Custom Dually: 1993 Geo Metro Dually Pickup

Ummm… so yeah. Well, this is an unusual one. How much time do I have left? (looking at the director) I actually thrive on oddball vehicles like this 1993 Geo Metro dually pickup, so when an anonymous Barn Finds reader sent in this tip I couldn’t resist. Thanks to whoever that was, I think. This unusual and tiny six-wheel hauler can be found here on eBay in Riverton, Wyoming, where I’m assuming that it stands out like Scotty G in shorts and black socks. The bid price is $4,900 already and you’ll have to get your bids in soon because the auction ends in less than a day! Let’s check it out.

To say that this Geo Metro custom dually pickup is fairly unique is quite an understatement. The builder sure was creative, they put a ton of work into this little rascal and I think it would be fun to own. For what I don’t really know, just for the unusual factor and for hauling bags of mulch or maybe a minibike in the back or something. That is if the tailgate actually goes down? They don’t say and don’t really show any photos of that area from inside the box.

There it is in all its glory, pretty cool. Does the tailgate work? Is there a tailgate? We don’t know and this is the only photo of the inside of the tiny bed, believe it or not. As always, there are not enough photos and this custom build deserves to be shown in all its glory. Hey, I think it’s glorious! Dually, indeed, very cool. Although, the skins could use some help. Could you imagine pulling this into a tire store? This car is already a social media star so be prepared to talk about it every single time you drive it on public streets.

This is the only interior photo other than one showing the speedometer and odometer and unfortunately, this one has an automatic transmission. Most of us were hoping to see a 5-speed here. These little Metros can be fun to drive with a stick shift. It looks good inside, though. I don’t think lime green was a factory color, I don’t see it online anywhere but it sure looks like it was. If not, it has had a pretty nice and extensive respray because they must have taken off all of the trim and gaskets and things like that. The photo of the bed shows red paint under black but who knows. It does have some body issues to deal with, there are cracks in the bodywork and general fitment issues in a few areas and generally needs a little help to take it to the next custom level.

The clashing greens are unfortunate, matching the body color would have been a very nice touch but maybe the next owner will take it to the next tier of cool custom Dually Geo Metro pickup’dom. The seller says that they bought this truck already done and it’s already a social media star. The engine is a 1.0L inline-triple with 55 hp and it runs like a top, according to the seller who sounds like the manager for a boy band that has just made the big time. Do you have what it takes to own a social media phenom like this cool Geo Metro Dually Pickup?

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  1. Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

    Nice find, Scotty! I’ve seen a similar low-budget “pickup” made from a Hyundai coupe in my area, but that one simply looked like the result of 10 minutes with a Sawzall after a 12-pack of Old Milwaukee. This Lime Green masterpiece has taken some planning and skill! Some people go through their entire lives asking “Why?” and we need more free-wheelers who simply ask “Why not?” I once saw a Pro-Street style VW Rabbit Pickup still powered by the original engine and front wheels. Why not? Thanks for bringing this unique creation to our attention!

    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Isn’t that thing cool, Todd? I mean, not cool in a Hemi-Cuda way, but unique cool, which is more my kind of cool. If it wasn’t already $5,000 and needed a grand in shipping I’d be all over it.

    • Mr Dave

      I rock this little gem! I owned a 1991 Metro XFI, bought it new and sold it in 2016. Loved it!

  2. Miguel

    I wonder what the purpose is of dual rear wheels on a front wheel drive car.

    • Pete

      I’m still puzzling over the tow hitch. Duals are perhaps for the tongue or box weight of cargo besides a cool look?

    • Steve R

      The purpose of the dual rear wheels is the same reason the car is painted that ugly shade of green, to draw attention. The seller even says in the ad its the only reason to buy it.

      Steve R

    • Dusty Stalz

      What’s the purpose of having dual exhaust on a 3 cylinder engine? LOL

      • Dave

        Quite common in the motorcycle world.

  3. Ian C

    While I would never spend my money on it…. I don’t hate it and would not fault the person that does buy it! I would absolutely stop to look at it at the local cruise-in.

  4. Mitchell Member

    Roadkill needs to see this and buy it

  5. Classic Steel

    I am curious if it would even if it could pull over a coke can ?

    The Dually is a waste of needed horsepower…

    It would look better with a real motor

  6. Terry

    would probably fit in the trunk of the Mohs Safari Car………

    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff


  7. grant

    The seller bought it a week ago. This was featured as a np or cp car on jalopnik a week ago. It was advertised for 2500 then.

  8. Wayne

    Interesting idea and look. Almost double the unsprung weight in the rear, so I’m sure it rides like an empty dually. Oh weight, ( pun intended) it is! ( sorry guys had to do it!) Seriously guys it has to have a terrible ride. I kind of dig the creation, but driving it can’t be any fun between the ride and it being slower than a regular Metro.

  9. Marko

    Sold at $6400.00 USD yesterday.

    Cool vehicle, but in these parts, where we have the highest per capita ratio of Cowboy Duallies, this will get you laughed off of Coffee Row ……..permanently.

  10. Jerry

    Long lost cousin of the Pontiac Aztec!

  11. martinsane

    A $3,900.00 profit for the flipper. Imho thats lame. As for the car /truck it too is lame and can only imagine how many throw away trucks could have been bought drove and disposed of versus the effort to do this modification.

  12. Paolo

    You are bored and have lost all of your self respect. Go horseback riding on the beach somewhere, get some fresh air, get drunk and get some carnal satisfaction if you can. That’ll fix you right up.

  13. peter

    dual rear wheels for picking up those crate engine that going into your cadillac that you are restoring…

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