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College Ride: 1977 Toyota Celica GT


How many of you would have held onto your high school or college ride if time, money and space allowed? I certainly would have, which is exactly what the seller of this 1977 Toyota Celica GT here on eBay has done for the past 20 years. But after a few years of limited use (and many years of faithful service), he’s sending it off to a new home. These are tough to find in rust-free condition, and the seller claims that its time in the high desert region have kept corrosion to a minimum. 


Over the years, the impact of daily use has taken its toll regardless of the integrity of the sheet metal. The seats need recovering and the seller says it could use new carpeting. While carpeting can sometimes be rescued with steam-cleaning, I’m guessing in this instance it’s been cut or has just worn through in high-wear locations, such as near the pedals. At least it remains largely unaltered, from the original steering wheel to bus-like shifter. Considered a Japanese Mustang by some pundits, the cockpit remains an attractive place to do business even today.


It’s always re-assuring (to me, at least) to see the original dealer plate frame still attached. The seller claims the Celica was routinely serviced throughout the 80s and early 90s, but in recent years, he’s just focused on starting it up and getting the fluids moving. While not much detail is offered on its mechanical condition or if there are any major needs at the moment, the listing reads as if the car can currently be fired up and driven without concern – but that would need to be verified before lobbing a bid.


Speaking of bids, there’s currently several at the moment. Though still well short of the seller’s $8,000 Buy-It-Now, I’m confident this Celica will find a home – but for less money than requested. Though the listing has its fill of restoration aspiration blabber as it relates to what a fully-reconditioned example could sell for, the seller’s not incorrect that there’s a following for these old-school Japanese muscle cars. I bet someone takes this home for around $6K or so, after some negotiations take place outside of eBay. Which car from your youth would you have held on to?


  1. grenade

    Wow! Love it Love it Love it.
    I mean, I really love it. Don’t restore it. V8 that baby!

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  2. hhaleblian

    Why do sellers block out the plate number? Am I missing something?

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    • brakesevo

      It’s cuz they’re paranoid idiots – for the same reason they don’t post phone numbers!

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  3. grant

    Because they don’t want you to see the plate number in case you have a way of running it.

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    • Barzini

      I thought the only way to run a license plate was if you worked for a police department or DMV. There must be some other way because a lot of sellers do this.

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      • AMX Brian

        Or an insurance company

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  4. Howard A Member

    I thought these were the nicest Celicas. This particular car is pretty tired. I wouldn’t give the person $1,000 bucks for it, but I’d never buy one anyway. Serious rusters so there aren’t many around. If I were this person, I’d take the 4g bid and jump for joy.

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  5. Tom

    My first car was a ’76 Celica GT – same color. It was nicknamed the ‘screaming yellow buzzbomb’. Sold it to buy an ’82 Alfa GTV6. ended up regretting it – while the Alfa was awesome when it ran, the Celica was pretty much bullet proof and never let me down.

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  6. Fred

    Had a maroon one in the early 80’s, great car and sharp looking. Should have kept it!

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  7. Rob S

    Still have my high school car, 1970 mach 1. Until death do us part. My cousin had a maroon celica as well, lots of memories. Not a bad ride but as usual start high and see what happens.

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  8. DW

    Still a great looking car after all these years. Cant believe there’s one left with that much metal left on it.

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  9. Joseph Conner

    Lol he covered the rear plate but the front one is exposed.

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  10. BMW/TUNDRA Guy

    Had a 78. Next gen body style. Ridden hard, very hard, very very hard, but maintained (oil changes and air filters was about it) well. That car NEVER EVER gave me a piece of trouble!!! I am a Toyota fan to this day. I own one non Toyota and that thing eats me alive in maintenance!
    Admittedly, the older Toyota’s did like to rot!! I’ll give you that.

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  11. Joe

    Get Your Hand’s On a Toyota, You Will Never Let Go !

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