Commercial Luxury: 1959 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside Deluxe

Vehicle manufacturers recognize that even those who purchase a vehicle that was specifically designed for work purposes will occasionally like a touch of luxury, and Chevrolet is no exception in this department. Following on from the introduction of the Fleetside bed in 1958, this 1959 Apache was ordered with the Deluxe Trim Pack. While it was never going to rival a Cadillac in the luxury stakes, it certainly did bring a bit of sparkle to their commercial offering. This 1959 Apache Fleetside Deluxe is a project that should be worth tackling, and it is located in Everest, Kansas. You will find the Pickup listed for sale here on eBay, and with bidding now sitting at $3,100, the reserve has been met.

Let’s tackle the rust issues first because there are a few. There’s no real surprise in the fact that the cab corners have fallen victim to the dreaded tin-worm because this is a really common occurrence. There’s also rust in the bed sides, the fenders, and the owner refers to several braces also having rust. I’m not sure of exactly what he means by this, but it would pay to give the Apache a personal inspection. The rust that he mentions isn’t out of the ordinary, and patches are available to address these. The Deluxe Pack brought a bit of bling to the outside of the Apache, and while most of it is still present, there are also some notable pieces that are missing. The bed trims were the most obvious addition, and these are all still present. It also added chrome bumpers, and while the front one is present, the rear isn’t. A Deluxe should also be fitted with some pretty distinctive hubcaps, but the passenger side rear one is the only one that appears to be correct. The most obvious items that are missing are the chrome grille, and the chrome headlight surrounds. It is possible that the surrounds have been painted, but the grille is definitely a replacement item. The correct grille should have the individual Chevrolet letters recessed into the grille casting across the full width of the heavy grille bar. Also missing are the distinctive chrome “Fleetside” badges from the upper rear corners of the bed on both sides.

As well as the external ornamentation, the Fleetside Deluxe also picked up a few luxuries inside as well. These were essentially cosmetic, with a few extra pieces of chrome scattered around the dash. The most notable feature though was the seating material. Forget vinyl, because a Deluxe was blessed with cloth upholstery. This could be a great thing in hot climates, but it did mean that the seats were more vulnerable to wear and tear. That is most certainly the case with this one, but reproduction material is available if someone is looking to undertake a full restoration of the vehicle. Except for the radio (or blanking plate), the rest of the interior looks to be complete and should be able to be restored.

Under the hood of the Apache is a 235ci straight-six engine, and while the owner doesn’t mention it, I believe that the transmission is a 3-speed manual. The owner says that the motor turns freely, but it doesn’t sound like he has attempted to get it running. He says that it did “run when parked” 2-years-ago, so I would be interested to know why he hasn’t attempted to get this old girl back up and running.

I can imagine that there are plenty of people out there who are dreaming of taking this Apache down the rat rod pathway, and I can understand why they would think that way. I’ve also seen these transformed into some pretty spectacular custom rods, and if that is its ultimate fate, then I’ll also understand that. If I had it, I would actually probably want to restore it to original. Given the fact that the Apache Fleetside Deluxe was only produced for 1-year, I think that this fact makes it worth it.


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  1. Howard A Member

    Well, since all the good ones have been accounted for, and looking at “related finds”, this is about as good as you will find. Front cab mounts usually take a big hit with rust, because they got sprayed by the front tires. Just by looking at it, I’m sure they are toast, but as the author states, a bunch of repro parts for these, but a big job. I think GM really turned a corner here, and not that Cameo either. While my likes shifted from IH ( with those silly stacked headlights) to Ford, these were still some pretty nice trucks. Like we always say, what to do with it? The styling is contemporary enough, that I bet it will remain somewhat stock outside, but that 6 banger won’t cut it for most today. Got to be near the end of these kinds of finds.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Sorry gals and guys but this generation of Chevy trucks had a little too much bling, which is why I’ve always liked the majority of resto mods made out of them.This looks to be in good enough condition that you wouldn’t break the bank building one out of it.

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  3. TimM

    One of my favorite body styles!!

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  4. John

    Some of us do like that little more bling. LOL. It definitely has plenty of potential to be a great truck. If you don’t mind a little bling, mine is an example of how done up they can be.

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec 320 Member

      Nice truck! I really like the teal accents.

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible


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    • David Kirschnick

      That’s a gorgeous truck John.

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  5. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    An ex-girlfriend gave me one of these back in 83. We lived in a small town just south of Provo, Utah, can’t seem to remember the name of the town. Anyway about the time I started to work on it to make it mine (as in not like all the rest) we suddenly moved to Washington state leaving the truck behind. I guess I was born under a wandering star because I’ve done this many times in my life. Anyway this truck, although not my favorite, especially with the small back window, can be made into very nice and personal truck.
    God bless America

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  6. scottymac

    Yours appears to have the big, back window, too, John, which the featured truck does not. Was the two toning part of the Deluxe trim pack, or an option? Is your interior turquoise? Sharp truck!

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    • Howard A Member

      I believe the “Custom Cab” had the big back window, Deluxe did not.

      • scottymac

        I always thought “Custom Cab” was a term used only by Ford for their trucks, and know they had the option of a big, back window, too. (mid-Fifties to mid-Sixties?) In fact, I knew a guy with a sweet ’56 F-100 that was going to cut the whole back of his cab off to add one with a bbw, it was that rare of an option. Did Chevy use “Custom Cab” to describe their most deelucks trucks, too?

      • Howard A Member

        I knew about Fords, but I read, GM buyers could order a “Custom Cab” option, ( standard on the Cameo) which included dual sunvisors, armrests, chrome doo-dads, cigarette lighter, and “panoramic rear glass”.

  7. bobhess bobhess Member

    John… You put gloss black with all that chrome you get a winner regardless of what it is. Great looking truck!

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  8. TimM

    John your truck is awesome and frankly I hate whitewalls but it looks really good on your truck

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  9. George

    I’ve had a number of these task force trucks over the years and only one had the big back window. While the big back window is often lauded, I personally prefer the privacy of the small back window. The big window doesn’t really afford the driver much more visibility than the small one but it does make you much more visible to everyone around you. Don’t think for a moment you’ll get away with so much as picking your nose in a bbw truck without someone watching you do it.

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  10. S Craig MacDonald

    Here’s mine, finished a couple of years ago. Replaced the 4-speed with a T5, upgraded the brakes w/a dual master cylinder, and went to dual header and exhaust. Other than that it’s all stock. Most parts are available but the “Fleetside” script is unobtanium. With an manual choke, manual throttle adjust, and stomp starter it’s virtually theft proof.

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      Another winner! Looks Great.

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  11. John

    I bought the black and teal truck from a good friend of mine he had worked for his uncle delivering pinball and pool tables out of that truck when it was new. The truck was a heavily optioned truck with the big rear window, but it was originally all black and my buddy two-toned it in 1959 Chevy colors.

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  12. Gaspumpchas

    I was fortunate to be friends with R.Lee Ermey, the drill sergeant actor. One of these cool Apaches was one of his last acquisitions. When he got it he found out it was so nice as is he never restored it, he had a collection of about 10 cars .and was a die hard car nut. A warm, friendly and soft spoken man. RIP Gunny…
    Sorry this is off topic but figured you guys would enjoy the story.

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec 320 Member

      That is awesomely cool that you were friends with R. Lee Ermey! Semper Fi

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      • Gaspumpchas

        Thanks Blutec- met him twice at the SEMA show. I told him I had seen every movie he made, and he said that I must have been a busy guy as he said he was in 250 movies! I was amazed how soft-spoken he was and so friendly. Lost him way too soon. Semper Fi.

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  13. bobhess bobhess Member

    George… Agree with you. I loved the small rear window on my ’33, especially at the drive in…

  14. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Gone-$3600 (May 5).

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