Cream Puff: 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible

I am the first to admit that I have a real soft spot for any car that wears the blue oval badge, but that doesn’t make me so blinkered that I refuse to acknowledge (and desire) cars from other brands. This 1964 Impala SS Convertible is a case in point. If I had the chance to park this in my workshop, there is no way that I would say no to the idea. This is a tough looking car in a great color combination, and the condition does look pretty impressive. Located in Lithonia, Georgia, you will find the Impala listed for sale here on eBay. It’s a car that has generated some strong bidding, and this has pushed it along to $26,600. The good news is that with the reserve having been met, this old girl is about to head off to a new home.

The owner refers to the Impala as a cream puff, and I assume that by this he means that it has been very well cared for. It certainly looks very promising, with a fantastic gloss to that black paint. Panel fit looks to be extremely good, while the trim and chrome all look first-rate. The owner doesn’t indicate whether the paint is original, but if it is, then it has held up remarkably well over the past 55-years. The soft-top looks a bit wrinkled, but I tend to think that a few hours parked in the sun will see it soften, and the wrinkles should then disappear.

As I looked at this shot of the interior, all I wanted to do was to get in there and give it a good clean. The overall condition of the interior looks to be extremely good, but it really does need a deep clean. I tend to think that doing this would make the car look a million dollars. There is some wear on the wheel, but this could easily be restored. The only other thing that I’ve noticed is the fact that it doesn’t look like it has the original radio, but I can’t tell what is in its place. Regardless, it doesn’t look like the dash has been cut, so sourcing and fitting a new radio shouldn’t be a big job. Otherwise, the grey trim sets off very nicely against the black paint.

Come on people. open the hood and give us a look. There are no engine photos, but the owner does clarify a bit of the confusion that he creates in the ad by stating that under the hood is a 327ci V8. What we don’t know is whether this is a numbers-matching car and whether this is the 250hp version of the engine or the 300hp unit. The 327 is backed by an automatic transmission, and in this case, it should be the 2-speed Powerglide. Beyond that, all we know is that the car drives very strongly. I guess that this is a good starting point, but I would love more information myself.

Like I said at the start, I love my blue oval badge, but I’d happily have this Impala SS Convertible any day of the week. The condition looks extremely impressive, and with the weather just starting to warm up, it has come onto the market at just the right time. Anyone feel ready for some top-down cruising?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Never got into the heavy iron but that’s one of the best looking cars GM ever built. With the big engines available at that time they were runners too.

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  2. Will Fox

    I don’t speak “bow tie”, but I do like this `64!! This is about as complete and original as you can hope to find. I can see this hitting $30K as is before it’s sold. Very nice.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Sure looks great! For that kind of coin you would need to look closer. No pics of the mill or the trunk, wth? I’m no chevy expert but I believe those are 283 emblems. Will we ever know?? Sorry to be a wet blanket- caveat emptor. 450 engine?? LOL. Good luck to the new owner.


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    • 68custom

      at first I thought the same thing, but quickly realized that a 283 should just be a simple V the 327 had flags like this for 64, if so equipped 409 letters were above the flags. love the drop top and color combo! nice ride!

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    • local_sheriff

      These would be the correct emblems for the 283 engine. It’s also worth mentioning this interior color is not only grey; it’s the highly desirable SILVER! Given it’s a one-owner we hopefully shouldn’t need question it’s a true SS ; anyone interested in this should know 64 SS V8 conv VIN starts with 41446

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  4. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Seller update. On Apr-08-19 at 18:06:06 PDT, seller added the following information:
    ENGINE IS NOT 450. I accidentally put 450.

    ENGINE IS 327.

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  5. Mark

    That beauty wears the most beautiful hubcaps ever designed. I used to have a set.

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  6. Mark

    Nice car. Too bad it’s not a hardtop. Always liked to see these 64’s with baby moons with beauty rings. Other years not so much. GLWTS.

  7. Vin_in_NJ

    So nice to see one in original condition like this and not set up with air bags/hydraulics and outlandish paint

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I agree a million percent!
      Let’s hope the new owner keeps it that way.

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        You are dreaming.Anyone buying a ’64 Chevy is going hog wild on restomods.I think it’s almost law.

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  8. Joe Machado

    Brought back memories of working for Chevy. Guy trades in a gorgeous 58 Edsel Citation convert for a 64, triple black, SS Impala, 409, 4-speed convert.
    Dairy Valley, Calif. S and J Chevy dealer. Now its Cerritos.
    Surre miss that 58 Edsel

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    • Steve


      My oldest brothers first car was a clean red/ red 63 impala ss ht with a 327/pg in 1976. I sill give him a hard time for trading it for a 52 chevy pickup.

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Always been my favorite Chevy. And I agree no airbags.

  10. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Great looking car but if it’s a 327 then it’s a non-oem engine, or the emblems were changed. I agree those are 283 emblems on the fenders.

  11. Joe Machado

    The car is a 327. Not a 283, provided the emblems were not changed. But the car has so little in mods, if any. The V only is a 283. The 2 flags, one each side of V is a 327. The V with 2 flags and 409 above it, well duh!
    Those nit picking price-value, will not own this well preseved vert.
    Keep looking further for a cheaper, rusty, rotten one and enjoy the rust.
    Rusty ones taste lousy

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  12. JBP

    Does anybody know where to buy seat covers, like these?
    Im hunting some in good quality/ price?
    Btw. Beautyfull car.

    • local_sheriff

      Most vendors specializing in x-frame Chevies now offer the silver interior soft goods; 15-20 years back that was a PITA.
      Try Classic Industries or Hubbards Impalaparts , though I think they both sell PUI stuff. You may even check out Ciadella Interiors. I have no personal experience with Ciadella, but they seem to produce all goods in-house and they can make SS door panel/carpet color combos never available OE

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      • JBP

        Thanks for answer. Its for a Buick Invicta. With red bucket seats. But its also a GM X frame🙂

      • local_sheriff

        JBP; then I’d recommend you to contact Ciadella. Though I’ve yet to see their products IRL, they don’t seem to be afraid to come up with OE looking (but never available) upholstery and their prices seem competitive.
        Your Invicta is definately a true x-frame that deserves a shiny interior!

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  13. Carla Hernandez

    As much as I love these Impalas, my preference is a 62 or 63. The reason for me is that I don’t see any design flair in the flat-faced 64 front-end/grille.
    Has anyone noticed if the body seam is cracked at the rear quarters at the base of the roof?

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  14. JBP

    Thanks for the tip. Yes, and its a Barn Find car. Thanks to BF.

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    • local_sheriff

      I immediately thought of a 62 when you mentioned Invicta, and of couse it is this BF that went off to Denmark in December! I remember it being dirt cheap but seemingly free of major rust, is it a good buy?

      Another company you may want to check out is SMS Auto Fabrics. They are neither the fastest nor cheapest, however they offer repop interior soft goods for thousands of ‘less popular’ US cars. I was impressed by them being able to offer wagon specific door panels for my latest x-frame aquisition. Even without me requesting, they mailed me a correct color and grain vinyl sample. Greetings from a fjeldabe

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  15. JBP

    Ha ha. Den var god.
    I will have a real look at it here in weekend.
    Invicta came from shipper monday. It has a little 20×30 cm. I have to weld in pass floorpan. And that on right front fender door and around the rear wheel. Nothing on frame and trunk. I had the engine running today, it run very fine, without smoke, bud the waterpump is dead, so i will make a attempt for a testdrive tomorrow.
    Thanks again Barn Find, for the best classic car deal ever.
    Jesper Denmark

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  16. Joe Machado

    SMS is THE best. They make a mold from the first order and that mold makes the rest of said make. The first of a mold is same price for later ones.
    They will make seat material also if none available.
    $ is not an issue if you want the best.

  17. Joe Machado

    Jesper in Denmark, about 35 years ago I shipped a 57 Chrysler Saratoga there, Tomato and Black. Red Scallop in quarters, 2 door hardtop. Have you seen it around. Was my daughters car.

  18. JBP

    Hi Joe. No that i cant say i have.
    But if it havent bin in a accident, it is outthere somewhere. Nobody in Scandinavia would scrap a American car. Not normally 🙂

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