Copart Flip: 1972 Dodge Sportsman Travel Eze

The tell-tale signs of this Dodge Sportsman camper conversion by TravelEze is the sticker on the windshield: this was likely discoverd at a Copart auction before ending up as part of the inventory of an eBay seller specializing in RVs. No problem there; if that is the case, it looks like they snagged a good one as this camper conversion is super clean from front to back. Find this period cool Sportsman here on eBay with an opening bid of $1,050 and no reserve.

Like so many eBay ads these days, details are scarce – but the backdrop of a wrecking yard shows you everything you need to know to begin piecing together the last few months of this Sportsman’s life. The body looks quite solid and there’s no obvious signs of damage; in fact, everything looks pretty tidy, right down to the ladder mounted on the rear to the painted steel wheels sporting some nice dish. The rear bumper protrudes quite a bit but shows no sign of damage.

Inside, this Sportsman appears mint. I dig the wicked upholstery pattern which shows no obvious signs of damage or wear. The wood paneling is in excellent nick, and the stove – although quite old – looks just right in this vintage camper interior. There’s recessed lighting throughout and the sitting booth at the rear of the camper looks like the perfect spot to catch a mountain sunrise while enjoying the day’s first cup of coffee. The seller doesn’t remark on the operating condition of any of the utilities.

While I hate to reward sellers who make the minimum effort to describe their vehicles, the pictures really do the talking. It’s pretty clear when campers are abused or unloved, and this one only seems to point to an owner that sought to preserve the Sportman’s 1970s roots. The opening bid seems quite fair for a camper in this kind of condition, and I’d love to know the history of how this survivor R/V ended up in a Copart salvage yard. Any ideas?


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  1. Rube Goldberg Member

    This is one of the few motorhomes that actually makes any sense. I’d bet, more than likely, it was part of an estate that nobody wanted. They were built on a van chassis, not a straight truck like the bigger ones, so it rode better, I don’t see a distributor in front, so probably a 360, great motor, although, this will still suck the gas, but much easier to get around. Shame, somebody took care of it, now no one wants it. Quite a deal, here.

    • On and On On and On Member

      Hey Rube, Looks like dually’s, would that still be a van chassis? Hard to see in the pictures but I think I see deep dish rears. I’ve been looking at renting an RV, for what they want for rental, you could buy this and spend a couple chips to get it up to 2018 but I’d guess you could get a couple years and a few miles out of it. Looks to have maybe been stored inside. Nice. How can you argue with harvest gold and avocado if you lived thru those times. Get one of those pull out canvas awnings and a couple lawn chairs and it’s a party. Just got my lifetime National Parks pass in the mail yesterday. America the Beautiful.

      • Rube Goldberg Member

        Well, the frame has to be a van front portion, and could be custom made for a dually axle and camper. It’s the front suspension is what’s the difference. I’m sure these used a van front suspension, while the bigger ones used a straight axle.

      • Steve65

        It’s a cutaway chassis. That they used the van cab on it doesn’t imply anything about what other equipment was on the original build sheet. It’ll have whatever the upfitter ordered.

      • On and On On and On Member

        Thanks Mr. Rube, you are the best with truck stuff. Was thinking it had to be the van front with frame altered in rear for heavier load and more forgiving highway handling. I’m going to pass on this one, looking for something similar but with a later model Ford drivetrain.

  2. Miguel

    These can be had for peanuts just about everywhere, nice or not.

    I wonder how much he hopes to get out of it.

    • Steve R

      It’s no reserve so they will take the highest bid. If you look this sellers completed listings, they mainly sell motor homes and trailers, most for very little money.

      If this was closer to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle or Portland it would wind up as king of the homeless encampments.

      Steve R

      • Wrong Way

        I am waiting to jump in! Watching closely! Hell,I just might join one of those camps! LOL

      • Steve R

        You don’t want to join them. You would be forced to wear boots at all time just in case you step in some feces or on a used needle.

      • Loco Mikado

        I like this camper, if I was still into camping I would give it serious thought.

        One of the reasons I finally moved out of Portland after living there for 64 years is the homeless problem and various other ones too. Oh well sold my last house in Portland for over 10 times what I payed for it. Bought one in Vancouver that was 70 years newer, more space and my utilities are half of what they were in Portland. Portland has become one of the most overrated hell hole of a city in the US.

  3. Fred W.

    3 bids already, so somebody wants it. Hope they get their dream camper!

  4. JW

    I would bid on it but after the kids moved on the wife wants no part of camping anymore.

  5. Wrong Way

    I am watching this one! I have been trying to find a older camper in this condition forever it seems! I am just hoping that the engine is okay or can be rebuilt!

    • Steve65

      The listing image thumbnails are dead, so it’s impossible to enlarge the inspection report images. I was able to make out that they repeatedly attempted to start it without success. And that they could only perform visual inspection of all the house fixtures due to lack of Propane, shore power, or engine power to test them. Very much a gamble as to how functional all that stuff may be. I’m in the market for something much like this, and it’s not a gamble I’d personally take.

  6. Hank Hill

    A barn door has a better drag co-efficient, I tell you what !!

  7. Bradshaw from Primer

    the big bumper in the rear is probably the box the waste drain flex tube is stored in. Pop open one end , pull out the tube and hook onto the waste tank and then it expands to 15 feet or so to the waste drain for emptying the tank.

    Hose is then pushed back into the “bumper” for storage.

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