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Desert Barn Find: 1972 AMC Javelin SST

The Javelin was American Motors’ entry into the “pony car” arena in 1968. Like most AMC products, it trailed Ford, GM, and Chrysler in sales, although in 1972 AMC did build more Javelins than Plymouth with the Barracuda or Dodge and the Challenger. Second-generation Javelins were on the market from 1971 through 1974 and exited that segment of the business at the same time as Chrysler. This ’72 SST was found in a barn in Arizona where it had been from 1984. It’s in rough shape, especially the interior, but we’re told the auto is rust-free. Now located in Las Vegas, Nevada, this forgotten classic is available here on craigslist for $4,000. Thanks Pat L. for uncovering this tip for us!

Not only did AMC have the Javelin in 1968, but also the AMX, a 2-seat shortened version of the same car that was targeted at the Corvette market. Sales were limited so the AMX was folded into the Javelin with the 1971 redesign, being a trim/performance option on the 4-passenger car. In 1972, AMC built 26,184 Javelins and AMXs of which 14,079 copies had the 304 cubic inch V8 that’s in the seller’s car. By comparison, Plymouth only mustered 18,490 pony cars and Dodge 22,919.

Why this car spent 38 years in a messy, dry barn is unknown. The original Trans Am Red paint is beyond faded and some of the chrome is bent and warped, but at least tin-worm doesn’t appear to be an issue. Things get bleaker when you peek inside and see a mountain of parts piled up, which we assume all go to the Javelin. Perhaps everything you need to restore the car is there, but you won’t know until you empty it all out.

No mention is made of the condition of the 304 or its automatic transmission, so assuming a rebuild of both is a safe bet. The odometer reading is at 89,000 miles, so the car got plenty of use up until the time it went into exile. Unfortunately, the title is missing and a bill of sale is all you’ll get, but we’re told the VIN checks out as clean so hopefully no issues with the DMV in your state. Would you try to restore this automobile or harvest it for parts for another project?


  1. Avatar photo Cadmanls Member

    That’s a barn? Good grief what happened to the interior? Rest of the car is workable, but no paperwork.

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  2. Avatar photo Dave

    Yeah that looks like a dump with a roof, too bad people let things get like that. The car was banged up a bit before being put away, but the floors look rust free. IDK what parts are available for the interior, but it’s gonna need some. My brother had one of these in the 70’s, It was in good shape when he sold it. glwts

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  3. Avatar photo PaulG

    Russ, you featured this car back in March.
    Nothings changed except the location…

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  4. Avatar photo JoeNYWF64

    Was AMC thinking of putting t-tops on this car?

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

      No. It was just a cosmetic thing – there normally would be vinyl inserts in them.

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    • Avatar photo John H.

      My buddy’s had the partial vinyl top inserts on his 72 SST, emerald green with the black interior, pistol grip shifter. IIRC, he traded it in on some other nameless vehicle, a whole 400 bucks he got for it. This was 1984. So sad.

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  5. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    Hey! It’s rust free!Stop it!

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  6. Avatar photo Bud N.

    You would have twice as much in this car as it’s worth. Not an AMX, not a 401, not even a 360, the body is beat, dented, and damaged from about every angle. I would even question whether or not it would make a good parts car. Just saying what everyone is thinking. My apologies.

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  7. Avatar photo Cerno

    Looks like a Saturday night dirt track special and break out the house paint and let the kids go wild !! Funny how Chrysler Cordoba wheels ended up on it .

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  8. Avatar photo Mike

    Looks like a Saturday night dirt track special and break out the house paint and let the kids go wild !! Funny how Chrysler Cordoba wheels ended up on it .

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    • Avatar photo Gary J Lehman

      You can say that again

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