Clockwork-ed Van: 1983 Dodge Ram 150

It is funny sometimes how certain things in life can leave an impression upon you. Apparently the movie Clockwork Orange left a heavy enough impression on the builder of this van. The groovy graphics and Clockwork Orange graphics are definitely 1970’s references, but this van is a 1983, and wow is it clean! With 124 bids the price is currently at $8,800 with the reserve not met. Find it here on ebay out of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

From the driver seat, the front portion of the interior is mint. The dash and engine console shine like new, and the two captain’s chairs in the front look as comfy as ever. Aide from the modern cd player and a yellow shift knob, the remainder of the interior looks very original. This van is powered by a 225 slant 6 and a 4 speed manual transmission. Having covered 108,000 miles isn’t exactly low mileage, but isn’t terribly high either. The drivetrain is healthy and still has functioning air conditioning.

For those of you that have seen the movie, the orange shag carpet may ring a bell. The entire rear of this van is lined with orange shag, and there are cool pentagon windows installed, as well as mirrors on the ceiling. There is also a partition in the back of the van between the bed and the “sitting” area. The groovy tie dyed mini fridge is modern but looks the part, and all of the interior of this van is in excellent condition with no signs of wear.

From the outside the pentagon windows are easier to see and are just plain cool being on this Dodge. The metallic paint is superb, and clearly took some time, effort, and money to complete. There is no rust or really any damage to report on this Dodge. Clearly a van that has spent a lot of time nestled indoors. Somehow I feel that this van needs to wind up with Malcom McDowell, or a true Clockwork Orange fan. Are you a fan of Clockwork Orange?


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  1. JW

    Remember that movie well, this is one cool van I would love to own just to be different at cruise night otherwise it would sit in the garage. Grandkids would probably laugh their little butts off at me but who cares.

  2. Matt Member

    Lookin sharp!

    just do not shine a black light inside…

  3. Dr. D

    I’ve seen this exact same van for sale before.

    On December 1st, 2013 it sold on ebay for $5,100 with 63 bids out of Etowah, Tennessee.

    On December 9th 2016 it was located in Fort Meyers, Florida and sold on ebay for $11,050 with 48 bids.

    Now as I write this the bidding is up to $10,000 with 128 bids out of Virginia Beach, Virginia with reserve not met, not even 4 months after the last sale.

    I do think it’s kind of cool (I’m a 70’s kid and a sucker for custom vans) but I dk if I would spend $10K+ on it. However, judging by the number of bids it seems there is a lot of interest.

  4. Ken Nelson

    A classic SinBin…….it belongs at the Concourse d’Lemons next year.

  5. Skloon

    Change the Dodge name to Droog

  6. Howard A

    Very nice van, but Ken nailed it. Let’s call a spade a spade, these were for basically one thing, hanky-panky. ( or cruisin’ to the next hanky-panky) This one is exceptionally equipped, with separate “bedroom” and a “waiting” chair, mirrors on the ceiling, pink champagne on ice, you get the idea. That roof vent is pretty important too. Hope the mirrors are fastened well, these did ride rough. Vannin’ is coming back. Seems old farts like me, want to relive their youth, and this would be the van to do it with.( We’ll see about the hanky-panky) IDK about the “Clockwork Orange” thing, I never saw the movie, and don’t really care for when people name their vehicles after things. I’d want an automatic, but the slant 6 would do just fine. If you do the classic van thing, here you go, just don’t forget a CB radio.

  7. boxdin

    In 1981 I bought a short dodge van w 6 cyl & 4speed. Great van, but so little power my right foot became paralysed just from smashing the pedal to the floor. The thing had no power at all and w the AC on it was much worse. I sold it shortly after converting it.

  8. Rx7Turbo II


    108,000 miles isn’t low mileage?? Huh?

    33 years old and 108k seems very low since my 07 tahoe has 235,000 as I’m writing this.

  9. Alex B

    This looks “presidential” :D

  10. Jeffro

    It’s been relished for a BIN of $12,400.

  11. Craig MacDonald

    Expired, didn’t meet reserve. Relisted with a $12,450 Buy It Now. Once the novelty has worn off it’s an oddity not good for much of anything in the real world. Strikes me as the kind of vehicle that gets passed around (pun intended).

  12. Adam Wright

    Shoogaly woggaly, that is all.

    • hhaleblian

      You bid on this didn’t you.

  13. Matt G.

    Don’t drive with the rear windows cracked like that. I remember my parents Dodge van had a factory sticker warning of carbon monoxide poisoning if left open while motoring. This van is compelling, but a little weird.

  14. Don

    Would be really cool with a strong V8 and 4speed 👍

  15. Don

    Paint job is cheap look at the side door jams

  16. cidevco Member

    If this Van is rockin’ don’t come knocking’!

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