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Desert 1965 Mustang Convertible Project

1965 Mustang Convertible

As I prepared to write up this 1965 Mustang convertible spotted here on craigslist in El Paso, Texas, I saw Jamie’s post of a 1964½ model, located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Scooped again! But it’s OK, because I’m sure our faithful Barn Finds readers will appreciate comparing apples to oranges and seeing how these two cars stack up head to head. And if you don’t like this one, it appears the seller has plenty of others available!


This seller gives us quite a bit less to work with though, and these are the only three photos provided. This car is offered for sale at a fixed price of $6,800. It’s located in Deming, New Mexico, which is one of the more arid regions of the country, less than an hour north of the Mexican border. Assuming this car has spent much of it’s life in that area, it too should be as solid and rust-free as Jamie’s featured car. Of course most of us would insist on more photos before traveling very far to see it, but for the sake of conversation, let’s assume this one is solid.


It has a non-running six cylinder installed, is a deluxe model according to the seller, and has a clear New Mexico title. It’s a 1965, while Jamie’s is the more desirable 1964½ with a V8. As of this writing his is bid up to $5,100, with more than five days left in the auction. Or, this one can be purchased right now with an asking price of $6,800 to work with. How much more is an original V8 car worth than this one? What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo ydnar

    I don’t think he’ll get his “ask” on this one. I would pass on both.

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  2. Avatar photo piper62j

    This seller is smoking that funny stuff… Appears the whole car has been shot in primer and the interior completely destroyed.. All you’ve got here is a shell with a drivetrain.. No pics of the floor pans which have been exposed to the weather with the top disintegrated.

    Parts car..

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  3. Avatar photo OA5599

    Yikes. Needs everything. But no extra charge for the overspray on the front left tire.

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  4. Avatar photo Rspcharger

    Can we search the property for parts? That there is alot of Mustang.

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  5. Avatar photo 200TCode

    Yes, for that money and condition it would need to be a GT and/or with a K-Code 289 HiPo. The only thing it has going for it is that it’s a convertible. As it sits, it’s a $1800 shell, tops.

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    • Avatar photo Marty Member

      Please post links to any $1800 Mustang convertibles you may find. Thanks.

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  6. Avatar photo EJB

    I want to see some of the other cars in the yard. It look like there’s some other desirable ponies in that old herd

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  7. Avatar photo JW

    If it’s truly rust free and straight no damage he will get what he’s asking because of the cost savings due to body rot or damage. Early Mustang convertibles are very popular especially with the ladies. JMHO

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  8. Avatar photo Brakeservo

    Run, don’t walk away from ANYTHING vandalized with rattle can primer!

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  9. Avatar photo MikeW

    that would have the 170 cu in 5 main six, and needing a overhaul. worthless. This car is only good for the body if it isn’t rusted to bad. 5 or 6 grand tops. To put in a v8 you will need a trans, shaft, rearend and brakes.Inother words everything. Oh and the other one with the v8 has been sold.


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  10. Avatar photo Marty Member

    Depending on one’s standards, this could actually be better than the other Mustang that was ended early. If I were doing this one, I wouldn’t feel bound to keep the original drivetrain or paint color, and I’d like the reliable driveability of a fuel injected 5.0 a lot better than an all-original 260. No one loves aerosol primer, but the other car didn’t have original paint either, which could have been covering about anything on that car too. From experience, I’d never paint over someone else’s primer and/or bodywork anyway. Spray cans or otherwise, all of it would have to come off of either car.

    I’m also not necessarily following the logic about this one having rusty floors. Obviously it could, but the top canvas being gone tells me zero about what the floors really look like. It’s a high-desert car. The top canvas deteriorated and was probably thrown away decades ago. It doesn’t tell us the car was kept outside that way, or what the floors look like. Seeing it, or good photos of it, is the only way to know for sure with this one.

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  11. Avatar photo Keith

    A V8 swap into a Mustang is about the easiest swap that there is to do from a V6-V8. Done in a weekend, parts are plentiful and inexpensive (assuming you’re not going crazy with a 390 or something). With this having a bad engine anyway, toss it and throw in a V8. I’ve bought a lot more convertible Mustang for less than this but assuming it’s got little to no rust is not horribly over-priced.

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  12. Avatar photo MikeW

    @ Keith, v6? easy? It’s a inline 6 and uses a very light duty clutch and tranny. Not acceptable for a v8. Dont fit either. Also the rear end is to light, and brakes non existent. So unless you have a donor v8 car, you will have to source everything to do this swap. The only easy part is they all bolt in.

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  13. Avatar photo Keith

    We do them all the time. We swap the engine, tranny, drive shaft, axles, etc. Putdisc brakes on the front. But we do have a lot of donor parts so probably easier for us to do it than the average hobbyist I suppose.

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