Dirt Cheap Bug: 1974 Volkswagen Beetle


The people’s car was intended as an affordable and cheap means for all, and that still rings true today. This beetle is cheap, but does need some attention. Parked in 2002 and last started in 2004, this beetle has undergone a partial restoration on the body itself in 1998. Currently bid up to $676.00 this could be a cheap and fun driver for someone. Find it here on ebay out of Telford, Pennsylvania.


The dual port engine was last run back in 2004, so hopefully after sitting for 12 years all the engine needs is some fresh oil, fuel, and a tune up. The 4 speed manual is listed as operating fine in the 4 forward gears but suffers from reverse gear pop out syndrome. Not too big of a deal to hold it in reverse, but could also be a partially worn linkage issue.


Here is where it gets a little hairy. From what we can see of the interior components, they look nice. The door panels, dash, and seats all look nice and suitable for a driver. Here is the bad. This Beetle needs new floor pans, and the heater channels need attention. The driver side could likely stand to have the entire pan replaced, and the passenger may be able to get away with a half pan replacement. The driver side heater channel definitely needs repair, and the passenger side needs to be looked over. But here is the good. The body on this standard Beetle is pretty nice. These later style Beetles have a fresh air scoop behind the rear side windows. It is shaped like a crescent moon. There is usually a lot of bubbling and rot located here. The exterior heater channel walls looks nice on this bug as do the fenders. The front tire well area is difficult to see clearly, but looks to be nice, as this is another trouble spot on Beetles. The lower edge of the body looks nice and bubble free as well. The front fender looks to have taken a fender bender where the paint looks to have chipped off in a large section. Aside from that the body looks nice. This Beetle appears to be complete, looking to only lack an interior carpet kit.


With some time, patience, and fresh metal, this beetle could be cheap fun for the right person.  What would you do with this Volkswagen Beetle?



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  1. Jim

    I would use it for parts for the 73 that I am building

  2. MeToo

    Call me stickler for detail, but isn’t this actually a SUPER Beetle? Oooooops, my bad, just saw the ad, no real dashboard. I am wondering was anything different besides the taillights?

  3. Gerry Member

    looks to be a standard beetle as it has the flat dash and windshield
    Super would have a different front hood and curved windshield with bigger dash board.
    Easy as parts are to get this could be a daily driver with minimal work as long as the engine is OK

    • Dave Wright

      Actually the first supers had flat windshields. The biggest difference is in the front suspension, all the supers had Mcphearson struts instead of the transverse beam and torsion bar suspension. If you can see a profile the supers sit differently. I think this is a standard beetle, they were both built at the same time.

    • Gerry Member

      Meant to say a 74 super would have the curved windshield and bigger dashboard I knew the earlier ones were flat (didn’t see the edit button)
      Of course the spare laying flat, and struts are also good indicators

  4. Zaphod

    No running board on driver’s side…

    • Aaron

      That’s not bad. At least you can see that there isn’t rust through the rockers.

      A repop running board is pretty cheap.

  5. Bob C.

    I’m pretty sure the super beetle had 4 vents on the rear hood where the standard beetle had 2. This would be the last year before they switched over to fuel injection.

  6. Peter

    Interesting to learn some of the differences between the Beetle and the Super Beetle.

    Always wanted to have more than a passing experience with some air cooled VW product….

    That’s to Brian B. for posting.

  7. Tom

    Pops out of reverse, there is no linkage to be out of line, from the shifter is a rod connected to a shaft below the rear seat, which is the tailshaft going into the transmission. The reverse first idler is bad, better to just change the trans as it can get expensive to have rebuilt and not all trans shops are familiar with the VW trans. Looking at the dash, yes this is a Standard Beetle. 1971 Began the Super Beetle 1500cc (50hp) as those were flat windshield to start with then in 73 came the 1600cc (60hp) they were wider in front with the MacPherson strut front end as apposed to the torsion arm suspension. The Super sits front end higher than the rear because of the struts some referred to the Super’s as fat chicks, in 73 came the introduction of fuel injection,and looking at the motor is seems this one has been changed back to the carb, is a H30/31 carb with the 009 distributor. Some cars with the F.I. came with A/C from 75 till the end of production in 1979 U.S. and 1984 Mexico.

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