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Dirt Cheap to a T: 1924 Ford Model T


A very interesting week continues here at Barn Finds. With more than 140 comments and counting as of this writing, Jesse’s post a few days ago about a 1969 Camaro cowl, has sparked a great deal of debate about what constitutes a rebuildable car, and what doesn’t. It’s time to fan those flames up again with this 1924 T-model Ford offered for sale here on craigslist in Cuba, Missouri. In addition, there are often complaints that there are no economical projects left to be had. This car could dispel any hope of winning an argument like that, as project hulks aren’t often found much cheaper than this. The asking price is $300.


Is it worth it? Probably not. I wouldn’t build it. Most who see it will say it’s scrap metal or perhaps ‘yard art’. It has no floors, it has no anything.


The few remaining lower edges, look very rough. Obviously, this car has set out in the woods, probably for decades.


Note the doors, which are “suicide” style, hinged at the rear. The seller speculates that this car is a cut-down four door sedan, but I don’t recall ever seeing one with such a long rear quarter panel.

I did however, find reference to suicide door coupes, dating back to earlier than 1924, and some reference to Canadian-built cars. In other words, I’m looking forward to a little information here from our Model T experts.


If it’s so rough, why bother to feature it? It could be the absolute bottom of the barrel, the rattiest of rat rods.


Just take a look at this rat. This one is listed for sale here, near Chicago, Illinois, asking $25,000. It’s equipped with airbag suspension, and is shown at what looks like a car show. Presumably it wasn’t towed there, although the seller doesn’t say anything about it. I think the wheels on it might not have been the best choice. But the question is; do you think the truck this builder started with was much nicer than the dirt-cheap Model T shown above?

One thing is for sure. If this Model T was mine and I received my first welder for Christmas, I would be an expert at welding by this time next year! Do you think this Model T hulk has any potential left at all?


  1. Donnie

    Its junk .The T should be for tetanus shot.

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  2. Howard A Member

    While I like “rat-rods”, even rat rod builders have their limits. Sorry, I don’t see anything here worth saving. ( maybe the cowl vent door)

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  3. doug

    Too bad this “model T” is a Dodge Brothers.

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  4. Gary I

    This one needs someone with welding and fabrication skills. Getting real close to being yard art. I’ve seen determined builders start with worse and turn them into solid rat rods. At $300 how can you lose. I paid $1,500 for a four door 1930 Oldsmobile body without a frame or drivetrain. Some think I am stupid for spending that kind of cash on a shell, but I wanted a rat rod project and didn’t want to just build another model A or T Ford. I think someone with the skills can turn it into something cool, but you better get going because the rust has a head start.

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  5. z1rider

    I don’t think it’s a Model T. I’m not aware of any standard production T having suicide doors. In 1924 the coils (4 of them) were mounted on the passenger side of the firewall and required 4 holes for the spark plug leads and one or two others for the primary circuit connection. Just take a look at the previous post of a two door sedan. That firewall shows those holes and the porcelin leads protruding out. This firewall doesn’t have enough of those holes.

    So maybe it’s a 26/27. I don’t think so, again based on the doors. Note the cutout at the lower rear that follows the rear wheel well. That’s not Model T.

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  6. Donnie

    The 4 door sedans had suicide doors /this could have ben a 4 door that has ben cut and the suicide door might have ben the back door before being cut

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    • z1rider

      Donnie, you are correct, the rear doors of 4 door T’s were suicide. I rushed through the description and missed the suggestion that those might be the rear doors of a shortened 4 door.

      That said, I took a look at the firewall of my 27 T two door sedan, and the firewall picture from this listing is most definitely not from a Model T, of any year. See my previous comments about coil location.

      I’m starting to wonder if this is a mashup of some kind. Rear from the back half of a Model T Fordor, and the firewall from something else non-Ford. If so it was done a long time ago as the “patina” is consistent all around.

      Curious, very curious.

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  7. ricky pasket

    o i built my model t from frame up, it can be saved . it depend on how devoted some one is . just cut out the rusted parts soda blast it and weld new sheet metal and buff too a smooth finish. The good folks at langs have every part to restore it . i’m currently building a 1922 ford model tt.This is the a Ford model t Turdor you have pictured above

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    • doug

      Take a look at your windshield base. It is flat, your windshield is rectangular. This windshield above follows the contour of the cowl. The Dodge Brothers above started life as probably a late ’25 or ’26 four door sedan, because of the cowl vent. The front door section was cut out and rear body section was moved forward. Notice how the REAR doors do not match contour at the front bottom. Also look at how short the wheelbase would be. DB is also the only ’20’s car I know of with the star burst in the firewall.

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  8. JW454

    This “T” is a zero… and as far as I’m concerned, the 25K rat rod is a zero too.

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  9. grant

    Take some good pics of it, these are terrible, and put it in a calendar. This is why I love this site btw.

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  10. Mark E

    I know of nearly half a dozen Fords up in the woods of Northern Minnesota. You could have all of them if you could manage to pull them out of the woods. (you’d wear out several chain saws cutting down all the trees though)

    I’d tell people that and, inevitably, they’d get all excited and want to know exactly where they were so I took pictures of a couple of them. Of course they were (are?) ALL in about the shape of the featured car… ^_^

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  11. Roseland Pete

    Even the Clampetts would move away from this one.

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  12. Marty Member

    Ford, Dodge, rustbucket, whatever it was, he seems to have sold it.

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  13. Tony B

    For 3 bones, I would have bought it if it hadn’t sold already. There’s enough here that it could be saved. The fun thing about this cars, whether they’re ratted (a term us hot rodders detest…), or restored…is that they’re “relatively” easy to return to the street. This isn’t a ’59 Caddy that has returned to Mother Earth…there’s not nearly as much to have to mess with and replace. Yes…I would have tried to save it. :)

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    • z1rider

      From your comment I am inclined to think you are a young man. Some of us oldsters can’t justify the investment in time this would require. Life is short.

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  14. Lee

    I see that Dodge left door hinges on the cowl post so you could have the door either way when you had the club cab

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  15. Mike

    How could so many viewers think this is a Model T ?? Aits already stated its a Dodge Brothers rotter.

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