Corvette Museum Car: 1974 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1974 Chevrolet Corvette is a genuine museum car, displayed by the National Corvette Museum after its donation in early 2014. The car shows a mere 34,434 miles from new and remains highly original. Equipped with an L82 V8 and four-speed manual transmission, the Corvette is listed here on eBay with bidding over $17K and no reserve.

I recently sold the 1974 Corvette convertible originally posted here as a Barn Finds Exclusive. Many potential buyers and enthusiasts pointed out the good and bad of the car, which fortunately was mostly good. This coupe corrects some of its ills, which includes having a factory-correct air cleaner and working air conditioning – two exclusions from my car.

The convertible I listed here did leave the factory with A/C, but those components had been removed. This is a major selling point for a car like this, both in terms of future values and occupant comfort. The A/C is currently not working in my 1987 BMW 325is, and let me tell you – having working A/C in a vintage car transforms the experience of driving one in summer.

The colors may not be to everyone’s tastes, but at least it’s not red, white, or black. I suspect some of the bidding here is so strong simply because of the seller – buying from the official Corvette museum should put even the most risk-adverse buyers’ minds at ease. Factor in the low mileage and it seems like a very safe bet, even if you can’t inspect it in person.


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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    From the Ebay ad. ‘This is also the famed year of the “split rear bumper”.’ News to me. Nice car, nice color.

    • Pat L Member

      This is the only year of rubber bumper Corvette (1974-1982) that has the vertical split down the middle of the back bumper. Not a big selling feature if you ask me. Pretty ugly IMHO.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Hi Pat, I have been aware of the split rubber tail since 1974, My comment was that I have never heard of it being called ‘the famed year of the “split rear bumper’. 1963 split rear window I get. Split 1974 bumper, just a joke. Take care, Mike.

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  2. mike

    oh good. the museum boots a rubber nose donated C3. THAT will be good for c3 values.

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  3. JohnfromSC

    All of my classics still retain their stock model OWS-70 air conditioning.

    (open window, speed = 70 mph)😁

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    • Clinton

      I always called it 2-70 AC. 2 windows 70mph

  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    The ‘soft spot’ in the footwell has me wondering. The ones I’ve seen in the past typically have been due to someone lifting the car incorrectly. This one on the other hand looks like the damage was done from the inside out in the footwell, which I would think would be something heavy dropped in the car. But to do that much, I’d think it would have to really been ‘heavy’.
    Doesn’t look to have that much repair to do on it to fix that issue. Overall the car looks pretty good and I’m sure someone will buy it. Just hope they’ll drive it instead of parking it.

    • IkeyHeyman

      It is hard to imagine under what circumstances you would drop something that heavy inside the car, perhaps the damage came from outside and the indentation was pushed out from the inside.

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      • moosie moosie

        I caused the split on my ’71 Corvette Roadsters drivers side footwell when I got hit in the rear while waiting 2 cars back for the red light to change by two females busy gabbing to each other in a ’70 Cuda, in 1972. They hit me hard enough to knock the hardtop loose, split both 1/4 panels along the bonding strip, busted the rear end panel all to hell along with both rear bumpers & taillights. I’d thoroughly inspect this one . Otherwise a nice Corvette

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  5. michael h streuly

    Why do they not mention the damage to the footwell in the ad. They show the damage but say nothing about it.

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  6. art

    Nice overall condition. After staring at that “soft spot” in the floor I note a slight line between the damaged area and the rest of the floor which I believe was a factory shortcoming where the resin was applied too lightly, resulting in a weak bond of the glass fibers. One person with heavy clodhoppers or a drop of a parcel on the floor, could have begun the damage. Noting the car was manufactured before the strike, the workers may have already been unhappy and perhaps getting sloppy. Perhaps not.
    Regardless, the floor should be an easy fix in an otherwise well preserved Corvette. Wish it was a convertible…

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  7. rpol35

    Spectacular condition for an otherwise ho-hum model year. The L82 motor still had some pretty nice get-up-and-go in ’74.

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  8. dirtyharry

    In California, it is worth something more, just because it is smog exempt. You can put a blower sticking out the hood and it would be legal here. Being a 4speed with factory air is big too, as we are hitting a 100 degrees all the time. I think these are ‘up and coming’ and the real good ones are likely undervalued. I think they will do better value wise, than the C4. They have a lot of curves like Sophia Loren. Yes, I do own a few.

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  9. Michael D

    That’s about as nice a 74 Corvette you’ll ever see. L-82, 4-speed, Air, deluxe interior, leather, power windows. I like the color. Will be interesting to see what it sells for.

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  10. Tracy Johnson

    So tempting because of the Corvette Museum delivery. Probably the only way I could afford to take NCM delivery.

    • Frank Sumatra

      Corvette Museum delivery was not available for St.Louis built 1974 Corvettes as there was no Corvette Museum in 1974. What did I miss?

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  11. Bakyrdhero

    Nice looking. My uncle had an 81 Porsche 928 in the same color combo. Apples to oranges I know, but really a classy look in person.

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  12. Del

    I guess when you donate a car to a museum , they are not obligated to keep it.

    Wonder what the reason was to dump this one ?

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    • waynard

      Need the money to continue filling in the hole.

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  13. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Aug 18, 2019 , 9:01AM
    Winning bid:US $18,655.00
    [ 44 bids ]

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  14. Gm guy

    Really nice 74 Corvette.Sharp brown color L82 4-speed with alot of good options. Someone will be buying a fun car to drive.

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