Custom 1969 GMC “Hot Wheels” Van

1969 GMC Hot Wheels Van

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This 1969 GMC G10 van isn’t a barn find, but it gets props because the owner used it to hand out Hot Wheels to kids at local car shows! Old timers are always complaining that the youngsters aren’t into the hobby, but this sounds like the perfect way to do something about it. If you’d like to take over the cause, this Hot Wheels hauler is located in Carlisle, Iowa and is listed here on eBay for $19,000 or best offer.

Van Interior

If this were mine, I’d ditch the hippy theme and install a bunch of tracks so kids could race their cars! You wouldn’t want to make parents nervous about letting their hang out around your van. The custom work does look well done and there’s a fresh 350 V8 and rebuilt tranny underneath. The price might be steep, but just think of looks on the kids faces when you hand them a car of their very own!

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  1. 68 custom

    It would look better with out the hot-wheels logo and funky rear window, but I really like these old vans! plus it had a SBC!

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    Great idea of sharing the passion with younger generation, give out Hot Wheels, you never know what moment may have a lasting positive impact.

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  3. ChadO

    Oh sure no one complains when you hand out toy cars to kids but candy and puppies get you ostracized from the neighborhood???

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      I sincerely hope that was photo enhanced and not something that someone actually drives around.

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    • Rick A. LoeraMember

      Saw one of these Van’s on the way to San Diego last August. It was a white Ford Van with rear windows that had a bunch of stuffed toys that looked like they were trying to escape. Their was a huge pad lock on the back door to keep those stuffed animals from escaping, or other things.

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  4. DaveT

    I’m currently potty training my son. Every time it goes well he gets a new Hotwheels or Matchbox. The potty training isn’t going well. But he has a lot of cool toy cars. He seems to like Le Mans race cars and the Batmobile.
    Sorry if my comment isn’t relevant but it’s the only thing on my mind lately…

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    • FordSon

      Your comment is very relevant ! Keep up the good fight ! He’ll catch on. some are faster, some are slower. It’s all good :)

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  5. JW454

    Here are my problems with this one;
    1. The peace sign carpet is upside down. When you open the door you should see it right side up
    2. The Chrysler pentastar window on a GM vehicle.
    3. The “go faster” tachometer. Really… pick a theme and stay with it through out. Is it a race car or old school hippy van?
    4. The asking price. Enough said.

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  6. FordSon

    My father and my older brothers started purchasing Hot Wheels when they were introduced in late 1967, early 1968. They would purchase two, three and four of a new introduction in various colors. One would always be taken out of the package or box to play with while the others were tucked away in the original package. We even had a 8’x8′ HO scale “city” in the basement with trains, buildings, roads, street lights,etc. that my brothers built on two 4×8 sheets of plywood to play with our cars on ! Not to mention the Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning race tracks,
    (which I still have).
    At 55 years old, I am the youngest of five sons who have always collected Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Aurora Cigar Box die cast 1/64th scale cars, trucks and equipment. Collectively, we have amassed a collection of over 7,000 packaged collectibles as well as well over 4,000 1/25th scale model kits (SMP, AMT, MPC, Revell, Jo-Han, etc). Collecting die cast vehicles as well as building models and dioramas, IS… with certainty, what developed my passion for all things automotive. So yes ARVIND, you are very right ! Kudos to anyone who promotes interest in the restoration and preservation of our automotive past !

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  7. DrinkinGasoline

    Ended: Jul 30, 2016 , 9:24AM

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  8. HoA Howard AMember

    I’m probably going to get booted off this site for my negativity, sorry, just how I was raised, ( in my own defense, it’s not profane, political, or personal) but I don’t see any relevance to handing out Hot Wheels at a car show, and young people actually appreciating the ( real) cars at the show. Granted, it’s a wonderful gesture, but it may give kids a false understanding of the show itself.( I’ll get free toys if I go) We took my friends grandson, 9 or 10 years old, to a small show, just to possibly get him interested in old cars, and in 5 minutes, he was in line at the soda booth, and I don’t think he looked at one car. Sorry, it will take more than free toys to convince this old timer that young people like classic cars. Oh, I never liked vans either.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      That’s ok, you can give me “thumbs down”, ( I don’t think I’ve ever given a thumbs down to anybody) I don’t mind, at least I have the nerve to say what’s on my mind and not hide behind an icon. Perhaps we should have a thread about the subject, and I apologize to the seller for hijacking the thread. It is a sharp looking van ( sans the “Hot Wheels” part, of course)

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    Ahhh come on Howard quit being an old fuddy duddy!! lol. Some times in this day an age you got to give kids a little incentive for them to put down there I-phones and x-box controllers to get them out of the house. Its not like the old days anymore where you can talk your kid into jumping into the car and doing something interesting. I know because I have been working on my own son for years to get away from the phone an x-box to get him in interested in cars. First time I took him to a car show there was nothing free but he never got some of those cars out of his head. I got him a 2004 mustang 6cly for his 16th birthday and now he has been starting to tinker with it and I feel im starting to make a little progress. so maybe one of those little kids that gets a free hot wheels and starts playing with those little cars, it might lead to a life time interest and I think that’s something good. I know I loved my hot wheels. Howard my mom had a 75 ford custom van with no windows and that’s what I took my drivers test in. State Cop said you going to take your test with mirror’s only? I said no problem that’s what I learned to drive with. Oh buy the way does anybody remember the Tyco race cars?

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieStaff

      Big Fish–if you are talking about HO scale slot cars, alive and well here! I’m more of an Aurora guy though…

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      • BIG FISH

        Jamie, I had a lot of the early 60s Aurora cars and different models most of them hand me downs from my cousin. I couldn’t wait to go to there house as he had a big track set up in his attic, we would play for hours I was 6 years old. About 5 years latter my aunt was going to toss them so I got, em. But I had gotten my own track for xmas before that and they were tycos. I also put together a nice collections of those too. I got older and they got packed away and then when I was 17 are house caught fire and I lost everything I had saved and about 200 of my hot wheels. Sad to think about.

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  10. C brand

    I take my grandsons (4 & 6) to every car show i can. They get so excited to see all the cool rides!! By the way they have alot of hot wheels and other cool rides of there own. They are very interested in this hobby of ours (theres). So there is hope for the future

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  11. Steve

    Yep! That is one nice over priced Perv Van!
    Free puppies I think was a better eye catcher.
    Just say-in.
    If my grandson needs hot wheels I’ll buy them for him or get them at SEMA

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  12. boxdin

    The mopar pentastar windows on a chevy is inexcusable.

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  13. Larry K

    It is creepy.

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