveway!

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  8. John Oliveri

    Give me a 70 all day, love the single hdlts,

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  9. bobhess bobhess Member

    This is a really pretty car with all the right stuff. Love the color.

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  10. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heyday Member

    Nice ’71, 383 cars traditionally get no respect compared to the 340, 440 and obviously Hemi versions but they are a stout contender. Not sure who’s seeing a challenger in background but all I saw was the AAR parked next to it. Certainly would be a nice car for somebody.

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