Custom Corvette: 1967 Convertible 396

For me, the 1967 Corvette is all muscle and practically perfect. Then why, I have to ask myself, am I drawn to the fancy flared fiberglass custom found here on eBay? I guess don’t mind the unabashed exaggeration of the flares, the Stingray pipes, and classic vintage AKH style 5 hole rims.

I agree with the seller that this is a classic that needs to “…be brought back to life…” after the original owner had life throw him a curve ball that prevented him from completing the restoration. Luckily, it seems the project has plenty of the original parts tagged, bagged, boxed and ready to go for the next enthusiast to work with.

At a “Buy it Now” price of $35k, you might even have some upside – since the price of classic Corvettes continues to creep up into the stratosphere. A ‘vette collector I know recently added a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L71 427 to his garage after parting with over $150k, and I can’t wait for some top-down summer fun in that Tri-Power.

Although it seems wrong to think it, an already altered body like this might make it a perfect resto-mod candidate instead. I’d keep the general “all muscle vibe”, but deck it out with all the best that modern technology has to offer. Either way – I can’t help but dream about barreling down the road after getting this ’67 back in fighting shape!

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  1. Rock On

    All of those custom modifications and it is still missing the most iconic modification of them all …….. triple tail lights!

    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      Leave the triple tail lights in the box. They detract from a beautiful body style.

  2. Duane Boda

    Dudes….go to EBay Motors…..1974 Plymouth Satellite – 23,000 miles

    and other then a crack in the dash….it’s so sweet. From Port Orange Florida


    • Jason

      And this comment of yours has WHAT to do with this corvette article? NOTHING!

      Like 1
  3. Kevin Lee

    Unless you’re a purist, leave the body as is. This ones not even in the same ballpark as the tacky, disco body kits we see a lot on later model ones.

  4. Jbones

    Btw “396” was first and lastly offered in the 1965 corvette. 1966-1969 was “427” for the big blocks.

  5. EHide Behind

    Leave body alone except for any wavy panels. A high revving big block even if 396, as it is easy to pull 475-500 hp, little odds and ends and nice daily driver.
    Not a collector as much as an enthusiast
    Machine yet could possibly flip at mild profit at right time and place.

  6. JW

    Not a Vette or vert fan but I like it.

  7. Steve R

    Leave the paint, body and wheels as it sits. Install either a 427 or 454 with a lopey cam along with some vintage speed equipment, make it reliable, then drive it. It will stand apart from all of the restored Corvettes, in a good way. This car represents a point in time when these cars were driven hard and enjoyed rather than looked at as investments.

    Steve R

  8. Patrick S newport pagnell Staff

    Paint,front bumper,wheels,interior…

    • Mike W H

      Yeah, I think this is what the seller envisioned. I think I would use something closer to the turbo finned wheels available as an option then.

      But this is it.

  9. Ronald G Bajorek jr

    wait? a c-3 corvette you could wring out, drive the crap out of, get stone chips and bugs on a laugh your ass off having a good time with? blasphamy! either burn this with fire or restore it to ncrs standards and respectfully drive it in and out of an enclosed trailer! for the love of god man!

    • Jason

      Please tell us youre joking because if not, the REAL car guys have some choice words for you!!

  10. ccrvtt

    The original Stingray was designed just before 70-series, or ‘Wide Oval’ tires became available. Therefore it was constrained to use narrower section tires since the wider ones would rub on the upper edges of the wheel wells. Hence the fender flare modifications were made of necessity. The ones on this car look to be tastefully done.

    The side pipes are at least factory, not some awful unshielded add-on. I’ve always liked slotted dish mags but these need center caps and a high polish. Not a big fan of the graphics but that’s always a matter of taste.

    Out of my league but someone will ante up. Nice find.

  11. Pete Christensen

    I like it. It reminds as kid in the 70’s and 80’s go to Hara Arena Dayton, OH. Looking. At all the muscle cars “street freaks” Mods were pretty common. Now it’s rare to find one with a 70’s custom look. Back in the 70’s. My uncle street raced. Blew the 427. After some aggressive power shifting. He found in the junkyard a running 396 out of a caprice SS. Also took the 427 block out of severely damaged 1969 Corvette. Drove the 1967 Corvette with 396 for a while until he could get his 427 rebuilt. I miss those days.

  12. The Car Dude

    Being a purist I would like to have seen the body left alone .

  13. RandyS

    No purist here. Would get it running, driving, braking and rock it as-is. Wish I had the space and money.

  14. Mike R

    BB ’67 convertibles bring in excess of $100K when done up right, which obviously precludes this one at the moment, but it has potential.

    Depending on what the 396 block is out of, you might be better off yanking the entire motor and reselling the bottom end to someone in need and replacing it with a crate motor or keeping the 427 heads and replacing with a 427 block.

    The eBay ad says ‘Make Offer’, so who knows, you might be able to get for less.

  15. redwagon

    body modifications are minimal and i could live with them. never was a fan of slotted mags nor side pipes. i know the side pipes are factory but i would still move them to underneath. the mags have to go.

    the crushed velour interior is so 70’s i cannot abide that either. so i would be changing the interior – perhaps going to factory red and keeping the silver paint. that silver/red would be a nice color combo even if not original to the car.

    other than that make it a running hunk of fun. not an original 427? Oooops, that happened before my ownership. I could still scare the heck out of myself with the 396. o yes, have to find a top somewhere. hardtop or conv. if the hardtop can be put on and off with one person then i would source one of those. if not, get the bows for a ragtop and have someone who is really good with tops install it.

  16. EHide Behind

    Ever ridden at 150-160 mph in an open top?
    A long haired, long legged blonde, with wind blowing strands tickling your face. The sounds of two huge 750 Holleys sucking air, exhaust ripping the air apart behind you?
    SUN warming but not as warm as your rushing adrenaline filled blood.
    OR just a leisurely drive along coastal backwoods two laners at 45 to 60 mph, smelling the airs, and of course that perfume the Blonde Brunette or Red haired woman is wearing?
    The looks your auto or the lady gets no matter where you park, and heads turn at exhaust sounds before you arrive and drive by.
    Some autos are made for that alternative universe, one where very damn few will ever enter.
    Been there, done that.
    Too F’n old now to actually enter such realms today, but some young man or gal deserves this set of wheels to form own memories.
    And not some F’n old fart puttering around saying; look what I got, it’s not pure and maybe is afraid car might get bug splatter on it.

  17. ruxvette

    “This listing is just to get a feel for the market”. The seller can bite me!

  18. Clay Bryant

    Could have at least closed the headlight door by hand before pics…..tacky

    • Tom

      I agree to leave the triple tail lights alon. BUT if you must modify. The rivera rectangular rock.

  19. Steve A.

    I have a fresh all forged internals 427 on a engine stand and a fresh Muncie in my shop that’s looking for a good home. Love to find something like this, reasonably priced.

  20. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    In the mid-70’s, most mid-year Vettes you saw looked like this – missing front bumper, flared fenders, wacko paint jobs.

    Someone that lived near me had one. He would go flying up and down the road in it, until it was stolen.

  21. Midyear

    this car was running and driving at Carlisle this year.

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