COVID-19: What Barn Finds Is Doing

With the effects of COVID-19 currently sweeping across the globe, we want to wish all our readers well. Many people are cooped up at home whether by choice or by illness so our top priority is to keep Barn Finds online so everyone can access it during this difficult time. This site can provide a great escape from the stresses of reality and may even combat the effects of loneliness. We understand the importance of this and are doing our best to keep the site live. Please keep reading to learn what we are doing and what we expect from our readers.

What we are doing:

  • Our team of writers is scattered all over the world and they will continue to write from home as their health and time allow.
  • Josh and I are practicing social distancing in order to slow the spread of the disease and hopefully avoid it altogether. We hope to stay healthy so we can keep the site live.

What we ask of you:

  • Please refrain from posting comments about the virus. Out of respect to those who are sick or who have lost loved ones, we will delete any comments making light of the situation.
  • Please continue to submit your tips. If any of our writers become ill, much of the writing responsibilities will fall on the editors so your help in this area is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any ideas or suggestions for us, please let me know. We care about you all and hope everyone stays healthy. Barn Finds is a community and we are going to get through this together!

Jesse Mortensen


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  1. Snotty Member

    Thank you Barnfinds for all your posts. I too am blessed that I can keep working. Like you have written it is a pleasure to read.Much appreciated. When I can come up with the money I will support you as a member. B.T.W. when is the next membership discount? Thanks again, and God Bless the U.S.A.

  2. Dave

    I was going to post some famous quotes from Winston Churchill, but for some reason in today’s world they might seem offensive.

    In that respect, I invite everyone to read the story about the White House encounter Mr. Churchill had with the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.

  3. Kieron Glover

    It is like a sci film unfolding in reality
    Take care all

    • Brian

      I feel the same way. We will get through this just fine if everyone keeps a cool head.

  4. Barzini

    Barn Finds remains a wonderful escape from a world that makes me increasingly weary. I appreciate the interesting stories, clever writing and thoughtful reader comments. So thank you for keeping it free of current events, politics and rancor.

  5. Whatmarc

    As someone that works in the medical field, I appreciate this site and use it as an escape looking and researching cars I love. I even bought that Suzuki Whizzkid on here last year. Please stay healthy and keep up the good work.

    • On and On On and On Member

      I’m retired from medicine, spent 40 years in health care. Please all readers and BFers remember their health care teams. They are not allowed to get sick or take off. I’ve never seen such dedication to people as I did in my work years. Good health and long life to all. As a side note, my grandmother was 8 years old and an orphan in Chicago in 1918. She told stories of the Spanish Flu epidemic.

      • On and On On and On Member

        I’ll keep going for a second, I am a Pharmacist for 37 years, retired but still licensed in 4 states. Vitamin C is classified as a supplement by the FDA. Although it is touted as a panacea for anything from bladder infections and cold reducing to now viral inhibiting properties, it has never been scientifically proven to resist any virus. As far as bladder infections, it is an acid and taking it acidifies urine and contributes to an environment not conducive to bacterial growth. I could go on for awhile but won’t. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…………….Good sense and social isolation is the key to reducing rapid spiking viral expansion. Again, good health to all and help your friends and neighbors if you can……………..with clear thinking and luck we’ll all be able to tell stories about this most interesting chapter in human existence very soon.

  6. Ken Cwrney

    Great break from all the depressing and
    frightening news on the tube. For right
    now, I’ll stay home if needed and use the
    time to putt around my workshop and
    catch up on doing some artwork. The ’38
    Buick is coming along nicely and I’m still
    planning to do a portrait of the ’47 Town
    & Country I saw here not long ago. Just
    hope thet find a cure before my supplies
    run out! Good luck and God’s speed to
    all and stay safe.

  7. Bob S

    I totally echo Barzini!! This site is my personal pressure relief valve!! All you good folks here, staff and readers ROCK! God bless America and the world!

  8. Ryland Anderson

    A great preventive to this virus is taking vitamin C, my family and I have been doing so and have not felt a thing since this outbreak. If you look a little deep into the web China is doing the same to their citizens and is slowing down the number affected. (It’s hard to find because our government wants to create a vaccine but cant)
    Also limiting the stress you have about this very much over hyped virus is also very helpful in keeping you protected.
    Finally eating healthy can also strengthen your immune system as well.

    • Ryland Anderson

      Thank you for the joy and stress relief of all the story’s and vehicles.

      Your website it #1 that I’m using to find a nice classic muscle car or project to purchase in my budget!!!

    • SDJames

      Vitamin C…as in Cars? :) Barn Finds is helping us all stay healthy! Keep up the great work all.

      • Dave

        Which car maker actually had a Vitamin C Orange paint color?

    • SMDA

      All good things but I wouldn’t count on it my friend. Keep your distance from others because this contagion is not “over hyped” At least 25-30X more deadly then season flu. Stay safe, error on the side of caution.

      • Fireman DK

        Correct..this is not over hyped. This is not the first case of pathogens transmitted via Bats to humans via a host : SARS was transmitted from Bats to Civets to humans, Nipah from Bats to pigs to humans, Just read a very good article about a female Chinese scientist who has been tracking and tracing and cataloging these viruses since the early 2000’s… they say there are at least 5000 Corona viruses found within the bat colonies , most of which are not dangerous to humans but many that could be . Vitamins can’t hurt, but they are no miracle drug…the Japanese drug AVIGAN is being used with some success to reduce symptoms and allow for quicker recovery, but it has a potential risk of birth defects. Let’s hope that the recent news about the clinical trials of a vaccine in Washington state is a positive step .

  9. F Again

    Keep doing what you’re doing, guys. Your site is essential.

  10. rmward Member

    Keep up the great works!

  11. Fred W

    For me, a cup of coffee and Barn Finds every morning since 2013! Thanks for all you do guys.

  12. H5mind

    We currently live in London, where the government decided to simply let the virus run rampant through the population as a way to acquire “herd immunity” for the survivors. Needless to say, reading about cool old vehicles is a welcome break from what’s happening outside. Best regards to the terrific team at Barn Finds.

  13. ken tillyUK

    Without Barn Finds I’m not sure how I would endure the day. Luckily there are still so many finds coming out of the woodwork that it keeps me enthralled for most of the day. Living in UK and not knowing as much as I would like to about many American cars, once I have finished reading the BF write-up I follow up on Google in order to fill in the blank spaces. Keep up the excellent, hard work, guys as it’s greatly appreciated by all of us.

  14. Howard A Member

    While I tend to be skeptical, this is one of those things that just can’t be taken lightly. I’m 65, and most folks my age have been through a bunch of would be catastrophes, and think what our folks went through, and we somehow made it. We’re fortunate enough to have good people working on this, something our folks didn’t have. What I have never seen, is the level of uncertainy, empty shelves? Really? I suppose we’ll have to “wait and see” where this goes before making any judgments. What concerns me in all this, and I don’t mean to downplay this any, but what if this was a REAL catastrophe? Shows how unprepared we really are. Good luck everyone.

    • SMDA

      Howard, agreed. We should have been better prepared, both as individuals and as a nation. Perhaps when this is over (and eventually it will be over), we should rearrange some of our national priorities.

  15. TBAU Member

    For many years this is the ONLY site I visit every day. ( other sites yes, but not every single day. ) Thank you Writers, Editors and Commentators.
    TBAU in Australia.

  16. Kelly g

    I really am enjoying the content. Was thinking it might be cool to do a series on the various high powered engines available back in the muscle car era. Barn finds makes a global pandemic fun!

  17. Fireman DK

    Appreciate the daily posts , even if I can not afford to buy any of the “vehicles” , and now it is even more appreciated . As the old “Curse” says, “We are all living in very interesting times”…..

    As an educational component of this recent outbreak I would invite all to read about the 1998 Nipah Virus Outbreak of Malaysia on WIKIPEDIA . It is a factual account of what the movie “Contagion” touched on…. I found it fascinating, as both a traveler in Asia since 2002 and a Firefighter working 10 years on a Paramedic engine.

    Our County in California today posted a serious set of orders from the Department of Health which if followed will really help to stop the spread , and as a person with two parents that are 84, I hope people will follow them .

    Stay Healthy All !

  18. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Much to my wife’s chagrin I spend a lot of time everyday reading and commenting on Barn finds. My poor wife is bedridden and on dialysis three days a week, so it’s understandable that she needs me to pay more attention to her, at least in conversation.
    I so enjoy Barn finds though and really appreciate the stories and comments.
    Thanks to all
    God bless America

    • Fireman DK

      Keep her safe and you stay healthy ! We all have someone in our life like you do : In my case , 84 year old Mother in convalescent hospital in Santa Clara County , California, a hot bed of Corona virus , and my 84 year old father in Santa Cruz, separated from the love of his life he married 64 years ago… hopefully we all get through this safe…..
      God bless both of you !

  19. Bob_in_TN Member

    A good time to give thanks for Barn Finds. I’m on here every day, usually several times per day. I like it because I find interesting vehicles, the writing is good, and (this is important) the majority of the posts are constructive and positive. As opposed to….

    I have followed various automotive forums over the years. For almost all of them, I rarely if ever now look. Most are populated with complainers, know-it-alls, negativity, and such. I understand the mindset of why and how that happens, I just don’t need it and choose to go elsewhere.

    • Kieron Glover

      Bob you’ve hit the nail on the head. I belong to car club and its forum seems to attract only the know it calls. I once posted a simple question about my heating controls to receive a barrage of abuse for not taking the time to read my handbook!
      So yes I find you all a breath of fresh air.
      I also like it when folks admire a car and yet admit they are not in a position to afford such
      So let’s keep breathing and care for others.
      If you have any loo rolls spare please forward them to the UK 🤤🤤

      • Fireman DK

        I’m going to go to our local Stationary store and buy all the cash register tape, and market it as miniature toilet paper rolls….. I expect to get filthy rich ! lol………..

  20. canadainmarkseh Member

    Keep up the good work Barnfinds team.

  21. Micky

    Thank You Barn Finds for monitoring against any made light of comments about the situation that we’re all in right now.
    Best Regards

  22. Ken Cwrney

    Vitamin C Orange was a color made famous by Chrysler Corp. in the late ’60s
    for its lineup of muscle cara. The other color thar raised a few eyebrows was
    Statutory Grape until “The Man” stepped in and made Chrysler change the name to
    Plum Crazy Purple in 1970. Just a bit of
    color trivia to start the day.

  23. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    Thank you to all the staff that do what you do! I own and operate my own auto repair business, but unfortunately, it seems less and less are driving while we get through this. On the other hand, my wife is in healthcare and doesn’t get a break. Let’s stay strong everyone and use our horsepower to get passed these crazy times. Be safe and have a blessed day

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