Clean Survivor: 1965 Chevrolet Impala 327

1965 Chevrolet Impala

Up for sale is a lovely 1965 Chevrolet Impala, with a lovely white on red color combination. Nine bidders have increased the price to $5,100 but the reserve has not yet been met. This Impala is located in West Monroe, Louisiana. A VIN is listed within the ad, along with a claimed 99,000 miles and a clean title. The car is an all-original survivor and it shows. Thank you, local_sheriff, for the tip. You can view more on eBay.

1965 Chevrolet Impala

Powering this Impala is an iconic 327 cubic inch V8 connected to an automatic transmission. The car has power steering and air conditioning. According to the seller, it does run incredibly well, and they assure you that the car will not disappoint. There is no information regarding any maintenance or work performed on the car. It is original, but you might want to ask the seller what mechanical information they can tell you.

1965 Chevrolet Impala

Inside, it is equipped with an AM radio. Slightly limiting in options on what you can listen to while you cruise. I think I’d rather sit in silence than listen to talk radio, but I guess it would be somewhat fitting for the time the car comes from. The listing does say that the upholstery is clean. As you can see from the photos, that appears to be true. There does not appear to be any tears either, just as the ad claims.

1965 Chevrolet Impala

It is a clean looking Impala with enough photos and information to bid confidently. If you are interested in this car and live roughly within 250 miles of West Monroe, Louisiana, the seller might deliver the car to you for a small fee. That is a kind offer. They do not specify that price, but hopefully, between that and the reserve, it will be worthwhile. If not, this car seems like it can make a drive and a road trip would be quite fun.


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  1. Arthell64 Member

    Neat car I like it.

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  2. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    That’s a beauty! I thought I was looking at a restored car until I got to the engine compartment photos, whoa. Then I saw the rust lurking on the trunk seams and had flashbacks to several cars that I’ve gotten in the last few years that were “rust-free”… That interior sure is gorgeous, though. Nice work, Brentton!

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    • John

      Did you notice the spray paint overspray on the corners of the trunk mat? That’s just pure lazy not to remove it unless it’s crusted to the floor!

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  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    That brings back some memories. My folks had a 65 Bel Aire with a 283 3 on the tree when I was young. I grew up with manual transmissions so it wasn’t a big deal. This one was blue with blue interior and actually was a very attractive car.
    I drove it till I got my first Chevelle, then the Chevelle was cooler than the Bel Aire.
    Sad thing was a few years later the folks traded it in on a new Chevy. Happened we saw the car a few months later, the whole front end was rolled under from an accident. It wasn’t fast or cool, but it was a good riding and driving car and I think the folks really liked it even if they did trade it.

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    • Howard A. Member

      Same here. My grandparents bought a new ’65 Impala 4 door like this, only dark blue. I think the only options he got was a clock and a am radio. I believe it was Chevy’s most popular year selling over a million Impalas in ’65.

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  4. JBP

    four door or not, this is realy a Beauty..99k miles. that you almost dont believe. look more like 30k…
    very nice Sedan..

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    beautiful sunday drive family car. Do be diligent with inspection. Known for frame rot. Good luck to the new owner.

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  6. jwzg

    My first car was a 66 with the 283, 2bbl, Poweeglide combo with AC. It was ratty when I got it, but turned out to be one of my favorite cars. This one is a beauty!

  7. Rustytech Member

    Nice car with rare for 65 factory A/C, it wii be interesting to see what it brings.

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  8. On and On On and On Member

    Boy these were sure high water mark years for Chevy. Great designs and powertrains across the board. Everybody loved the new coke-bottle sleek shape of the 65’s. I think they still look good today. I had a 65 Chevy Biscayne 2dr sedan in like 1973. One of my $100 beaters during college years in Chicago. 6-3spd power nothing but had a super heater and lots of room. Drove it everywhere put little into it and sold it for $300 a year later. No wonder people call them the good old days. Now $100 doesn’t get you a hotel room and a decent dinner for 2………LOL

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  9. bob

    Nice cars, my dad bought a beige 65 Impala wagon from Nickey (they really didn’t just sell muscle cars) Chevy in Chicago in 65. These were everywhere back in the 60’s, unfortunately now its Toyotas and Hondas with as much style as a refrigerator.

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    • David Ulrey

      Bob, I find your statement offensive to refrigerators. Lol

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  10. Superdessucke

    My mom had a hardtop sedan in this exact color combo back in the mid-70s. Hers was a 283 and was rusty and beat up already by then. It also had the standard Impala hubcaps, not the incorrect SS caps this one does. I remember it smelled very old. Like deteriorating vinyl and carburetor starter LOL! Brings back memories.

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  11. David Montanbeau

    I was 16 in 1968 when I bought a 65 Impala SS triple black convertible with 20k miles for 400.00 dollars. It had a 409 400 4 speed. My dad’s car was a 65 Impala SS hard top. 396 425 4 speed. Yes!! We did street race many times. Win was back and forth. Traction, weather and shifting made the difference between who won. Good old days.

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  12. Del

    Nice old beater.

    I bought a similar one advertised as a 327 but I was conned , it was a 283.

    its at 7000 which is about double what I would pay.

    Should have rattled canned under the hood instead of trunk. ⚠️😎😘

    And reserve still not met. Ridiculous

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  13. PJ

    Bought almost the same car in 1998. Same colors, better condition, no A/C, only 51k miles. I think I paid 3500 for it. Some idiot hit me & totalled the car. Bought back from insurance company & re-purposed as much as I could.

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