Country Package Survivor: 1993 Jeep Cherokee

This clean Jeep Cherokee Country is listed by the same dealer that I believe Scotty’s super clean Subaru RX was sold by years ago. They have a tendency to get low-mileage survivors of interesting vehicles made in the last 30 years, and this sub-100K miles Country edition is no different. Find it here on eBay with lots of time left in the auction and a $7,400 Buy-It-Now. It is said to be a recent arrival from California and looks like it was used to tow behind an R/V for much of its life. 

The Country edition replaced the Laredo in the XJ lineup, and I’ve always liked the handsome cross-lace alloy wheels that they came with. This one appears to be all original, not hacked up or modified for off-road use. The two-tone paint, another Country package staple, looks quite nice and shut lines look straight from end-to-end. Although the seller notes this is a California vehicle, it began its life in Washington State and moved south in the early 2000s. Still, the rust-free condition is evident and the seller says the paint looks original throughout.

The Country package also added the woodgrain-look trim that was all the rage in the early 90s. It still presents well here, adding a touch of elegance to the otherwise utilitarian cockpit. The classic three-spoke steering wheel is a holdover from the AMC days and the stock condition of the interior is reassuring that this Cherokee did lead a fairly uneventful life. The tow bar in front may  give some folks the chills as a 4WD vehicle that was towed extensively is a prime candidate for transmission damage; hopefully, all the proper precautions were taken.

The engine bay presents cleanly, and given the seller’s reputation for selling survivor-grade / preserved 4x4s, I can’t imagine this Cherokee is suffering from any drivetrain issues. XJs in stock, low-mileage condition are increasingly selling for higher and higher prices, so I would go so far as to call this one a smart buy at the current list price. If it’s used sparingly as a summer-only vehicle, my guess is the value will continue to rise. When’s the last time you saw an early 90s Cherokee this nice?


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  1. eggsalad

    My issue is that the odometer doesn’t register miles if this was flat-towed with the transfer case in neutral. So we know it was driven less than 100k, but perhaps it was towed another 200k, who knows?

    So maybe the engine and transmission are lovely, but the suspension, bearings, axles, etc have 300k on them. No way of knowing.


    Great find. Seems like a reasonable price, compared to some rust buckets I have seen on here.

  3. Miguel

    I don’t know why you call a vehicle like this a survivor when they are all over the place.

    It is not hard to find a 25 year old vehicle that has been taken care of.

  4. glen

    There’s no way I’d have this as a Summer- only vehicle.It has clearance and 4 wheel drive, 2 things you want, to get through deep snow. or what the plow leaves at the end of your driveway.

  5. idbugeye

    Yeah. Great wheels. Try to clean them. Biggest pain in the butt on my ’96

  6. jw454

    Still a lot of these in the south and west that aren’t rusted for twenty five hundred.

  7. Thor Hansen

    I would not buy anything from Roverclassic without seeing it in person first. I bought a Range Rover Classic from them without being able to fly to New Jersey to see it first. The truck was completely misrepresented in their description. Alex flat out lied about rust issues and the services performed on the truck. He is very dishonest. The truck looked beautiful in the pictures, but rust was covered up with fiberglass and black paint. His buff job on the paint did not even last the transporter ride from New Jersey. BUYER BEWARE!!

    • jdjonesdr

      I don’t doubt your story, but the seller has 1403 auctions with positive feedback and no neutral or negative feedback.

      Gotta be a disconnect there somewhere.

  8. Rustytech Member

    I see these for sale all the time in the $5500 range that look much worse than this, there was one near here priced at$13.5k recently. I know how dependable these are having owned two of them. My son is still driving one @ almost 200k. This looks like a good deal to me.

  9. chad

    now compared to the ’78 (listed here) this 1 has it all over the FJ60 of same era.

  10. Big Lee

    Had an 88′ Limited, black with gold wheels. UNstoppable. Sold it with 175k miles on it and its still running around as a snow plow vehicle! Bought in 92 with 60k miles for 13k!

    • carsofchaos

      Big Lee those 1988 limited editions also came in white with gold trim and the ultra rare silver (kind of a gunmetal grey) with gold trim. When I was in high school in the early 90’s, THAT was the Jeep everyone wanted to have. I still want one but alas, I cannot recall the last time I ever saw one, let alone one for sale.

  11. Brink

    The Country DID NOT Replace Laredo in 1993, BOTH were produced that year. Nice Jeep, but price is Steep!

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