Daily Driver 4×4: 1980 International Scout

This 1980 International Scout is currently used by the seller on a daily basis on the mean streets of Philadelphia, making it unusual for not only surviving in drivable condition but doing so in an unforgiving urban environment. It’s one thing to daily an older vehicle where there’s space to work on it and fellow drivers not looking to bumper bash you into oblivion; quite another to live with a vintage rig in major metro area (in the salt belt, no less.) Find this Scout here on eBay sporting some great period graphics and mods with a Buy-It-Now of $15K and the reserve unmet.

Bidding is currently at $4,500 with the reserve unmet, so a long ways off from the Buy-It-Now price. If this Scout was equipped with the Nissan-sourced turbodiesel engine, I might agree the purchase price could be justified, but even with the cool period colors and add-ons like the brush guard and roof rack, I’m having a hard time seeing close to $20K for a truck that still needs a fair amount of work to be considered better than driver quality. It looks rust-free, but confirmation of that is needed given the vehicle’s location.

While the exterior looks presentable as-is, the cabin really will need a fair amount of work to bring back to factory specs. If nothing else, the tweaks are clearly a matter of personal taste, and not everyone loves the chain-look steering wheel. The dash doesn’t appear to be cracked, but the covered up front seats usually means a rash of rips and tears exists underneath. It’s impossible to say with any certainty what sort of condition the floors remain in, but I don’t see any daylight showing through the bottom of them.

The backseat looks like it received a custom upholstery job, and there’s evidence of some shag carpeting (or other 70s era material) lining the rear floor and cargo area. Having just spent several hours with a steamer removing old purple tint from my 1986 Isuzu Trooper project, I don’t envy the next owner that will have to do the same for this Scout if they want a cheap way to dramatically improve the truck’s appearance. While Scouts will always be a fan favorite, there are some out there right now that look like slightly better values – like this one for $11K with a rebuilt engine.

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  1. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    An old worn-out IH Scout loaded up with every aftermarket dingleberry you tack to it for 15K! Yesterday it was an old Bronco that looked like it was submerged in water for 20 years and some elephant trunk thing hanging on the dashboard for $4500! Maybe it is just me, but where are people coming up with these prices for junk yard vehicles? If people are actually paying these prices for this stuff, they must have more money than brains. Sheesh!

    • jerry

      real easy to sit there critiicizing another mans ride ain’t it so you drive a 60 grand car who cares! don’t like it thats your problem I hate ford broncos so what! I wouldn’t give one driveway space! big deal

      • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

        I did not personally criticize anyone’s vehicle, and I never will. I am simply stating that these flippers are asking crazy prices for vehicles that are nothing more than parts cars and trucks! You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but so am I, and I do not believe that this Scout is worth 15K. If someone wants to pay that, I wish them luck. Btw, you have no idea what I drive, and honestly, it’s none of your business either.

  2. Kent

    15K!!!!!! No way, 5000$ tops, this truck has a diesel in it and according to Kelly blue book that alone drops the price 10% over gas. This thing must have an exhaust leak leading to the cab.

  3. Bud

    Well all those loose wires are about as attractive as that lightbar blocking the view .

  4. tompepper

    $500. woods beater.

  5. XJSLord

    This guy was asking 10k on Philadelphia Craigslist just a couple days ago…

  6. mark

    ……and I thought the Gremlin that was on here the other day was overpriced.

  7. Howard A Member

    Reminds me of some IH semi’s I drove, with wires and bungee cords holding things. Chain link steering wheel, nice touch. Scout ll’s are probably the best Scouts that were made. This was the last year for the Scout, and maybe the seller is banking on that with their price, I think it could be de-cobbled. That widow maker bumper jack, and that bulldog would have to go. I stared enough at that bulldogs rear end in a Mack. The joke was, “you got one a**h*** looking at another”. No pics of the motor, I’m that’s as spotless as the interior. Great trucks, if only IH would have held out a bit longer, look where the SUV market went. Pretty big blunder if you ask me.

  8. Stangalang

    I dare ya to grab that steering wheel on a hot southern summer day…go ahead…I DARE ya lmao

    • Howard A Member

      Cheech Marin would be proud!!

    • Johnny Demonic

      Fingerless racing gloves, yo!

  9. Car Nut Tacoma

    Sweet! It’s a shame it was discontinued when it was. I find the 1980 Scout more attractive than most earlier Scouts.

  10. Karl

    Maybe my eyes are seeing things but that passenger side pic just ahead of the mirror and bottom of the door and rocker panel sure looks a heck like anything but rust free! This would be right online with the extreme rusty reputation that these vehicles had from day one!

  11. Harry H

    This must be the rarest of the rare.
    My father was an Exec with IH’s Pay Line division and as a late High School graduation present I was allowed to order my own Scout under their Executive rental program. Placed the order in Dec.’78 and in late Jan. ’79 they shut down production!
    So . . . .how is this a 1980?

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Harry, something not right. I read, the last Scout came off the line in Ft.Wayne, Oct. 21, 1980 and it had a Nissan diesel.

  12. David Ulrey Member

    The Scouts are actually a decent vehicle but it seems like too many people are seeing the insane prices on early Broncos and in their mind everything in even a remotely close class of vehicle MUST be worth a fortune right? The stupid money people are asking (and getting from morons) has become such a turn off on vehicles I used to love. This kind of stuff is starting to make S10 Blazers and Ford Explorers look better and better if you want an affordable and useable 4×4.

  13. Rich H

    The seats are actually factory “pillow top” the more expensive scout trim had these fancier seats in them. IH went on strike in 79 and most of the 80 models were “scab” built, the 80 were the only year that IH galvanized inside the panels to help with rust issues I don’t think those stripes were ever factory I think his buy it now is rather optimistic, but I can’t see it in person soooo

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