Up And Coming: 1976 Volkswagen Bus

The Volkswagen Type 2 (AKA VW Bus, VW Van) is one of the most timelessly popular vehicles ever built aside from the Type 1 (Beetle). Much like the Beetle, there was never a time that any iteration of the Bus was unpopular. While Volkswagens weren’t everyone’s cup of tea, they have always been someones with popularity remaining roughly the same since they first hit the market. Though it is unlikely that later versions will ever garner the following and subsequent pricing of the first generation Busses, the second generation like this 1976 model here stand a good chance of increasing in value. Though they may not have the classic look of the earlier models, they certainly have qualities that enthusiasts look for. This example looks rougher than it actually is, and is priced at a reasonable $2,500 given its condition. Find it here on craigslist in New Jersey. Thanks to Bill W. for sending this in!

Although the seller hasn’t included a direct shot of the engine, the hood seems to be elsewhere and the engine can be seen. The seller states “Doesn’t currently run will need work to get up and running and driving.” As rough as it may look, this Bus is largely complete and looks like a solid start for a project. Based on this photo, it is probably safe to say that the seller is an enthusiast.

Given the weathered condition of the exterior, the interior is in surprisingly good condition and despite a few missing parts it doesn’t look like it would be hard to reassemble. Though this is a later model, the classic VW Bus feel is still there in some capacity. With a blue and white interior/exterior color scheme, restored this would be quite a looker as compared to many of the duller colors often seen on this generation.

The seller states this VW has some rust, and that is to be expected given the location of the vehicle. Based on other examples I have seen, this could certainly be in worse condition and looks worthy of a restoration if it is as it appears. A determined VW enthusiast could have this van back together and on the street in no time! This looks like a great opportunity for someone to get into a classic VW van for a reasonable cost.


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  1. Rabbit

    Blue & White. Nice start. Most of the ones around here are either Orange & White, Olive & Ivory, or some combination of Tan. The plus here (IMHO) is being a later model with the 2.0L Type 4 motor. I’ve found once you punch them out & lose the FI in favor of a carb or two, they’re quite reliable & actually have adequate power. I’ve gone as far as 2400cc on a Type 4 conversion. Love those motors.

  2. Classic Steel

    Not the worst seen before 👍

    Do they make 23 window aftermarket tops with convertible pull back tarp?

    Lil samba fun 🤠

    • rancher

      There is a company in SoCal doing 21 window conversions w/big rag top of 11-13 window buses.

  3. David Miraglia

    used to ride around town with my uncle Harry. He was quite fond of these and because of this I gained a interest in Volkswagen. And latter owned three.

  4. Gay Car Nut

    While I like fuel injection for diesel engines, I don’t particularly appreciate them for gasoline engines, particularly the air-cooled engines as offered by VW.

  5. Rube Goldberg Member

    I agree, VW buses are off the charts ( for some odd reason) and this would be about the only way to get into one cheap.

    • Billy 007

      Silly prices for a silly VW. Funny, back in my day only hippie types drove these as a statement of anti capitalism. Now, only hard core capitalists can afford them. Do these clueless rich guys really understand the history here, or are they just trying to show off how loaded they are and get what is expensive and presently trendy?

  6. Chebby Staff

    Those seats are from a Ford Econoline. Everything else needs to be redone, it won’t be a cheap project.

  7. Maestro1

    I think $2500.00 is a good number, especially if everything is there. If not, then a decrease in price is necessary. This will be fun when restored but you are looking at a healthy number to do that, even if you do your own work. I’d rather spend more and get something that was more or less alive and intact.

  8. Fred

    We had a ’76 Bus which my parents bought new. Blue and white with the manual crank sunroof. At least they got white vinyl seats. It wasn’t as brutal in the summer as the black vinyl in my mom’s ’69 Beetle. I remember the Bus never liked to start in the cold. We took a lot of trips in that bus, until it was replaced with my grandfather’s ’79 Marquis. We were living in luxury then: cloth seats, air conditioning and an FM radio (though it only had one speaker in the center of the dash).

  9. Jeff

    Best cars ever built – in my opinion.
    Got mine since 22 years, never let me down! Only problem is the rust, at least here in switzerland with heaps of salt on the roads in winter.
    Done several resprays over the years but had to adress the rust issue properly now. Had to rebuild almost the entire bottom half of the body. Currently waiting for the coating. Can’t wait to get it on the road again!

    Hope this one gets a new home!

  10. Jeff

    Another picture after second respray –

  11. Jeff

    And current situation –

    • BMW4RunninTundra

      Thanks for the chronology!! The last one makes it look like the roof is about the only thing that didn’t get replaced?!?! Gonna give up the green bumpers on this go around? Post a “finished” pic when it is finished? Would love to see the final product!

      • Jeff

        Hi BMW4RunninTundra
        Thanks for your reply! The last picture is actually before it went to the panel shop. I just sanded the thing to get rid of every spot of rust.
        Yeah the green bumbers, you noticed, never found the time to do them.
        But this time for sure!
        Got you some more pic’s: How nice it looked while standing beneath it (and not seeing the underside) – first time at panel shop to do the roof – sandblasting the whole thing – what the underside looked like – and second time to the panel shop for the whole underside (now fully sandblasted except the roof).
        Will definitely post a pic when finished, but this will take some time!
        Regards and take care

  12. Bab

    I’m no be authority but ‘T’ stands for the transporter series, this is a T2 but does not refer to the separate Beetle series

  13. Doug M.(in Oregon)

    Here is my recent entry back into the VW Bus market. Bought it from a neighbor that has owned it for many years. The color has to go! But the body is very clean, with almost no rust. Original white bus. This summer’s project.

    Like 1

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