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Convertible Fuelie: 1963 Corvette

1963 Corvette Fuelie

While it isn’t a split window Coupe, this ’63 Corvette convertible is a highly desirable fuel injected 4 speed car! Reader James W found this beautiful survivor in a barn and thought the BF crowd was the place to go to find a good home for it. He states that it is all original and that the 50,070 miles are correct! It sure looks to be in original condition and I love all the old stickers and badges. It’s bee in storage for the past 38 years or so and will need some work to be a driver again! If you’d love to give this Fuelie a new home, you can contact James via email here or find it here on eBay. It’s currently located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with a BIN of $53,000.

1963 Corvette Fuelie Engine

Some work has already done to get it running again, so far the injection box has been redone to factory specs and the original distributor has also been rebuilt. The engine and radiator are both original. This was the most powerful Corvette offered in ’63, with a respectable 360 horses! The 4 speed should put that power to great use and will make this one fun drop top.

1963 Corvette Interior

The interior looks to be in fantastic condition, obviously it was never left exposed to the elements. It even still has its original clear floor mats! It comes with both a soft top and a hard top, so you can enjoy it year round. Although I’d probably stay away from slick roads in something as special as this Corvette.

1965 Spring Rallye Badge

I really love the looks of this Corvette and I have a feeling it has a pretty interesting story. Given the sticker, rims and upgraded ignition system I’m going to guess that this car has some type of racing history. I think the Spring Rallye badge from 1965 may give us some idea of the car’s background! I’d love to know more of the car’s history, hopefully James will get on and share more of its story.

1963 Corvette

I sure wish I could afford this Corvette right now, it would be one amazing classic to own. Hopefully the next owner will keep us updated as they get it back on the road! If you have any questions or would like to make him an offer, be sure to email him. I want to thank him for giving us the chance to find this amazing car a new home. Let’s find a good home for it, so be sure to spread the word!


  1. Cody

    The C2 corvettes are so cool. I too wish I could afford one. I know if I could buy one, I would not store it away for 38 years. That has to be the worst thing you can do to any car. I imagine that mechanical fuel injection system really doesn’t fair well when ignored for decades. This example is pretty great with its period touches. Do you really think it was raced? I know they didn’t care as much about safety in the past, but no roll cage? Those were pretty daring folks back then.

    /first in on a Corvette thread. Woo Hoo!

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  2. Jay M

    Very desirable corvette. Someone will give it a good home and clean it up a bit.

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  3. Mark H

    I think the Spring Rallye event was in 1968. Clearer picture from when this car was listed here before. http://barnfinds.com/autocross-vet-1963-corvette-sting-ray/

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    • Rando

      New pics don’t show the front end damage in the previous posting. Something to be mindful of if someone is looking to buy.

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      • Bobsmyuncle

        No pictures, no mention of it in the description AND the BIN has gone up $4000.

        BarnFinds would be wise to make the connection to the original feature. To keep themselves out of any possible miscommunication.

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    • Josh Staff

      I think your right Mark! What can I say, my eye sight isn’t that great.

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  4. Jay M

    That’s unfortunate. At this price level, there should be full disclosure.
    When there are convenient omissions, it makes you wonder what else is wrong and the car and seller lose credibility.
    No one expects the car to be perfect, but they do expect it to be accurately represented.
    I think most people would just walk away (on principle) after finding this out in person, as opposed to making a lower offer that reflects the damage and repairs required.

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  5. James Waters

    Im the owner it needs the headlight buckets installed and those I have and does need alittle glass work and does need carpet I’ve had injection system all redone to save buyer the expense of 5000$ to do that I plan on doing the headlight installation but someone may prefer to do that themselves if going to totally restore and repaint car and do a rotisoree I’m not trying to hide anything I just think most people prefer to buy in its original condition I’m liking for offers close to my price

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    • Rando

      Not to be contrary, but it needs a little more than the headlight buckets if you look back to the original post and nothing has been repaired since then. That nose is pretty rough and I would be pretty upset if I showed up to look at it seriously and found that nose without knowing ahead of time. I’m just saying that seems to be a pretty serious omission in my opinion. I love the car otherwise and wish you luck selling it.

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  6. JBones

    I think he paid all the money for it at Mecum.

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  7. JAMES

    if i was going to keep it and make driver i would redo front glass area and install headlights with motors and put new carpet in , our charge would be 3500$ to buyer for all that and install the injector box no charge that I just had redone and drive this car ,as is buff out paint drive a period correct car from that era , # matching car
    4 speed 2 tops , (option pull engine out rebuild or detail out and repaint some original stuff such as intake box ,and engine block if preferred and brackets so forth but then it its not mostly original , only thing not original to car is rebuilt injector box
    that is now new looking , you can see it on eBay , or i can send some more pics

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  8. JAMES

    let me know if you find another # matching fuelly for under $50,000 that drives and starts , ill buy it, i have more pics on my face book ICONIC CLASSIC CARS

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  9. Alan (Michigan)

    No offense meant to anyone here, I have the highest regard for Josh, Jesse, & Co.


    If Barn Finds becomes a place for businesses to feature cars that they have for sale under the guise of a reader submission, I for one will find it a less interesting place to view and discuss vintage vehicular art.

    Just a suggestion, BF guys. How about adding a classifieds section, where (for a fee, of course) vehicle dealers and brokers can list cars like this. That way every reader across the country and the globe can have the option of browsing known commercial listings, or choosing not to. I see a potential revenue source, gentlemen.

    Personally, I find it different to on one hand peruse a BF listing that points to an eBay auction by a business, and on the other see a “reader find” segment. I tell you what: Anyone in the occupation of making money by selling cars would naturally welcome the views of eyeballs which find these pages. An über-awesome form of free advertising.

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    • James Waters

      I’m not dealer I store people cars for them in bad winter months that’s just Face book page I offer and I collect cars and do some restorations the main thing I enjoy is finding them . I was able to contact the original owners daughter and get more info on this car this car was his personal car but not driven much but to rally’s and car meets the car hit a deer at sometime and was put up ever since she is locating the headlights and original wheels in the barn someplace . This is real RF block # matching car has a lot factory markings on steering box in yellow paint marks and original T10 All original condition car needs work but will make nice driver. It was on eBay but someone did buy it now option thanks for the input

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